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  1. I have never used one (other than for keeping something hot I brought to a party) for this reason. I just can't leave the house knowingly leaving something like that on. So this just confirms my phobia! LOL
  2. One thing I noted in the Yoseph/Claire conversation that I forgot to bring up in my earlier post. I kind of laughed/cringed when he was talking about being away from his daughter (his choice, btw), and then Claire started to say she knew how he felt because her mom was dying.... (her choice to be absent, btw) and he stopped her and said "stop, this is about me" or something like that. It was kind of mean, given the situation with her mom, but I've been there when someone ALWAYS wants to one-up you and I've wanted to say that. Maybe she just wanted to empathize, or maybe she is just so used to assuming that everything is about her, her, her that she can't help herself. To each his own on that one. Also, it was really weird how Zach did seem to pull back when she went in for the kiss. I don't blame her for feeling rebuffed. And then his reaction showed that he really did want to kiss her. Weird. That whole exchange was all kinds of cringe-y. Actually that whole date was. I definitely did not like that he tried to grab her twice. I really don't blame her for sending CH in to send him home. It was obviously all over at that point. And if she felt physically uncomfortable being with him, I would understand that. He's probably a really nice guy, but he just kind of ham-handed that whole situation. But, in the end, he is obviously better off being away from her. It would really suck if Claire sent home some guys that Tayshia would have really liked (maybe even "the one." Insert eyeroll). It seems like they should give the ones sent home another chance at this point. Maybe they will.
  3. This may sound mean, but IMO it really is not cool for a 39 year old woman to be writing "Dale+Clare" repeatedly in a notebook and then admitting that on national TV. Very gross. She is obsessively self-centered and treats people like crap if she thinks they aren't worthy of her attention. She refuses to acknowledge that it is a 2 way street. I agreed with Yoseph telling her that, but then he went off the rails and took it too far. The other guys do not even exist in her world. She is the worst. I was not a Tayshia fan at all on the season she was on. Too much baby talk, smiley smiley, etc. I am probably out at this point. She's pretty, and probably very nice, but I didn't enjoy her the first time and I doubt I would the second time.
  4. Oh! I didn't think that was his voice. That may make me jump off the Yoseph train.
  5. So who do we think walked by yelling in the preview that he expected more from the oldest bachelorette? Can anyone tell?
  6. I totally agree. It's gross and exploitive no matter what gender is involved. I cringed when she said the next day: "It's all in good fun, right?" as every skeevy person who knows they just bullied someone says. I really, really do not like her. I think I'm done. But I will have to wait till Yoseph tells her exactly what he thinks of her, because I'm with him all the way. Just because she's the bachelorette doesn't mean she can do anything she wants to these poor guys. I know it wasn't her idea, but she went along. Yuck.
  7. I'm not a fan of Matt. I don't know who he is (because I'm not from the UK, I assume), but I don't find him funny or appealing. I like Noel, who seems sweet and smart, but this guy is just not a good addition, IMO.
  8. I agree. She looked like a 7th grade goth girl starved for attention. And also very, very unattractive. I thought she looked beautiful at the reunion, although I wish she owned a fancy dress that was not actually a swimsuit coverup. But her hair and face were beautiful. I don't know what she is thinking with this look but I bet she embarrassed the generation above her and the generation below her in her family. Not classy, sexy, or pretty. Her mother is right to question her judgment, because this look showed that she has none.
  9. I kept thinking Morticia Adams. That was a seriously ugly look from head to toe. I think she's normally very pretty, but nothing about that ensemble and hair flattered her in the least. I think her glam crew hates her.
  10. I am very bipolar with respect to Leah. Like Ramona, I don't like Leah when she drinks. I think she can be funny and smart when sober, but is absolutely gross when she is drunk. When she is grinding and humping someone at a party like that, it's not cute, it's not funny, and she should be embarrassed. That's the kind of crap she needs to worry about her daughter (or anyone else, for that matter) seeing. Luanne does look absolutely great. Whatever she's doing, she's on to something. Sonja just needs to stop with the procedures. Like yesterday. It is becoming alarming.
  11. I thought her lashes were very odd and made her eyes look tiny and flat. They kind of swooped down over the middle of her eyes and then curved up at a really unflattering angle. I don't like her hair scraped straight back from her face as much as she apparently does. And she definitely needs to stop grabbing the ends and pulling it down. She probably did it 100 times. Very distracting. But, having said that, I like her and I think she is 100% right in everything she is saying about Dorinda. I wish her well. Like others, I am glad Dorinda is out. She had some funny moments, but mostly just very hard to watch. The words "just plain mean" come to mind.
  12. The beginning of each new season makes me sad when I see what these women have done to their faces in the hiatus. Sonja, Ramona, and Dorinda are the primary victims this year. LuAnn looks really good. Tinsley also looks a little off as well. That characteristic look of the person who has gone over the top in terms of surgery. Slit eyes, pulled mouth, no expression. Not attractive. Unfortunately, I feel that RHONY has devolved just like the other RH shows with each person ramping up the crazy, nasty, slutty, etc. to get more air time. I like it when people are real, not when people are screaming for attention. I do miss Bethany. I liked Leah, especially her faces when the others were being stupid or obnoxious. However, in the previews, she is just as horrible as the rest of them in terms of being over the top. RHONY is the last one I still watch, but I don't like the season so far. I might try BH but I didn't like it last year, so I don't know. I agree with so many others -- I don't know why Dorinda thinks Tinsley (or anyone else) is compelled to tell her every detail of her life. Dorinda is getting very weird and annoying.
  13. I know I'm old, but was anyone else appalled at Peter's little girly tight jeans rolled up above his booties. Wow! Not manly. At all. That right there would have been a no go from the get go. So fussy, so prissy.
  14. Oh, his mother. This is a woman who used to be pretty and therefore got her way from people around her all the time. Then, she grew up, wasn't so pretty, but everyone around her still worked hard to make sure she always feels just as special as she always did. She is a nightmare. I have never wanted to smack someone so much in my life. I just wish her husband had just moved away from her on the couch when she started the histrionics. Yuck. As others have said above, it's disgusting that his family is so involved in the intimate details of these "relationships." And even more disgusting that his mother is motivated to defend his right to sleep around at will. I just hate that the previews showed Maddie coming back. I had so much respect for her and now realize it was just so much manufactured drama, like the rest of the season. Worst. Season. Ever.
  15. I think from a picture I saw on FB that it was Bridget who fainted from the heat.
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