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  1. that's how I see it. my original reference to Karen had nothing to do with the racist covid denying trumpers that it has evolved into. when I called Ariola's friends Karens...I referred to somewhat spoiled Moms, living in a bubble of comfort. Admittedly, they wouldn't be the right age range....more like Karen Jrs. I am the pumpkin spice drinking ugg/patagonia wearing, (have worn them for 30 years) designer handbag carrying, SUV driving white Mom that is either basic or a Karen. I don't identify at all with what it has tuned into. I lived through blonde jokes in the early 90s, and rol
  2. my daughter and her friends have long been referring to entitled white women who wear yoga pants and hang out at Starbucks and drive Range Rovers/Volvos, etc. as Karens for quite some time. Before the racist ranting women made the term popular, and way before COVID was an issue. The girls would point at us Moms drinking frappucinos and gossiping at lacrosse games, and call us a group of Karens. I fit the demographic, but certainly not the attitude that is associated with the term as it has become widely used. I think the term Karen has evolved from a mild suburban put down to some
  3. she hauled her pregnant ass all the way to Ethiopia. if she wanted a normal birth, she should have stayed in New Jersey. she could have had her SUV waiting at the hospital entrance with a car seat installed, and a wheelchair to the door....but NOOO...she had to show all of us suburban moms that we are just unenlightened Karens. thank God the hospital was well-equipped, and the pandemic hadn't hit. the chick is in Ethiopia, and her boyfriend had to walk home along a busy road with no sidewalks holding a newborn wrapped in a blanket. so there is a slaughtered sheep on her doorstep? was sh
  4. the longer she waits the worse the circumcision will be. I think my son had his at 1 day. he didn't seem traumatized, as I recall.
  5. why would anyone move to Jordan? she has no interest in the religion. she likes to expose herself. yazan doesn't appear to make any money. he drives her around in a 20 year old Camry. they don't seem to like each other. her in-laws called her a prostitute. this makes no sense. she seems to have a relatively good life in Florida. unless she is some kind of international spy and this is the worst cover story ever created.
  6. getting to that phase with my parents and realizing all the things that I will be taking care of . Taxes, bills, doctors, transportation, and I'm still trying to get my kids to adulthood. Summit is either playing the long game to get to US, or is just an idiot.
  7. summit obviously doesn't realize what a pain in the ass old people can be. I'd like to visit him in 10 years. I say that as a loving daughter, but it's a lot of work.
  8. I don't know what I watched last night. a recap of a recap? asuelo and tits were getting along. is this a repeat? I am so confused, they are commenting on theselves but I don't know if it is recent. I thought she was done with him and they were divorcing.
  9. I can't imagine what I would do if my son brought home jowly Jenny. you'd hear me up and down the street. the paramedics would find me convulsing in the driveway from some kind of a breakdown. my husband would tell me to be quiet and hope it ends quickly on its own. I wouldn't have that restraint. summit's parents are freaking angels.
  10. how is it that all these idiots, without 2 nickels to rub together....are able to get constant plastic surgery, and apparently have attorneys available at all times. I have lots of nickels, and would think twice before involving an attorney about anything... and kids' needs take precedence over fillers and botox.
  11. summit's parents are the only likable people in this situation. who goes to stay with people for months without contributing to the family? Jenny must be mentally ill, and all I can think of is that summit really wants to come to the United States...and figures she will eventually die of old age.
  12. does his family really think she is going to marry him and make kabobs with the mom all day? this is the most ridiculous faux relationship of all of them....but I think the mom and dad may not be in on the joke. I hope they are.
  13. How ever many years ago, Colt brought home Larissa. He picked her up in his un air conditioned vehicle, (unheard of in Las Vegas) and drove her to his small home in the burbs of Vegas to live in with his Mom, cats, and ugly slot machine. I'm assuming at one point he had some kind of cubicle job, that his Mom drove him to...in the shared vehicle with no AC. Unfortunately this show has given him a platform for the advancement of his pathetic online sex for a green card lifestyle. I couldn't imagine spending 5 minutes inside that home. For God's sake, they are filming, pick up all th
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