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  1. I'm a lot more favourably inclined to season 24 than I am to the rest of the McCoy era, so I'm quite looking forweard to this. Already got my pre-order in! Doesn't Andrew Cartmel look like the kind of angry spinster who becomes a mad cat lady?
  2. That's not much of an achievement.
  3. Whittacker leaving, Chibnall staying? That's the wrong way around, BBC!! However, I wouldn't be heartbroken to see the back of either of them.
  4. I love A Christmas Carol, I'm always glad to be reminded of it.
  5. Very good point. The Chibnall era is something to be endured, or got through, not entertained by.
  6. Damn, more of Chibnall's dull as ditchwater take on Jack? Yawn.
  7. I'm mad because in the four (4) years since Chibnall got the job, he's produced two (2) seasons of reduced episode counts, all of which occured before Covid kicked off in Europe. If he wants to make even fewer episodes now, Covid gives him an excuse, but there's no excuse for his passivity to his job before 2020.
  8. If Chibnall finds it so difficult to produce a season of Doctor Who, show him the door and give the job to someone else.
  9. Ahh well, it's for charidee, it doesn't have to be good.
  10. Eccles did record something! https://www.instagram.com/p/B-wzr8uBAM7/
  11. Love Rory. Love this little extra. Love the whole episode!!!
  12. It'd be great! It would see a massive upswing in the writing quality.
  13. Whodathunkit? Moffat can give Jodie a credible Doctor-ish voice that works!! If only he was still involved with the series...
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