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  1. I’ve been watching this and I am mildly entertained, but it seems like “Mentalist Lite.” They have even lifted several catch phrases from the Jane character and used them. Cumming is entertaining in general and I like the female lead, but I just don’t quite buy it. The character seems a bit too contrived.
  2. I know there needs to be suspension of disbelief to be able to watch this show, but the medical stuff was so utterly ridiculous during this episode that I might have to just quit watching. Happy and Toby are the ones who keep me around, and now they’ve turned into to “baby watch.” I did enjoy badass Happy at the festival.
  3. Ditto on the "we're being set up for a Marissa's boyfriend showdown." Honestly at this point, I like the boyfriend better than I like her.
  4. One more thing. When Leo got into the cab once, he told the cabbie to take him to "the usual place." Could it be that house that Hardy and Miller were at on the scene, wondering where the light came from? Maybe there is some kind of group that goes there for porn and they happened to be there that night? And that's why the cabbie is so vague about where his cab was, etc. And could that be where the missing cricket bat is? Just a thought.
  5. So much fun to watch! First the whodunnit: At this point, my money is on Leo. He was "too" convincing as a "poor little me " in his interview. I think the sock DNA will be a red herring, because remember, Leo washes the socks, so he could have had anybody on the team's DNA on a sock. Maybe he was angry at Trish for dumping his mentor, and he wanted some kind of sick revenge. Maybe he's just a psycho. He certainly has the eyes for it. He lied about his girlfriend dumping him in his interview. And we know he has that cocky (no pun intended) attitude going on a lot of the time. He's my top suspect right now, but other people may be involved. Jim is an asshole supreme, but I'm not sure he did it. I was confused about his remembering the red car - didn't the woman say the tow never came? Is he lying about this? Ed is still hiding something, but I believe him when he says he wouldn't hurt Trish. (And how dumb is the daughter, pawing over the strings as evidence?) I think the cabbie is definitely into porn. Maybe he filmed the rape? Anyway, if he's not guilty I hope his wife takes a tire iron to his head anyway. Now to the fun stuff. How awesome was Hardy in that rant? The thick Scottish accent just makes it better, too. "Ye wee boys...". LOL. You go dad, you go. I wish Miller would clue Daisy in to the fact that she has a decent man as a father. Likewise Tom could use a little talk from Hardy regarding his mom. I laughed out loud at Miller's face when Hardy decided he was just too nice. Coleman should get some sort of award for that scene alone. This show has done a fantastic job showing how dealing with someone with clinical depression is a soul sucking, exhausting experience, and just how lost those people are to any sort of logic or reason. I hope they get Mark to accept the help he needs. I'm glad he lived for Chloe's sake. Trish's daughter's organized gathering was life affirming. She and Chloe are the true adults in the town. I want "poor me" little Daisy to grow a pair and tell her father that they need to invite the Millers over for dinner. Surely she has some of her father's resolve. And whoever above who said they'd watch an hour of Miller and Hardy bickering, I'd be right with you on the pew. I have mixed feelings for next week. I desperately want to know who did it, but I don't want to say goodbye to this show. PS - As an American, I've never heard of "screw you petal" either. That said, I was glad she told that woman off in high style.
  6. Hardy's rant at the skeevy boys in S3E7 is epic: "You boys, you wee babies....you hurt my girl. So from now on, I'm gonna be watching everything you do. I'm gonna watching everything your parents do, everything your family does. And if any one of you even so much as belch when you shouldn't, I will be there." "Are you threatening us?" "No son, I'm instructing you. Do you know what I do in my job, do ya? I deal with murderers, and brutal thugs, and sex offenders. And I win. I get the better of them, so don't for a second imagine I will break a sweat getting you in line. Any you come near...you even talk... no..no, you even talk about my daughter, ever again, let alone do anything to make her unhappy, I will find you, and I will cut your tiny little cocks off. "You can't say that, you're the police." "I'm a father. And I will do whatever is necessary to protect my daughter. Now piss off."
