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  1. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry 'Enjoying Quiet Life' in Canada: 'A Weight Has Been Lifted,' Says Friend I always wonder about these "friends". Is this a way for the celebrity involved to control the narrative or are there really insiders who talk positively to the media without the approval or knowledge of said celebrity? Anyway whatever the answer I hope the story is true and that they're enjoying the new life they are starting to carve out for themselves.
  2. The Purple Bricks commercials where one spouse 'confesses' to the other that they were wrong about Purple Bricks and they could have saved thousands in commission. So the other person is mad and the confesser looks like they are about to burst into tears. Yeah. Right.
  3. At least is was a story that did hit the mainstream news, even if it got debunked quickly. My local (as in small town local) radio station is really bad about passing along news from satirical websites as real news. At first I thought it was meant to be joke news. It isn't.
  4. This was referenced upthread as being false and has been denied by CTV.
  5. I like the Pioneer Woman - have since her early blog days but I have learned to stay away from most forums or threads about her. To put it mildly, she is disliked 😱!
  6. I loved the commercial but it was a huge fail if the goal was to convince me to buy the product!
  7. She certainly didn't get cast because she's conventionally attractive but for me it's not her physical appearance that's offputting it's the expressions on her face. As my grandmother would say, "a face just begging to be slapped".
  8. Even yelling for me can be a strong indication of emotional abuse. We all lose it once in a while and shout if not at someone, then certainly about something - but someone whose reaction to everything that bothers them is to yell and lash out verbally is someone I would really rather not be around.
  9. Dammit based on her quotes I certainly have formed the impression she believes this time it's a terminal diagnosis.
  10. On the subject of Limbaugh in reading about his health issues I was really surprised to learn he is only 69. Apparently he was actually born a bitter middle aged man. I can't remember a time when he didn't seem like a nasty old codger but clearly he must have been relatively young when I first became aware of his miserable existence.
  11. I have been in museums with people not unlike Sheldon. People who stop at every single exhibit and read every single bit of information posted at each exhibit. It's exhausting. Made even more so I am betting if it's a museum that you are only marginally (at best) interested in yourself!
  12. If a guy has to do "women's work" around the house he almost always dons an apron and rubber gloves. I honestly don't know any women who habitually wear an apron, least of all when they are cleaning as opposed to cooking, and same with the rubber gloves.
  13. Agreed, also not sure what's so wonderful about a 5% discount. Wow. So a room that costs normally $125 is now about 6 bucks cheaper? Nice to pay less of course but that's not such a big savings that it justifies the gloating!
  14. I keep thinking of the comment "I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy" yet somehow I can't bring myself to actually say it in this case.
  15. My current pet hate as far as commercials go is the Trivago one with the smug woman guest gloating about her 5% discount (with free wifi) until she hears how much less Trivago guy is paying for his room (with free wifi). Aside from all else that I hate in what world are all rooms in any given hotel ever going to always be the exact same price no matter how you book? You get a suite, or a top floor or whatever you're going to pay more. In this commercial neither of the two ninnies at the check-in desk know what kind of room the other one got. I don't think I'd overthink this one so much if it wasn't on constantly!
  16. But that still doesn't answer why it was not studied on women. It does seem like so many medications get studied for men and women are the afterthought. Perhaps there are valid reasons in this specific case but I too would wonder why.
  17. Same here! In the Superbowl thread someone mentioned being surprised that Maisie Williams (I think that was her name) could sing - the girl who sang the song from Frozen - anyway I had zero idea who she was but at least when I googled I had actually heard of Game of Thrones 😁 -most of the other celebrities that I didn't recognize still meant nothing to me when I looked them up!
  18. I forgot about that one! Loved it too. Especially the mustache move!
  19. As so not a fan of football I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials (I know I am far from alone with this) and I've narrowed this years contenders for my favourite down to three: the Jeep commercial with Bill Murray; the Alexis commercial with Ellen; and the Mars water one with Bill Nye. Most years one commercial really stands out for me. This year I'm going to have to call it a tie. And to be fair some of the others were pretty good too!
  20. You made me curious about her and I did a google search, it looks like she has had some serious health issues and retired from acting after she married. She seems fairly active on Twitter and Facebook and sounds like a cool person.
  21. The people I've heard defending Depp most are dyed in the wool fans who feel he has been vindicated. Which I totally can understand. I see the same thing with parents I deal with who are so anxious to defend their violent child that they seize on anything they can that in any way excuses their behavior. And sometimes those excuses are valid BTW.
  22. According to the news report I heard this morning there are many more tapes that are going to be released. I don't think they will prove to be much ado about nothing.
  23. I didn't know who she was - thank you google. I had assumed she was a singer but maybe someone who did Broadway which was why I didn't recognize her.
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