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  1. Full agreement. I was wondering about them skipping those two events, too, especially since they paralleled each other so well.
  2. I think he was her favourite because he wanted to go to war. That was right in line with her own perspective on duty.
  3. Or from Robert to Bobby. Or from Richard to Dick. Names also change from language to language which is how you move from the German "Hans" to the French "Jean" to the English "John".
  4. The Iron Lady wasn't particularly accurate either, a lot in it was switched around for more drama.
  5. Ah...right. Naturally I mean Eden. Thanks.
  6. Nah, I think that Thatcher were supposed to have that many scenes all along. Just like Churchill got nearly as much attention as the Queen in season one. You can basically measure the importance of any given minister based on how much time is spend on them of the show. So far the ranking is Churchill, Thatcher, Wilson, Arden (the latter one mostly due to his horrible tenure as prime minister, though).
  7. ..what object? Steve doesn't know where the plane went down, and I doubt that he ever bothered to ask where exactly it was found. He most likely doesn't know more about the general location than Howard at this point. Granted, KNOWING that second Steve is out there and alive might lead to more searches, so they might find him eventually and earlier than in the main MCU timeline.
  8. I always had a hard time to council my memories of the Aids crisis with what actually happened. I was a child back then, and literally the first times I learned about it was from the information campaign our Bundesregierung started. There were mainly two spots...one really famous one which was mostly about the need to use condoms and then another one which was all about not stigmatising people with it, using the example of a child which is ill because her mother had it. Basically I skipped the whole fear phase and learned only about the existence of a stigma when public discourse has already moved to "hey, you really shouldn't judge". Hence I really didn't experience Diana hugging that child as a big deal. But I guess it maybe was if you lived in countries where the government had spend less money on convincing people to deal with it like adults…. Plus, I always remember some sort of documentary about Fergie my sister watched back in the day. Since that was before Fergie went completely off the rails, the tenor was how much she got victimised, and one thing which was said was that while Diana went to cute children which really worked well vor photo-ops in her charity work, Fergie had (supposedly) some really heart-breaking scenes too, including one where she held the hand of a dying women. I can't remember what illness it was, but the gist was that said women simply wasn't good looking enough (due to her illness), hence the photos were never really used by the press. That's why I feel mostly neutral about the "Diana hugging the child" moment. Not because I think that she somehow used that child, but because I know perfectly well that that child had been an AIDS victim in the last stadium, with sores in the face and superthin, there most likely wouldn't have been a hug and if there had been one, the photos might have never been used.
  9. Not sure if Steve can rescue Steve....I mean, does he know where he was found?
  10. Ah, right, I now remember...damn, I honestly didn't WANT to remember.
  11. Honestly, each of the jumps are interesting, but my favourite is actually the 2012 one, where Loki is one the loose, Hydra thinks that Steve is one of them, Steve might wonder if Bucky is still alive, Tony might have serious psychological problems because his "emotional lifeline" (his arc reactor) failed him and the Ancient one has some new events to sort out. But I guess we might get to see some hints for it in the Loki show...
  12. There are actually only three basic theories, as I explained here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/26008951 Naturally there are variations and mixed versions.
  13. Well, closed time-loops aren't impossible (see Agents of Shield) but it doesn't make sense in this particular case.
  14. Either AoS split or it just happens to exist in the 2014 split of the MCU.
  15. Oh, right, yeah, in the US Netflix currently has the first season of AoS, but I guess they will be added eventually. DON'T start with season 7, you would be completely lost.
  16. I hope you get a new job soon. But until then…Have you watched Agents of Shield too? And Agent Carter? If you didn't, you very much should.
  17. Yeah, sharing interests helps, but it isn't a must. The important thing is that you actually understand what the interest of your partner ist. I think nobody should marry before having the first Christmas together. The Christmas gift can tell you a lot about if your partner actually listens to you. If he gifts you something HE would love to own but you don't care about at all, it's a sign to run, fast.
  18. I actually think that they just mix whatever they like. Whedon apparently liked the version of Hawkeye with Family, because it fit into the story he was trying to tell. That's all what is to it.
  19. She had two guest appearances in AoS, which gave her a little bit more of a backstory.
  20. And here I thought that being a nobel is more likely to put you into a position in which you have to eat something you hate just to be polite.
  21. I think it is actually easier to adapt the lesser known villain...less expectations, and they can adjust them to the story they want to tell easily.
  22. A lot of women still get pregnant simply because it is expected of them. Plus, "maternal" is a broad definition. There are parents who aren't particularly maternal, but still do a pretty good job raising their children. Children survive not being constantly fawned over just fine as long as they know that they can trust their parents to have their back when needed.
  23. I like Ant-man and the Wasp exactly BECAUSE it is one of the smaller franchises. It's kind of cosy. But I'll need to wrap my head around all this...what sticks out to me the most at the moment is the GotG Holiday special...why do I have a feeling that they might do a dig at the Star Wars Holiday special? Whipwhipstir, whipwhipstir….
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