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  1. Skylander25

    S04.E07: All Hail the Queen

    Me too! I live in Liverpool and he is causing me to develop a stomach ulcer with the amount of cringing I do when he appears. His mum must have told him he is the cleverest, most handsome at least once an hour. He is "all thrills, no skills! He is not typical of a Liverpool lad. They are funny, but tough and not afraid of hard work. Oh Jack, I should be, but I am not a fan!
  2. Skylander25

    S04.E02: Recipe for Disaster

    I dont feel sorry for Mila the Chef but I do understand her. I was brought up in Moscow and being homophobic is as natural to her as being accepting is to us. Its an interesting clash of cultures and she appeared to relish upsetting her crewmates. Also she didnt appear to be that surprised and upset when she was "let go"? - almost as if she was an actress with a very short contract. Besides - she didnt look Russian in my eyes - more Mongolian!
  3. Skylander25

    S05.E13: The One Where Jen Loses Her Mind

    Did noone notice the Chef call Kyle a "pikey"! That was so insulting as he's from Manchester, UK. Pikey is as insulting as calling someone a nigger. The term refers to gypsies and the travelling community don't like being called it. I don't think Kyle heard him because he looks like he can handle himself but said nothing in reply.