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  1. HauntedBathroom

    S00.E154: Twice Upon a Time

    Explaining to One about how important it was that he went on and did all of the things that needed to be done made Twelve realise that he needed to keep on doing them himself.
  2. HauntedBathroom

    S11.E10: The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos

    The show airs on the BBC, no adverts except for other programmes either side of it. He pickled five planets, billions at least.
  3. HauntedBathroom

    The Twelfth Doctor: Let's Not Argue About Numbers

    The Doctor thought he was going to die at the end of Eleven's life, and wasn't expecting to survive the events of Time of the Doctor. He spent most of Twelve's life coming to terms with it, and thinking about what it meant to be alive when he'd prepared for death. He didn't haver a lot of time for being cuddly. Plus. he'd been nice for two lives, it was time for a change.
  4. HauntedBathroom

    S00.E156: Resolution (New Year's Day 2019)

    The best episode Chibnall has produced yet, which isn't saying much.
  5. HauntedBathroom

    Doctor Who in the Media

    Ain't that the truth. But it's no surprise that the man who turned cheeky, charming Captain Jack into a dull as ditchwater mope has no sense of fun.
  6. HauntedBathroom

    S11.E10: The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos

    Certainly the Chibnall era (rather than any of the actors, who might be good with better writers) is utterly disposable. It's just a thing, that's on fotr 50 minutes on a Sunday night, because the BBC want to sell DVDs and toys.
  7. HauntedBathroom

    S11.E10: The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos

    The TARDIS budget hasn't been cut, in fact I think that moving claw must have set the production team back a bit. I think the problem is that they built the set before they realised how difficult it is to film in, hence the cast having to stand in a fixed line in the few shots we've had in the consolee room. There's no point in going back and rewatching the stuff you ff'd through, anything Chibs thinks is important will have had a big, glowing arrow drawn at it, you won't have missed anything important.
  8. HauntedBathroom

    The Twelfth Doctor: Let's Not Argue About Numbers

    Capaldi had some health problems requiring a knee operation, but that was the same problem Matt Smith, and I think Tennant, had. It's not due to his age, just that Doctor Whoi is a very physically demanding show to make.
  9. HauntedBathroom

    S11.E10: The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos

    That was utter cack. I consider it an insult to my arse that I sat through nine episodes waiting for this. And now Chibs is taking a year off, presumably the effort of this frantic creativity has worn him down to a flibbon. Maybe by 2020 he'll remember that Doctor Who is meant to be an exciting drama?
  10. HauntedBathroom

    S11.E09: It Takes You Away

    That was a very dull episode. What's the point of trying to remake The Three Doctors without Patrick Troughton or day-glo sets? Still, my husband and I have been using the expression 'bollocks talking frog god' all evening.
  11. HauntedBathroom

    S11.E08: The Witchfinders

    Christ!! THAT performance by Alan Cumming!!! I started laughing everytime he opened his mouth. Even Anthony Ainley would be looking at that performance and saying it was a trifle florid. Alan certainly raised what would otherwise be a rather ho-hum episode into a giggle-fest. All this episode was missing was a final "Zoicks!!" as James watched the TARDIS dematerialise.
  12. HauntedBathroom

    S11.E07: Kerblam!

    Almost every episode this season has left no memory. It's like they're made of teflon, they just don't stick.
  13. HauntedBathroom

    The Thirteenth Doctor: Jodie Whittaker

    They had a larger regular cast, and had multiple standing sets to use each episode. Plus, a 20+ episode season isn't natural for UK television. Either you're a soap on every week, or it's a 6-8 episode season. See The Bodyguard.
  14. HauntedBathroom

    The Thirteenth Doctor: Jodie Whittaker

    If it's true, I'll not miss Chibnall, but Jodie could be good with a talented writer.
  15. HauntedBathroom

    S11.E07: Kerblam!

    That was very competant, so it's a step up for most of the year to date. And I was glad to see that with the casting of Leer Mack, Chibnall was wiling to allow some comedy to slip back into the show. So far season 11's been as drab as Graham's cardigans.