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  1. Yeah, the whole story kind of reminds me of a joke a German TV show once did on Reinold Messner - 30 years or so ago. They organised him doing a climbing tour and then transported a kiosk on the top of the Matterhorn. His reaction was kind of priceless. He was basically ranting that he was climbing mountains to get AWAY from newspapers aso, and the idea of setting up a firework from the top made him practically explode. Though not quite as much as being told that his own book was the bestseller. It is not quite as funny in hindsight.
  2. Well, she isn't happy if she doesn't have a reason to feel victimized.
  3. Not only are there bodies all over the mountain, they are used as f... landmarks. It's frankly quite disturbing. I just don't get it. I already have trouble to get professional mountaineers, because frankly, why not climb at places where the attempt is within an acceptable risk? Why does it have to be so high that your brain literally melts? But just for the bragging rights of having been up there? Yeah, no, there are ways to challenge yourself without risking your live, and there are a lot of beautiful places in the world to explore which don't involve risking the live of the people who bring you up there. In a way the segment was quite tame. It might have been a good idea to point out that even if you don't die, you might damage yourself for life.
  4. Tibet does have more restrictive rules. Partly because the climb from Tibet is more challenging from the get go. Those irresponsible companies operate from Nepal. If Nepal would at least adopt Tibet's rules, a lot would be helped.
  5. We all are confused about the time-line at the moment, but I am sure that the writers will clear this up, soon.
  6. Trump just tries to look smart. Plus, he needed some excuse why he stopped the attack. The true reason was most likely that he watched Tucker Carlson and was reminded that the voters don't want another war.
  7. The Meghan Cut was glorious. God, I really don't know how people can stand this show. I mean, it is great to se women discussing political issues, but if there are only stupid and bratty women available for the "conservative" position, maybe just don't portray it at all. Whoopie is conservative enough to play devil's advocate if needed. Regarding the Everest, I don't get it. I get it if people really love climbing mountains, but not if they want to do it just so that they can say that they have been on the Everest. Maybe they should offer two climbs: A save one for tourists, which goes to a beautiful spot but NOT to the top, and another one for professionals, which have already climbed a few mountains beforehand. Because if Everest the only mountain someone wants to climb, than said person shouldn't do it. But you know what would help the most? If we declare it as uncool to climb the Everest. Just reframe it as an idiotic endeavour in which people needlessly risk the life of Sherpas in order to stroke their own egos, and the enthusiasm will hopefully die down.
  8. I hope he isn't, because I would love to see Deke's reaction to that.
  9. Considering that Avatar got a rerelease too, it's fair game in my book.
  10. I am sure that Fitz gave it to her in a calm moment the last time around, too. But it was nice to actually see it. I guess this is goodbye to Leopold, though. Now that Fitz dealt with his issue, I think we can put the danger of a psychotic break aside. Which is a good thing. I always enjoyed seeing Leopold but, well, I think this is a good moment to conclude this particular plot point.
  11. DJ Doyle has an interesting twitter post regarding the design of Zombie Jemma: I recognized the hints to Slave Jemma and Maveth Jemma, but there is still so much I missed there...ie, I had totally forgotten that Jemma had to dig herself out of her own mass grave, explaining the Zombie design.
  12. You know, this seasons feels a little bit like a victory lap. And I completely approve.
  13. Just looked it up...Jesse Bochco directed the episode (he did quite a few really great ones, they seem to like giving him the more experimental one), and DJ Doyle was the writer. So, they put some of the best of the best when it comes to more psychological story telling on this one.
  14. It was also very cleverly shot, with Jemma both providing the running narrative and being part of the scene. And yet you never got confused which was memory and which was their current feelings. I really need to look up who wrote and directed this episode. Honestly, I was crying about Fitz dying more than I did the first time around (I had figured out the two Fitz paradox, so I was kind of expecting it happening), and this time proto-Fitz was right there. But everyone was so broken up, it was "Parting Shots" all over again. How does this show manage to make me more emotional about character NOT dying than over most actual deaths?
