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  1. Think it’s safe to add Kristin to the retiring list. Glad I didn’t watch this season but sounds like I missed out on seeing Brennan and Hannah’s cuts. But the audacity of those cuts were the reason I just couldn’t stomach it
  2. You know it’s sad when the other DCC comment and they only compliment your physical attributes “legs for days, look at those legs” not like wow gorgeous kicks that’s the way we do it etc
  3. The IG comments on that one are shockingly not all fawningly in her favor
  4. Wow. I can’t believe it’s not more in conversation how absolutely INSANE it is that Kelli Jong Un decided she can’t have two redheads with green eyes and literally made Meredith wear blue contacts for VANITY 😱
  5. There are several prominent shots of Victoria in that video. But Kelli doesn’t show favoritism. 🙄. I was actually starting to feel sad because I know the girls always post how the other girls get each other gifts on game day and VK only posts notes from her mom but...this video is proof of how annoying it must be to be a DCC with Victoria
  6. Sorry if this was on the list and I missed it...there was also the Christmas DCC In Motion with the Dancing with the Houghs. I remember Amber was in it I believe Gina and of course VK. I think Caroline was the 4th.
  7. I saw some familiar names like a comment I made on a TikTok. I was like aw Hi Friends!
  8. I happen to think Hannah absolutely has the look and is gorgeous. I think whoever totally mismanaged her glam and cameo photo can be blamed maybe for some of the heat she takes on these comments
  9. Yeah, because she stole their hairbrush #cellphonecasegate
  10. To quote Sue Sylvester I AM ENRAAAAGED. Don’t get me started on my Brennan that’s some sociopath level shit to kick off training camp then cut her.
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