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  1. Me too. But I’m banking on her being alive. Otherwise I’m sure we’d have seen her dead in the debris. They need their cliffhanger for the week. At first I was surprised the cliffhanger wasn’t about June again, but then they know that we know they’re not going to kill off invincible June, so there wouldn’t be much anticipation.
  2. Oh Janine, you have such shit taste in men. I realize the poor girl is broken but yuck... Steven.
  3. Hopefully June and Janine peed in it.
  4. Could have been worse. It could have been loaded with manure. 😁
  5. Ditto. I enjoyed all the scenes that didn’t have June in them. As soon as it switched to her it’s like it was a different show. Only Janine somewhat saved those scenes. June’s sour face telling Janine she should have left her long ago... Janine should have retorted the same to June at the end.
  6. Wow, June is really full of herself. She really thinks she’s saving them. She’s conveniently forgotten how many handmaids she’s caused to die. “I won’t let anything happen to you,” June tells Janine. Yeah, you have a great track record there, June.
  7. I’d believe that more if it were only Cassie. I think the actresses are getting older and heavier (it happens to us 🙁 ) and black slims you down in appearance. I don’t think it’s much more than that. You see it in the ever-increasing thickness of their makeup too.
  8. I thought you might mean because she’s not Faith Howells prancing around the piers in blue six inch heels. 😆 She was stunning in that (Keeping Faith). I didn’t see Torchwood so don’t know how she was there. I think she looks fine here though. I guess they’re portraying her as a gritty cop. I liked it. Will keep watching. I think it aired on one of the more obscure TV channels in the UK so not much exposure. That’s why there aren’t many reviews or comments anywhere. I’m glad showtime picked it up.
  9. steph369

    S02.E08: Dirty

    Short episode this week. Not much happened. Disappointing after the great last episode.
  10. Another thing thrown in practically at random. And also, suddenly Sam's great hobby is sleuthing? Never mentioned or hinted at before. They threw in everything but the kitchen sink in this episode. Must be trying to ensure another season renewal.
  11. She certainly was no fashion statement in the show! Such a ridiculous thing to throw in. They promoted her as more of a braniac throughout the show, always tutoring and being good in math, then suddenly she's a fashion aficianado. And Cassie always knew that Grace was interested in fashion? Thanks for letting us in on it, show. In five seasons, not even a hint. I can't imagine why they would do it. Maybe they'll have her come back (after a year of college 😄 ) as a greatest female designer to rival the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Vera Wang.
  12. I perked up at Gestalt, interesting concept. But they managed to even make them ho-hum.
  13. The character was unattractive and ditzy. Not much acting involved, I’d say. 😁
  14. Wouldn’t they be able to find out that Serena was part of starting Gilead and charge her with that too? Or maybe that’s still to come next season. Maybe they’ll find out during the trials.
  15. Stupid showrunners. No one fears anything anymore. They’re all superheroes now.
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