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  1. I'm loving the show but why is every one of the parents on this show so damn strange?
  2. Can someone please explain what I'm missing? ( sorry please delete this I get it now )
  3. Most people wouldn't give it a second thought but I've always wondered if the crew or anyone ever fetched Mr.Bates leg support from the lake.
  4. Go back and watch the pilot if you can. It's just stupid and don't even know why they tried it out. It's like the slight zooming does absolutly nothing
  5. So I decided to watch the pilot to see if I like the show. I'm watching on Netflix. Can someone tell me what the hell is up with the constant quick camera zooms? They show someone talking than 3 secondes later a micro zoom closer to them than a few seconds later a quick micro zoom out and they constantly do this with person to person. The zooms make no sense and seems pointless and hell of a lot irritating !
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