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  1. Eccles did record something! https://www.instagram.com/p/B-wzr8uBAM7/
  2. Love Rory. Love this little extra. Love the whole episode!!!
  3. It'd be great! It would see a massive upswing in the writing quality.
  4. Whodathunkit? Moffat can give Jodie a credible Doctor-ish voice that works!! If only he was still involved with the series...
  5. Rewatching The Eleventh Hour has reminded me how much I love Doctor Who. I've struggled to remember that after 2017.
  6. Wow, wasn't it great to group watch Day of the Doctor again this evening? It's so good to be reminded of the time Doctor Who was fun, and dramatic, and witty, and cast with charming, charasmatic actors. Ah well, won't be long till Chibnall flounces off to make another improving drama. 🙄
  7. Claes Bang and Dolly Wells are both great in this, and looking back on the series, I don't have a problem with the third episode. I think most of the complaints come from the leap forward to the present day, but I don't see how it could have been a surprise to anyone who's seen Steven Moffat's work before. I still think the attempt to show how young, sexy, hot people live suffers from being written by people who haven't been young for a while, but I find the interaction between Dracula, Agatha and Zoe brilliantly entertaining.
  8. Well...the Master had a good moment when he realised he'd killed the Cyberman before he could use a good final taunt. And there was a clip seqeuence. But otherwise... Meh. Whatever. The Time Lords will be back in all of their silly hatted glory, the Cyberman will still be stomping around say 'delete', Meh.
  9. Fiddle-de-dee!! Will all Cybertoys be sold with a Cyberpig tucked under its arm in the future? Didn't care. About any of it.
  10. That was surprisingly competant for something produced by Chibnall. 6/10, by far the best thing he's been involved with so far.
  11. It was competant, if you didn't think too hard. It's as good as something with Chibnall's name on it can be.
  12. The show doesn't need a rest, the showrunner does.
  13. I have no faith that Chibnall will resolve any of the "IT'S AN ARC!! IT'S AN ARC!!!!" threads he's set up in the last 5 episodes. Season 11 was packed with episodes that ended when the characters wandered off camera, not with any explanation or resolution of their actions. He's probably just hoping that we'll have forgotten these details by the end of the season.
  14. I was doing the filing and then putting on a wash while most of this episode aired. Nothing exciting enough to catch my full attention, but it wasn't bad, just rather...meh. Which is about the best Doctor Who can aim for under Chibs.
  15. Rather dull. The only interesting stuff in this episode was wondering Where had I seen all of those plot points before? What shit was the designer smoking? With aliens that either came from Cats the movie, or the comedy hair dye shop? Weird choices.
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