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  1. I hope its ok to start this. I noticed we have a thread for Disney movies but not for Lifetime. I mainly started it because I just watched Stockholm, Pennsylvania with Cynthia Nixon and just needed to say... What the hell was that? That was such a weird movie. It made no sense to me. I watched Cleveland Abduction last week. As horrible as is was to watch, I thought the movie itself was good. What I could see through my tears anyway. To the mods: Please delete this if I wasn't supposed to make it. Thank you.
  2. Maharincess

    Pet Peeves

    Nobody on any of the animal shows knows how to pronounce veterinarian, they all say vet-in-arian. Nobody on the home shows can properly say realtor. And nobody on any show ever knows how to say relationship, they all say relay-ships. It drives me nuts! And I agree with you all about not being thanked for answering a question or whatever. I try to always send a heart and make a thank you post. It's kinda rude to not acknowledge it at all.
  3. Maharincess


    Howdy y'all! I hope you're all doing great! I'm gone a few months and there are so many changes. It took me half an hour to figure out where you guys were. And the craziest thing @JTMacc99 is a mod?! I need to check in more often. I've only caught up on the pet thread. @Moose135, your new baby is gorgeous. She looks so much like my Kaylee, Kaylee had the same white face with the same mark around the eye. I'm trying to post a picture of her. They look so much alike, the only difference is Kaylee's eye patch was a red/brown. They have the same soft lovable, snuggable fur. Damn I miss that dog. I'm going to go catch up on this thread and the others. I just got back from ten days in Alaska with my son. Had the best time ever!!!! I'm doing my bucket list. Next is a summer road trip with me, my guy and the grandkids. First stop Grand Canyon! Take care!!
  4. Maharincess

    Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    Hey guys. Just popping in to say hi, that Alaska was beautiful and we had so much fun. We did the full tour of the cabin from Alone in the Wilderness, which my son and I have watched together a million times. The rest of the time we just played it by ear and had a fantastic time. I'm taking my daughter to New Orleans in October. We don't want to go there in the summer. I hope everyone is doing well. I miss you guys!
  5. Maharincess

    Season 5 Discussion

    Abner is going to be as annoying with his "faif" from "wifin" as Don was with "you know what I'm sayin'"
  6. Maharincess

    Pet Peeves

    Move out here and you can get the job. She works for a home warranty company. My daughter is in charge of hiring for her department.
  7. Maharincess

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Wow. I see nothing has changed for the swamp monsters. I don't keep up with these idiots outside of here and haven't been here a while. Things seem to have gotten worse. Those poor kids. Did they ever say why Marissa no longer lives with them?
  8. Maharincess

    S02.E06: Your Card Has Been Declined

    The way that whole group speaks makes me want to jam ice picks in my ears. If I hear "I don't got" one more time I'll scream.
  9. Maharincess

    Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    I made it. We just got back from L.A. and I survived my first plane trip! I was so damn nervous when the door slammed shut. My daughter said my leg was shaking up and down the whole flight but I did it. I'll definitely need valium when I take the long trip in March but I now know what to expect and I think I'll be ok. We didn't stay in L.A. long, it was mainly a trip to get me used to a plane. My daughter has decided that she wants to go to New Orleans for her trip and we're renting an RV and taking a road trip with the grandkids this summer. We're letting each kid pick a destination. My granddaughter instantly chose the Grand Canyon, which was on my list. My grandson is still making up his mind. They're 10 and 7 and they're so much fun, I can't wait for that trip. How is everyone? I'm doing well, still feeling good physically. I hope you're all doing great. I miss you guys.
  10. Maharincess

    Pet Peeves

    Hey guys! I just do not understand people. My daughter has a friend who recently turned 30 and has 5 sons. She's always whining about not having the money to take care of the kids. She was on Facebook last month asking people if they knew of a place to adopt her family for xmas. This girl is on unemployment. My daughter left her hotel job a few months ago after her last job gave her a great offer to return. My daughter offered this girl a full-time job starting at $16 an hour. She refused the job. What the hell is wrong with people?! That isn't great money but it's 16 dollars an hour more than nothing. My daughter isn't a shit stirrer but she's seriously thinking of turning her in to unemployment. Oh!! And she just found out she's pregnant again. Sounds like the perfect solution when you can't take care of the 5 kids you already have doesn't it? @bilgistic, I sure wish you lived closer, my daughter would give you a good job. Another peeve is unwanted friggin emails. I get at least 10-15 emails a day that I didn't sign up for and do not want. The ones that piss me off most are the ones who won't unsubscribe you until you give them a reason. I had to make my main email a throw away email and make a new one for personal use. It's not a huge issue but it sure is annoying as hell. I hope everyone is doing well.
  11. Maharincess

    Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    Hi guys!! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Mine was really good, I love it when everyone loves the presents I got them, that's the best part for me. I got my me and my son a special present. I've been doing a "bucket list" type thing, even though I hate that term. I'm doing my dream list this year. Me and my son have always loved nature shows, Alaska shows in particular. We've watched them together since he was 5 and he's now 33 so it's been a long time. Our favorite of all time was Alone in the Wilderness. We have watched that together at least 25 times and since he was a kid, our dream was to go and see the cabin the man (Dick Proenneke) built. Well....We're going!!! We fly from San Francisco to Alaska at the end of March. We're going to stay in a lodge at Lake Clark and we'll spend 3 days there taking a tour of his cabin and the other places from the show. Then we leave from there and stay in a cabin near Kachemak Bay for 5 days. We have a lot of stuff were planning and we figured we would go to your the Kilcher Homestead. I'm beyond excited but there's a huge issue. I have never flown and have sworn I never would because the very thought terrifies me. My Dr has said she'll give me some valium for every flight so that should help. Before I do a long flight, me and my daughter are flying from Oakland to Los Angeles in 2 weeks. That's an hour-ish flight compared to a 6-7 hour flight to Anchorage. I'm hoping the short flight will get me over the big fear because I'll know what to expect. We'll see. Lol. My daughter is going to choose a place she wants to go on vacation and then she and I will go. I'm also hoping I'll be able to do a grandkids trip. I'm still feeling pretty good so I should be able to squeeze it in. I think my daughter is leaning they Louisiana for our trip. I'm doing well since my diagnosis, I don't feel any different and I'm keeping super busy so I don't dwell on shit. I finally told my kids and after some hysteria from my daughter and granddaughter, everyone is coming to terms. It's not like I'm going tomorrow. They promised me 2 years and Dammit I will have at least that!!! h Happy New year My friends. Thanks for reading my long rambling post. I finally convinced the hubby that it was ok to go back on the road for a while. He hates leaving me alone now but I NEED my alone time. I miss you all, I'm going to try to come back more often. Take care and have a happy safe new years eve.
  12. Maharincess

    Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to pop in and wish all who celebrate a Merry Christmas! And for those who don't celebrate... Happy Tuesday. I miss you guys.
  13. Maharincess

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Her being too famous always makes me laugh. One of the biggest rock stars in the world came to my meetings anytime his band was in town. Everyone knows this guy's name and he never had any issues going to meetings. I was in at least 25 meetings with him over the years. Amber is delusional.
  14. They did suck for allowing that poor kid to have a camera in her face while she was so terrified. And anyone who is on a reality TV show are fame whores. Especially people like this couple who don't need the money. I have no clue who the people you mentioned are but a fame whore is a fame whore.
  15. It's really not over the top. Have you read any other threads here? The criticism these people get is nothing compared to other threads on the site. I think the problem is that so many people for some reason think these are the best, greatest most perfect people out there and can't handle it when people criticize them. I personally think they suck, and I have ever since I saw the tiny, terrified, screaming little Zoey with a camera shoved in her face. These two are fame whores just like every other reality TV personality.
  16. Maharincess

    Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    I couldn't agree more. You've all helped me through my accident and the horrible boredom of not being able to do anything. You've all given great advice, a shit load of laughs and you've always been so nice to me. I'm not leaving this place. I consider you all to be my friends. ????
  17. Maharincess

    Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    Thanks you guys. I'm ok. I've always been pretty positive and I'm trying hard to stay that way. My "husband" didn't want to leave my side but I finally convinced him to get back on the road, for the sanity of both of us. So I'll have some time to bug you guys for a while. @Enya Face, I'm so sorry to hear about your kidney infection. From what I hear, they're so painful. I hope you're feeling better. @Jennifersdc, the best internet friends I've ever had are right here in small talk. These people are the best.
  18. Maharincess

    Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    Hey guys!! I hope everyone is doing well today. I just wanted to pop in and say hi to all of my favorite internet friends. I haven't been around for a while because I got some sucky news a few weeks ago. I had been having some health issues and was told that I have "a couple of good years" left. Please, I don't need any I'm sorrys or any sympathy, I just really like you guys and wanted to he honest with you all. I will tell you though that these next couple of years will be damn good ones. The bad part is that I still haven't told my kids. I asked them to come over this weekend and I'll do it then. This is the worst part so far. I did have a bad moment this past weekend though, my granddaughter was spending the night with me and we saw a show about weddings. She told me that she wants me to wear purple and dance with her at her wedding. That sucked. @Talky TinaTINA, it's great that you're adopting a family for the holidays. I read your original question, are you asking specifically about household items? You mentioned a household basket. Let me know if that's what you meant. My son and his girl are the hardest people to buy presents for, they have a beautiful house and enough money to get whatever they may want. A few years ago I made them a basket similar to what I think you're talking about. I just bought a bunch of kitchen/household things that we all have and could always use new ones. I got kitchen towels, measuring cups and spoons and a bunch of other stuff and put it in a big, pretty basket. Nice to "see" everyone! I'll be back!
  19. Maharincess

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    And if he did become my UPS guy, there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with anybody doing any kind of legal job to make a living. I sure wouldn't shame him if he came to my door (mostly because I wouldn't recognize him, know the name, not the person or music).
  20. Maharincess

    Kate Plus 8

    I wonder if she put the retroactive nondisclosure agreements in their birthday cards or if they opened them with their presents. Along with a little whisper in their ears about how they'll be cut off forever if they ever say a word. And I am not kidding.
  21. I don't agree with her. The first thing I rolled my eyes at was her saying 'he's taken responsibility for his actions'. Oh no he did not. He is still saying he did nothing wrong and is blaming everyone else. Second, you commit a crime and/or don't take care of your citizenship, you have to pay the consequences. No matter who you are, how long you've been here or how many kids you have. Just my opinion.
  22. I just can't remember that scene and enjoy anything about it. All I remember is poor Gia hysterically crying while her drunk father was making an idiot of himself. Just my opinion but I personally thought it was disgusting and I felt bad for Gia.
  23. Especially since it wasn't that long ago that she was the new Housewife. How would she have liked it if someone said the same about her on her first season? I'm saying this as Shannon fan and I'm not at all a fan of the newbies.
  24. Maharincess

    Jersey Shore

    There is no such thing as federal jail or state jail. There is federal prison and state prison, and there's county jail. But I do agree, if given a choice, I'd rather be in federal prison. He will have a much easier time in federal prison. It's mostly white collar, money offenses, unlike regular prison where you have murders, rapists etc. I hope he gets a bit knocked off for good behavior or whatever it's called but I think he'll be ok.
  25. Maharincess

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Just out of curiosity, what's wrong with yours and theirs? At least they're words, unlike alot. I'm genuinely asking because I use those words.