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  1. Can we have Christian targeted next for ruining the blindside?
  2. I suspect it is a combination of both. They all really want him out badly. And he is arrogantly obtuse.
  3. Okay, now I sort of want Hannah to win HOH and target SB and Christian, which is who I think she would target. Her goal would be SB going but I suspect she would be fine with any of the Kings going at this point since she has to be aware of their alliance with the Queens/Derex because too many people have let it slip already.
  4. Nope, not at all since the "coffin bed" is the only one he fits in. Which... Aren't these beds full size? I'm a big girl and I can fit on a full size bed. Yes, I'm being judgmental but this is BB and that's what we're all here to do best. So, I'm giving Deref the side-eye that he can't fit in any other bed in that house that isn't a Have Not bed. What's he going to do next week when the Jokers are Have Nots?
  5. LOL. Eh, that's sort of predictable in its own way. If Britini goes up on the block like X is currently planning and Brent comes down for any reason then Britini is going to make herself so unlikeable to the rest of the HGs that they'll gladly, probably unanimously, vote her out next Thursday.
  6. Claire is the 3rd member of the Queens.
  7. Claire is right. Whitney was left with Brent and Travis for her team and picked Brent. I mean, it wasn't much of a choice, but yeah... Whitney did have the option to go with Travis.
  8. Ky is giving chess lessons to Tiffany with Claire, Sarah Beth, Hannah and Derex watching. Deref & Britini were talking in the ropes room with Britini bitching about the possibility of X putting her up when he has 9-10-12 other options. Whatever. You're not long for this game, Brit. And then the BB button boy decides to punk us and follows Britini through the living room, kitchen and into the bathroom. There's a group of people hanging out in the living room but do we get them chatting? Nooooo... We're now stuck with all 4 cameras on the chess lesson. And, because BB hates us, Briti
  9. You know what's refreshing? Men targeting other men. Of course, I'm sure that Grodner has told Heath that this week's veto comp needs to be something tailormade for Brent to win. Can't have 3 men evicted first before any woman goes, lol.
  10. That's where, strategically, it would make sense to nominate Brent and Whitney. Part of Ky's rationale in nominating two of the Aces was that he could make it clear that if Frenchie or Britini came down, another Ace would go up in their place - it certainly depressed any desire from Deref or Azah to win the veto or save the target. Hannah is part of the Cookout and Derex has definitely aligned with the Kings & Queens, so they're probably safe. Britini is low-hanging fruit and will be gone soon enough or will make an easy enough pawn down the road. If, for some reason, Brent is able
  11. Fair point! If he doesn't own it then he's dead to me. Especially because everyone is going to know that he's the one who voted to keep Frenchie. Last week he had plausible deniability in the rogue vote. This week? No one in that house would believe him if he tries to deny it.
  12. He might be an idiot for having sworn his loyalty to Frenchie last week but I can respect him for staying loyal to the bitter end. As much as we complain here about "voting with the house" we should be applauding Deref for choosing to go against "the house" and voting to keep Frenchie over Britini if that's who he would rather remain in the house.
  13. If they call Hannah "Duchess" I might be out. She already resembles Meghan Markle, plus she's a student at Northwestern (Meghan's alma mater).
  14. He is and she has been tight with him. Do we think she lying to/playing Britini here?
  15. Well, but the wood framing would be an issue particularly in LA due to earthquakes more than anything else. California has some of the toughest building code in the country thanks to being earthquake country.
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