  7. I get that. There are only two episodes left, so it's not like there would be any time for any real exploration of that. All I'm asking/hoping for is an ambiguous end to their relationship - something like Daisy decides to stay in Broadchurch with her dad, and they invited Ellie and her family over for dinner. It would be a good bookend to S1 when Miller informed Hardy he would be coming over for dinner, because that's what you do in Broadchurch.
  8. I recently binge watched Gracepoint because I loved Broadchurch so much. Sadly, I was disappointed. Tennett is always good, but I felt he made such an effort to make this Hardy a little different, the vulnerability of the character never showed through like it did on the original series, thus he was a bit less likeable. And I did so miss that thick Scottish "Milllaaaahhh!" The rest of the cast was inferior in my opinion, with the exception of the vicar and the kayaking character (Nolte). They were far better than the original series characters to me. I couldn't stand Paul in Broadchurch and felt this actor brought a humanity and sympathy to the man of cloth that Paul lacked. Gunn is an excellent actress, but I felt she was horribly miscast in this role. Her angular, suburban American skinny wife look did not serve the character at all. I never believed she was a cop for a minute. She had an impossible task, really, after Olivia Coleman's triumph in the original, but she wasn't right for the role, either. The new Latimers didn't work for me. For whatever reason, I lacked an emotional response to their suffering. I did like the change in the plot, because it made more sense to me, and I liked the parallel of Ellie allowing Paul to take the blame and protect their child, just like Hardy's wife let Hardy take the fall in the previous case to protect their daughter. Short version: it was inferior to the original. Not surprised, because it was a tough act to follow.
  9. Yes, Ellie is a single mom dealing with a nearly teenage boy, which is tough enough without all the baggage Joe brings to the picture. Tom could do with a decent moral father figure. Likewise, Hardy is a single father dealing with a teenage daughter, a formidable job in its own right. Daisy could use an adult woman who could mentor her and give her someone to help understand her dad. Just sayin'. *grin*
  10. Re the musician: At least Joe was included more in the story in S1. Making it the musician at this point seems kind of dishonest on the part of the writers. Still possible. A few more musings...things that haven't been explained: Why Ian was washing his clothes and brushing his shoes off right after the party. Trish did say someone who called her name sounded like Ian. Why the (gives porn to his "son") cabbie has a key ring with Trish's picture on it. Why Trish, 49, and Leo, 23, both have dark hair and striking blue eyes. Given the mother/son story in the first season, I wonder if they'd repeat this plot point. Leo says his dad golfs and the business belongs to his family. Could Trish have gotten pregnant by a rich boy whose family insisted on getting custody of the child? Just riffing here. Why I'm so enamored of Hardy's accent when he gets angry.
  11. This. For Hardy to say the things he did (finally) to Daisy, given his difficulty at expressing his emotions in personal situations, was quite touching to me. Hopefully Daisy will give him a chance. I enjoyed the "royally pissed off" and absolutely righteous Ellie Miller immensely. She was firing on all cylinders this episode. I agree with whoever above said it was fun to see her and Hardy "hi five" each other after they'd roasted Katie. Yes, there was the parallel of Ellie not believing Joe was involved, but if Joe had been a serious suspect early on, Ellie would have known to excuse herself. (So will the beleaguered Katie end up finding the clue that cracks the case?) Ed has been stalking Trish, but he's got to be a red herring. He has no connection to the other women at all. Interesting that the raped women who would not come forward's car had broken down. Who do we know with a tow truck? Oh, right. Jim. Who has the perfect cover for Trish's rape - he had sex with her that morning. I wonder if a cabbie would be aware that someone called for a tow? I don't know how the radio stuff works in Great Britain. Guess my theory about the musician was bunk. He would surely have been mentioned again by now. Clive and Leo are both connected to the porn somehow, but whether they are connected to the rape has yet to be proved. Leo has the twine and the sock going for him. Clive is an A1 asshole. And last but not least, poor Mark was heartbreaking. His powerlessness was more than he could handle - he was helpless and hopeless. The actor did a fabulous job, I thought. I feel bad for poor Chloe, who has been a beacon of reason and maturity from the get go. She's really drawing bad cards. Intense episode! I may need to rewatch this one.
