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  1. I understand Amber’s mixed feelings. I dated a guy like Matt for about 6 months. He was insanely handsome. Our first month together was incredible. Perfect first date, the best ever conversations, 3 hour phone calls, passionate sex. Then something switched off and he started treating me like garbage. I spent the next few months trying to get back to the pure bliss of our first few weeks together but it never happened. He wasn’t into it any more. It was confusing for me because I liked him so much in the beginning and he felt the same. Then a friend explained “He just wanted to get in your pants”. Oh.
  2. Maybe it’s true they only interact online and never face to face IRL any more
  3. Like honestly like I don’t know how much more like this and like that I can like take!! i think Zac seems nice although I find it hard to understand why would he share that awful love her and leave her story with the whole world? I want to watch this but I’m wondering how long I’ll stick with it. The second episode was pretty boring for me. Maybe it needs a little more tension. i do like the announcer though!
  4. Ok I’m willing to give this a watch. Very very popular in the UK. If the contestants keep acting so shallow I’ll tune out.
  5. I really enjoy the shelter building and the other construction projects they take on. I wish they would show more. I always have to close my eyes and mute when the animal killing starts. Seems I always turn on this show on when I’m eating dinner.
  6. Amber is cute but I’m just gonna say it, her face reminds me of John Travolta!
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