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  1. can a Jewish person in NYC or someone who's across this, explain how she can possibly convert orthodox... is this a flat out lie? Im just curious how a Rabbi would approach a request from her like this, especially if she seems to want a community to belong to rather than to actually follow a faith.
  2. ugh Leah and her BS Judaism story line, she is relentlessly unpleasant. Really nice vibes from Ramona and Lou interacting and despite finding Sonja vile at times, she does have a comedic streak in her that makes me chuckle.
  3. That vacation felt very uncomfortable - like when a bunch of girls at highschool who don't get a long have to spend time together. You could just feel that they were there because they are contractually obliged to turn up and would never be friends in real life - hint, producers... that means you've got the formula very wrong. Time to put this cast to bed and get all new people. That holiday house is something I would rent. Please give me rich lifestyle porn not this pedestrian stuff. Brown-wind with all her flaws has an amazing body. Clearly she puts the hours in at the gym. Kelly i
  4. no more long walks just talking, no more gym sessions, no more talking to relatives on the phone, no more therapist visits. Need rich and clueless house and lifestyle porn, asap.
  5. Shannon is such hard work to be around and is clearly obsessive about food and weight. I would have been like "meh its ok ill eat this whole egg omelette, get in my belly" She is beginning to look very frail and "osteoporotic" for lack of a better word, and just sucks the fun out of a room. Its hard watching these women because there's just no authentic friend vibes coming from any of them. They're not enjoying it and neither are we. I don't care whether Elizabeth is shagging her man. She an anti-vaxxer nut job to boot, go away.
  6. im going to wager my house on Kelly having high testosterone levels. Gina's cursed hair extensions deeply upset me. Please someone in LA beauty land - volunteer to give her a good set.
  7. What a snooze fest. Can someone explain to me how Gina is on this show? How was she picked. She's not a celeb, rich wife or ex wife, notorious etc. Isn't southern California full of rich women, surely they can mine this source better, why am i being subjected to this tedious crap? While I have no interest in kids lives, it was nice to see them portray brownwind and her husband being so supportive. Too often on these shows portray LGBT+ people as the bitchy makeup artist, sassy friend of one of the housewives and it was nice to see both parents, particularly his dad, showing support
  8. she's clearly clueless, imagine saying out loud "yeah the cheaper one, lets go with that cos its cheap" at a public biz meeting, her developers were like " ah yeah its a bit less expensive". Way to sell your product shannon!. Did you also go with cheap ingredients? It's tedious how they all want easy passive income, set and forget. It rarely succeeds and more than likely ends in losses and lawsuits. Shannon also has no niche or "thing" to exploit, she's a fake hippy who is hypochondriac. *she* is the gullible buyer of crap products, not the hustler selling them. if i was her id open
  9. Kelly's hair looks like a mop left out to dry. I don't like brownwind but every time her evil mother is shown - it makes me reassess everything she says/does. A lot of her problems arise from her trauma (and neglect and inadequate attention) at the hands of that woman. I can cut her some slack. She needs therapy and not a tv gig. I like the new HW based on the edit she's getting so far...
  10. Dorinda is revolting. Horrible and very abusive, then she is so fun, cheeky and vivacious and charming at the dinner. Its so confusing. Leah is like a toddler that's learnt a rude word and wants to get a rise out of its parents by constantly saying it , bum bum pu$$y, vag etc.
  11. The Brandi and Kim driving over...oh so casually... oh please come in guys... oh you have some goss please go on...was so transparently set up and acted it wasn't fun to watch at all. And, I dunno, but lesbian sex, especially the "only happens when we are paralytically drunk" type is kinda boring and meh now... are we meant to be shocked like it's 1995 ? And even if its true I wouldnt be surprised if Aaron doesn't even care. Whats shocking to me is anyone wanting to be intimate with Brandi. Kim needs a soft haircut that adds volume to her face cos she's looking awful. Rinna needs to
  12. No decorum what.so.ever. Which is fine when you don't think you're some worldly jetset elite like the poo-bandit thinks she is. All I could think about watching was how nasty sloppy uneducated inarticulate and vulgar they all are and beautiful stately homes, fancy dinner parties etc are totally wasted on them. In Australia we call them cashed up bogans.
  13. An enjoyable episode - felt more authentic than usual and lots of house/party porn. Not a very diverse group of people at Kyles function! Kyles house is pretty, and definitely warm and inviting, but looking at the details esp books it really does look like a very basic designer put it together, with no real input showing kyles personality or lack of. Books about Fashion, Chanel, andy warhol etc. Reveals nothing about the owner, just bland and generic. Poor Aaron. He is a nutter with his work, and he fleeces his customers with his woo, but even he's right occasionally. Its not bullyin
  14. I actually really enjoyed the decor in BSM - different aesthetic to what's popular and its warm and cosy and British eccentric which would appeal to Dorinda. The taxidermy is gross and themed bedrooms a bit tacky, but overall I really liked it. Please tell me grown up women like Elyse are only trying to get airtime with the "am I your best fwend" bs and she's not genuinely trying to make Ramona be her close friend. Ramona slipping her coverup off in front of her husband is totally believable and gross/offensive. Leah "tongue in the bum" McS shouldnt be hanging out with these women S
  15. Randoms thoughts: That table setting was macabre and not in a good way, I get that meat on the menu means a head is going to be somewhere but using it as a prop is gross. I couldn't have stomached sitting there. Where was the food at the party? Leah is so attractive (she has such elegant delicate fingers!) so im erring on the side of Crazy Lady vibes if she hasn't had a relationship since Rob. Its clear Rob knows her personality disorder well enough to play nice enough to keep his daughter safe and well but he's not interested one bit in a love-relationship. Dorinda being
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