  12. I love that the writers have made Trish such a flawed character, because coupled with the comments of the earlier rape victim about why she didn't come forward, it so clearly shows why raped women don't come forward more often. I don't blame Cath for her anger, but something tells me she is no saint either. Why is she still with such an asshole in a loveless marriage? I hope the show explains. To the actual "whodunnit": I don't think the convicted rapist had anything to do with any of this. Which begs the question as to why he lied about his whereabouts. Is he trying to make the police look bad when it's discovered they focused on him and he didn't do it? Leo is clearly involved in some way, but I think he's more likely the person who films and possibly distributes this as porn? With Clive's help some way? And the boy - Clive's "son" - is onto him somehow. If I were a violent thinking person I'd love for his poor sweet wife to take a butcherknife to him. Just a thought - Jim' s having sex with Trish the morning of is a perfect cover for a rape later...but he seems too obvious in terms of the show. The reveal that the musician is on Leo's soccer team (that was him with the man bun, wasn't it?) makes me point the finger at him now. He was so easy breezy in the interview (kinda likeable like Tom in S1) Add that to Ellie's observation that the rapes are seasonal and connected to pubs, this is quite damning. Maybe the musician is the rapist and Leo films? And let's not forget that Jim hired the band... Hmmm. Now to poor Hardy - he's tragic in many ways, and I love how disgusted he is with the men they've interviewed. His tendency to hold people at arms length emotionally isn't because he's cold on the inside. It seems more because keeps himself bottled up and he cannot allow himself to express how much he really cares. He works so hard at his job because he does get involved emotionally. Which unfortunately takes him away from the daughter he clearly cares deeply about. Having Ellie as a friend is a great thing for him. She may be righteously aggravated at him from time to time, but she understands his grumpiness comes from a spot of genuineness, and she has his respect as a person and an officer. Ellie continues to be the heart of this show. I laughed out loud at her quote about how parenthood is a constant slap around the head. As a parent, I so appreciated that wisdom.
  13. This! I binged the previous seasons so yes, it's agony. But I also have more time to try and figure things out and speculate, so that's the good part. Hardy on a date was the most awkward, cutest thing ever. And his daughter helped him with the computer stuff - she knows he needs a life. I'm not sure he will ever be comfortable with a woman who isn't in law enforcement though. Heh. I'm dead curious about what Daisy did to get herself in trouble. And maybe that has some bearing on how passionate Hardy is about this case. I like Chloe - she's the Latimer with a good head on her shoulders. Yes, Mark was fixing the last supper, so to speak. I'm surprised he tried to enlist the help of Paul. Not the brightest bulb, is he? If it's Paul, I will be shocked, but that line about the people not coming to church unless there's a crisis hung in the air. I think there was filming involved in the rape, and yes, Ian has been watching his wife, but I don't think he's the rapist. I also think Cath has a vindictive, mean streak a mile wide and she might be somehow involved in the "rape" conspiracy. Maybe it was the purpose of the party. The "boss" kid with the fishing twine (sorry, blanking on his name) raises the hair on the back of my neck. If I had to guess right now, I'd point to him being in the middle of things somehow. I continue to love Elle Miller. My heart rate triples every time she walks down that lane alone. I'm enjoying S3 a lot so far. Kudos to the writers for taking on a sensitive subject and doing it well.
  14. I'm in the US so I'm not reading above because I haven't seen all of S3, but so far in S3 this one stands out to me: "I've figured out what's bothering me about this case. It makes me ashamed to be a man." (I do so love grumpy Hardy)
  15. Thank you. I was racking my brain trying to figure out where I'd "met" him.
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