  15. Well, I really enjoyed Rewind last season, but I agree, this one was even better. It is the closest they ever came to self-control, which is still the gold standard of TV episodes. Honestly, I am impressed that they ever came that close again, episodes like this aren't easy to pull off. And you could just feel that everyone had a hoot with the episodes. The writers delved really deep in the characters, the costume and set designers added so many little details and Ian and Elizabeth acted the hell out of it.
  16. So, here is a completely random list of some of the call-backs I noticed: The monkey's on the wall in Fitz's room. The ManU flag. The gold paint on the face of the ringu. Simmons obsession with cuttlefish, and that she was collecting butterflies. That she likes dissections. I also loved that Daisy is Simmons "backup".
  17. Though the best thing about A Crime of Fashion is the case itself. It is one of the cleverer ones. My favourite joke is Shawn coming down the stairs with morning head and everyone else looks like they have groomed for hours but have supposedly just woken um themselves.
  18. This was the perfect mix of drama, humour and genuinely sad moments. And yeah, Leopold and the Ringu devouring each other was hilarious, but it also made sense, because if they represent Fitzsimmons base emotions, naturally the most basic of them is them lustig after each other. So many call-backs, too. It was the kind of the episode you can only do if you build your show carefully. Easily the best of the season so far. But then, so "very special" episodes are always the best.
  19. Along with...was it "A crime of fashion"?...one of my favourite episodes. "Nose hair trimmers - invest!" lol!!!!
  20. It's not harmful at all to express concern in that manner. It is annoying, but it is annoying out of a reflex in which the person on the receiving end doesn't want to admit that the statement is right. Or, to put it differently, there is a difference between a parent saying "you need to diet because you are ugly" and a parent saying "you really need to eat more salat, it's good for your health".
  21. The "eat more salat" line is for me more funny because it is such a motherly thing to say. It's not mean, it is expressing worry for his health. Honestly, if anyone was overly the butt of jokes it was Ant-man. And the jokes weren't even all that funny. I mean, the taco joke was, but it went on too long, and it would have improved the pacing of the movie considerably to cut it. Using Scott as some sort of guinea pig was irresponsible and dangerous. Rocket being all condescending to him made zero sense, especially since for all the "I'll show you space" talk the ONE character in the line-up which never went to space in the movie is Scott.
  22. It is too bad that the Bucky and Sam show won't involve Steve and Natasha. Because someone on twitter pointed out that Steve, Bucky and Sam are representative for each war the US fought: Steve is the soldier who fought out of patriotism in a war which got glorified, Bucky is the soldier who was forced to fight in a war which was condemned, and Sam is the forgotten soldier in a war most americans don't want to really think about. I would add Natasha into the mix, standing for the cold war of ideologies. It's a pretty interesting dynamic which would have been worth to being explored further. Btw, is it me or does it seem like they are hesitant to step past Endgame? I mean, the shows are apparently all set beforehand. The Black Widow movie will be set beforehand. There is a pretty high likelihood that the second Captain Marvel movie might be set beforehand. If they announce that Shang-Chi and/or Eternals is set earlier in the timeline, I wouldn't be surprised.
  23. I don't really see a problem with Thor in Endgame...he is depressed and the "you are human just like everyone else" is a pretty good message. I see a problem with an audience which would laugh about a depressed man, but the way it is framed in Endgame is mostly more serious. Count me in as someone who did not watch Avatar in theatres. I saw Titanic two times, but Avatar, yeah, nope. I tried to watch it once when it turned up on free TV but, well, it boooooored me. And disgusted me.
  24. Avatar has a bad case of the white saviour trope - and I say that as someone who would defend The Last Samurai in this regard. But Avatar, everything about the story disgusts me. Anyway, not sure if they will even release it in my country. If they do, I can still decide.
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