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  1. That is so funny, Katie showed up in something that hung on her like a sack. I thought of how cute some of Hannah Brown's outfits were. Surely the show's budget could afford some cute outfits?
  2. Katie ripping Thomas a new one reminded me of what Claire always did. She would all of a sudden start spewing invective when she was mad. She thinks people see her as 'oh such a strong woman!' .
  3. Here for the right reasons has sure made for a dull show. Every conversation Katie has with anyone is about that point. Katie believes these 30 men arrived at the site already in love with her and ready to propose marriage. The show is about Katie picking one, then getting engaged at the end. If any of them wants to get to know her first before popping the question, then he is here for the wrong reason. If one thinks, hey if me & Katie don't make a connection, who knows, maybe they will pick me as The Bachelor! you got it, wrong reason. No guy should be able to see his life past want
  4. I might get flamed, but this poor child doesn't have a chance being raised by this plaintiff & defendant if it goes on like this. This case is as good an advertisement for adoption as I have ever seen.
  5. Lol ! Just don't mention me or direct her to this site. I exchanged barbs with someone on IMDb once, and I think .... I will never be sure but....
  6. Sharon likes the movie star treatment. Doing a weekly one-hour TV series is not the same.
  7. From what I read back in the day, Sharon Stone hated her L&O:SVU experience. She complained of cheap costuming, espicially being given L'Eggs pantyhose to wear.
  8. I love Finn too. There was an episode where a victim put Rollins through the wringer over a rape claim. It was tied in with Rollins GA group. The 'victim' threw the 'rapist' off a roof.
  9. It's part of the fun of watching the franchise. For those participants who are just train wrecks. People who say "how can you watch that show; it's such garbage?" Well that is the point!
  10. i still like the show, it's been years for me. I love Rollins, and Carisi, I will have to see more of them together. Kat, eh. The thing that has gotten a little monotonous lately is how Olivia 100% believes every word a victim says. She never drops the belief even if there is evidence anyone can see that the victim is shady. I thought, that someone in Olivia's professional position is to reserve judgment and investigate a claim. without any assumptions of guilt or innocence on either side. Until there is proof of something. But I don't really know, I am not acquainted with an
  11. Doesn't Katie know better than to assume Aaron is telling the truth, when she doesn't even know these 2 guys? Maybe they are setting it up for her to find out that Aaron is full of crap and bring Cody back. I hope they drop the "sex positive" thing. It makes Katie sound like some sort of nymphomaniac.
  12. Yes, she has lost a bit of weight since this photo.
  13. https://twitter.com/greekmodel7/status/903470467033350144/photo/1 Here is one of British Accent lady in her modeling career. Don't ask me what any of that is.
  14. If we dug deeper, we would probably find out 4 are the SSMO12's actual offspring. Then a few are her sister's kids, a few more are her grandkids, others could be friends of her kids, who got abandoned and wound up with her. She has to support them all, so they are her kids.
  15. I would host for a fraction of $50 mil.
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