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  1. I think Jessy and ash are the same person, different continents
  2. poor baby, another kid/ex wife of his will eventually end up in the US. this aeriola lady is crazy, and will eventually go home without him. she will have a beautiful child, and a very interesting story to tell all of her friends in Princeton. her do gooder cred will skyrocket. I actually feel sorry for the guy.
  3. i didn’t realize ed had cheated on rose. i thought he hadn’t been with a woman in decades prior to their meeting. what poor woman on the side is the recipient of his greasy love?
  4. sadly big ed has a taste of fame, and seems to really embrace it. in order to stay relevant he is going to have to find a new girl. he went all these years with nothing/nobody....and 2 bankruptcies, and now thinks he is some kind of celebrity. at this late age, I would suggest he save every TLC dollar he makes...this won't last. I like his mom and his daughter. ed is a nasty greasy toad, I feel bad for the poor girl who feels she has to live/sleep with him in order to leave her impoverished country.
  5. this couple is boring, and I don't believe the storyline. he cheated on HER? she is so out of his league. he is moving there, so they can be filmed...probably couldn't get a spot on the other 90 day show.
  6. this was bothering me. she had a large house with her sister and her kids, why is she suddenly in a studio apartment with a refrigerator next to her bed? I see no personal belongings, so I assume it is some kind of temp filming location? she wouldn't live there without her girls.
  7. weren't Latka and Simpka Latvian? on taxi? really showing my age
  8. that's good. i assumed it was just talk when he asked that. I take back my snarky comment.
  9. that's an impressive rump, I have to say.
  10. I don't think he wants to keep the children in Samoa, but I think he wants to stay there and dance for tourists and sleep with their daughters. just let him go home without the kids and move on with your life...you don't need a 3rd toddler. you went on vacation and fell for the dancing fool, cut your losses and find a man who goes to work.
  11. oh, and say what we may about Nigerians...they seem pretty sharp compared to the samoan and the South African, and most of the Americans on the show. yes, they are probably just playing the long game scam, but these guys aren't dumb.
  12. are you into philanthropy? what kind of question is that? I really loved her answer. maybe she could have mentioned her court mandated toilet cleaning, so yes... Larissa you have probably donated much more time than this asshat. give a gift, and then talk about how your mom brought you up right.....if she did you wouldn't say that. douchebag. I volunteer and help where I can with local animal causes, I would never use the term philanthropy....unless I was writing big checks and organizing galas. oh, and libby's gown was horrible. I thought it was the worst of all of them.
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