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  1. That's very true!! good point.
  2. I am nearly done season 7, have 2 more episodes left. Was anyone else surprised that the entire series, all 7 seasons only spanned 18 months? I found myself going whaaa? when Piper mentioned she had been in prison 18 months. It seems like she was there for much longer, but I guess season 5 only spanned 3 days... Off that topic, I am finding this season intense. I mean, the border stuff is really bothering me on a personal level... I will need to detox when its over.
  3. How did Alex see a picture of Piper at the event so quickly? Did she send it to Alex or was Alex stalking the event's PR site? Not a big deal but I am curious and thought maybe I missed something there.
  4. I agree. I am satisfied as well. I am not going to rip it apart, dissect every little detail that doesn’t match reality, I just enjoyed it at face value. And the music for the entire series, season 1 and 2 kicked ass! Peace out. ✌️
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