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  1. I agree. Having Tayshia & Kaitlyn on The Bachelorette lends a feel of "us gals" to the 3 way discussions of what's happening. Chris couldn't bring that. On The Bachelor, one guy host is enough, as guys don't band together and dish the same way women do.
  2. Every time a tribe has thrown a challenge, it always has a bad effect, beyond the reason they did it. It is always a bad idea. You would think they would know this.
  3. Yes we can say those things. If you can get that from a 2 hour a week TV show. How about this: She makes me want to stick my head in the toilet and flush it! Is that a good one?
  4. NPD - Narcissistic Personality Disorder can't be diagnosed on a message board. It is not to be taken lightly.
  5. I agree fully. Perhaps the format should be, It's a race yes, but a race for the first judged as to correct completion of the challenge. Wait til both teams have finished, then the first done gets judged by an expert. If the task isn't done well, the second team gets judged and if theirs is better they win. If #1 is done well, they win without judging #2. I think that would work, if it takes longer it could be edited; it's not a live show.
  6. You do see it, if it is an old-fashioned family that always names kids after an older member of the family. I have a distant cousin, under 15 years old, who is named Frieda. Frieda! After her grandmother's deceased Aunt! My own 2 grandmothers were named Emma & Hannah. They were old lady names when I was a kid, but they came around again and are back in style. I'm 65.
  7. I can testify, that in 1960, there were no microwave ovens in regular households. You put the TV dinner in the regular oven. In 1960 I lived in Philly and no one had ever heard of a toaster oven either. we had popup toasters. Perhaps the former President could have had a microwave oven but no one else did.
  8. You're welcome! I am a fan of Sam Rockwell'; he is her longtime boyfriend!
  9. On the island they are too often constipated. They might feel good about those "results" Brad is one of the greatest faces on Survivor. I really will miss him. I wanted to see his journey and wanted it to last longer than this. Part of the reason for all the changes this season, and the shortened time, is so that players can't just coast along "under the radar" lying around like pashas while their alliances keep them safe. The producers want them to shit or get off the pot. Do something, earn your win, or go home.
  10. I officially decided last night, that I like this 4-part show. It is a comparison, a monsters from space story, shown to us as how such a movie was made in 1960, and then how the same type of story would play in present day. It could be said it is more a comment on movie-making, than it is a horror story! But it is that, too. Kaia Gerber and her 3 cohorts are playing their roles well! They are acting like dopey modern kids, the way kids their age act in real horror movies made today! Terrible acting, to match the terrible acting in today's horror schlock. It's on purpose! AHS always
  11. Is there anybody who thinks Kenny & Mari are going to last? There is a reason Kenny is 40 and still single. Didn't he make some remark about the small room being the same size as his apartment? Didn't he say he has never been engaged or in a serious relationship? I am no seer who claims to always be right about couples, but Joe & Serena don't make sense to me. Anna reminds me of Leslie Bibb.
  12. 1. I was thinking the same thing. Right now it looks like they will. But things can turn on a dime. It wouldn't be undeserved if they do. 2. Cody & Cheryl did well with their awkward restrictions. We will be seeing a lot of this kind of work-around, in all walks of life, since it seems Covid is here to stay. 3. Who cares what Tyra wears. It was funny once, then it got old. Much as I like Tom & Erin, having only one host and no banter tightens up the show.
  13. Welcome to the world of Covid. Cody & Cheryl dancing remotely and separately is a good example of what we have to do now that we have this disease in our lives.
  14. I am more fascinated by Eugene's story than I have by anything in TWD for quite awhile now. Last night when the other stuff was on I drifted, but with the Commonwealth I was alert.
  15. That is so true! I say all the time about plans, in order to BE there, you have to GET there! So don't just think of the end game. In this season, they have to play minute by minute! This early, it is a mistake to vote out your stronger challenge players. I thought it was bad getting rid of Abraham last week. What Evvie's tribe should have done was what the other tribe did, with their player Genie, who is also a plus-sized lady like Tiffany. They had Genie do the straight swim in the beginning. Tifffany's portion of the challenge had too much to do. It should have been given to a stronger
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