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  1. Yeah, they could have covered this, but I think it would have been better if it had been in combination with another plot. For example, they could have had is in the Family episode.
  2. It's about the ritual. People with bulemia don't just throw up randomly, the sudden eating of sweet stuff, the waiting a certain amount of time, the throwing up and the washing at the end is all part of Diana's ritual.
  3. swanpride

    S04.E10: War

    Let's say I would have liked less Margaret more Anne, a little bit less Diana and Charles a little bit more politics. Or, to be precise, I didn't need Margaret self-pity episode and would have rather seen more of Anne's Olympic career (and I am still miffled about the lack of her kidnapping last season), and I think that the last episode, which was ALL about Diana and Charles relationship, could have use a little bit less of it and way more about the end of the cold war.
  4. It could have been both. It might not have been as spontan as it seemed to be, but there is no doubt that Diana cared about the cause, and IF she planned that picture, she did it to set a sign, not just for the publicity. In the end, it does matter if it was planned or not, the gesture meant a lot for a lot of people.
  5. ...I think most of us are aware that it is fiction. In fact, multiple of us pointed out scenes which seemed to be too over the top. But that doesn't change the fact that those tests in itself are apparently real.
  6. I don't think that it matters. Harry will never take the throne anyway, so even if there is something to the rumor, who cares? He is the son of Charles and Diana in every sense which truly matters for a child.
  7. Honestly, the Press back then couldn't really decide what it wanted...they complained that Diana took her children with her everywhere she went (at least until they were in school), and then they went and complained that Fergie was a terrible mother for NOT having her children with her all the time.
  8. Yeah, I am going against the grain and say that this was my least favourite episode of the season. It was interesting in introducing something I didn't know about, but I was already over Margaret's self-pity one season ago, I really didn't need more of it. Especially considering that what Anne does with her life is way more interesting.
  9. I have a hard time to defend this particular flaw as "common to men" because frankly, no man should have this flaw.
  10. swanpride

    S04.E10: War

    What is there to feel sorry about? She was PM for a long time. Even if she had been a good PM, it's not good for the same PM staying around for forever. I mean, In Germany we don't have term limits, but there is some sort of unspoken agreement that four terms (16 years) is the upper limit even for a great chancellor, because everything else isn't good for democracy. Thatcher was longer in power than most PMs, and she would have never left if people hadn't forced her out of office, one way or another.
  11. There is a difference between Journalists and Paparazzi. Sure, Paparazzi partly have a role in actually ensuring that people stay famous (often the pictures they get are the results of well-placed leaks), but there is a line, and they constantly cross it. Especially in the UK.
  12. swanpride

    S04.E08: 48:1

    ..I didn't get the impression that the Queen didn't care about the oppressed at all. And weather the leak was deliberate or not, it had to come from somewhere, hence she must have been vocal about her anger towards Thatcher in private at the very least. She is only human after all.
  13. We also need to remember that the attitude of Alcohol changed over time. For a long time, it was just part of the livestyle, and you weren't considered an alcoholic as long as you didn't act out in public and didn't start drinking before a specific time of the day. Back then, they didn't understand the notion of period drinker, people who are perfectly able to hold on a job, but spend every evening drinking. You basically wouldn't peg them as alcoholic until the moment you enter their kitchen and see bunches of empty bottles (and yes, I am speaking out of experience).
  14. Well, it is true that Thatcher hated it, so I guess at the very least the part that she disliked the games, the conversations aso is true, and I doubt that she owned proper hunting clothing ever. But the part with not knowing how to dress is certainly iffy, and at least the chair exist, though I doubt that Thatcher sat on it.
  15. The slouch is overdone, but I wouldn't claim that Charles has a great posture in RL.
  16. Yeah, and I am already shuddering what the likes of the Sun will make out of it.
  17. swanpride

    S04.E08: 48:1

    Also the point is the a Samaritan is not a "believer" in god, and yet he acted more following the ideals of god than those who felt oh so religious. It is actually a story about hypocorism, and about acting is more worse than lip service. Hence it is really ironic that Thatcher quoted the story in a moment in which she refused to act.
  18. I actually took it as foreshadowing...the Fassade is slowly falling apart, so to speak.
  19. Maybe Meghan simply has an easier time to deal with the racism she is used to instead of the passive aggressive variant common in the UK. Plus, at least in the US she can call out racism if she wants to, in the UK the reaction would be along the line of "we? Racist? Don't you know that according the BS Study of whenever we are the least racist country?" And yes, in the US they are run of the mill famous, not catnip for every reporter in the country. But we are far, far away from Meghan and I am not even sure if we will even reach that point in the show.
  20. ...isn't it kind of "normal" to give the woman you love a ring with sentimental value to you? And regarding the pose: There are only so many ways how one can sit down in a pencil skirt. There is exactly one pose for the legs if you don't want to show off your undies and very little options where to leave your hands. Also, if there was a murder attempt on Diana, it was the most chancy of all time, considering that it relied on the driver speeding through the tunnel and Diana being stupid enough to not wear a seatbelt. Dito regarding the whole Saint Diana thing...it already annoyed me shortly after her dead. The Queen of Hearts nonsense is exactly that, nonsense. Yeah, it was sad that she died so young, but I really didn't feel more invested than I would feel regarding anyone else dying so young.
  21. I am mostly tired of Netflix now offering up to me every single stupid documentary or made of TV movie ever made related to the royals. Apparently there is even one about the love story between Elizabeth and Phillip. But just because I watch the Crown it doesn't mean that I care about that dreck, I am just interested in history, and fictional accounts of history are always a good starting point to look up actual history.
  22. If they have patience enough they could get away with two additional seasons even now. There is so much which happened in the last years….the problem is just that there isn't the benefit of hindsight just yet.
  23. The natural end of the show would be when Elizabeth passes away or alternatively, when Phillip dies - whatever happens first. But just in terms of the six seasons already confirmed, and working under the assumption that the show will continue to jump from PM to PM, the natural end would be 2007, when Blair's Premiership ended. It also happens to be the year in which Elizabeth became the oldest reigning British monarch ever. But I wouldn't put it past them to also cover the last years in a seventh season if there is enough interest in it. I mean, it is not like the Queen isn't still a topic of discussion...the the EU hat.
  24. But that's what always happens. And it is not like Meghan wouldn't have been able to get projects hadn't she married Harry. She was a successful actress beforehand. If anything it is he who takes advantage of his name not her, because she actually has experience in the business, while he doesn't.
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