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  1. Btw, is the voice the guy from Ant-man and the Wasp?
  2. Wait..9 episodes? I really thought it would be only 6....in this case I guess they will cover a 2000 and a 2010s show, too….
  3. So...we have six episodes, right? 1. Episode: 1950s/Dick van Dyke shows/Marriage Ad hint: Stark bomb 2. Episode: 1960s/Bewitched/Pregnancy Ad hint: Wanda's time at Hydra 3 Episode: 1970s/Brady Bunch/Birth Ad Hint: Ultron 4. Episode: 1980s/??? (Please, let it be Full House)/Toddler years Ad Hint: Civil War 5. Episode: 1990s/Roseanne/Child or teen years Ad Hint: Thanos 6. Episode: Big finale...or they pick a sitcom from the 2000s and have the teen years there.
  4. They are certainly hinting at Sword..... Also, I am wondering
  5. Well, between the "think of the children" mantra from the neighbours and the whole "who is doing this to you" from the radio, it is so far implied that someone is pushing Wanda into a pregnancy...and if that is the case, that would be REALLY creepy. It CAN be handled well, but I am not sure if it will be.
  6. I reserve judgement until the reveal. But I REALLY hope that this isn't what it looks like.
  7. I know, but that doesn't mean that the MCU has to adapt the worse aspects of those comics.
  8. Ah thanks. That makes her as friendly neighbourhood demon even more funny. I really, really hope that if we are dealing with a suggested pregnancy story that they will handle the topic with care. Honestly, I really would prefer it if despite what is suggested Wanda is actually doing it to herself in her grieve instead of someone else forcing a pregnancy on her. That is just...urgh….
  9. That is voice work. That rates for voice acting are different. Actors love to do it because considering that they only have to stand at the microphone, it gets paid well for celebrities.
  10. I could have sworn that I saw Bewitched in Colour back in the day...did it change during the run of the series or do I misremember?
  11. They could simply push the time through his body in reverse or whatever they did in Endgame with Ant-man.
  12. Currently I am mostly fascinated by the commercials...is it just me, or are they mirroring Wanda's past? The first one was the stark toaster which had this uncomfortable long staring at it to "go off", basically mirroring Wanda and Pietro staring at the Stark Bomb, and the second one had the "Strucker" clock made by Hydra which was put around the wrist like a shackle, basically mirroring Wanda's and Piotro's time with Hydra. Also, the Queen Bee of the neighbourhood association...I kept thinking that I should know who the actress is, but I couldn't really place her. So far my only criticism is the overly long end credits, which I don't dare to turn off just in case something else pops up in them….. Not by magic! They turned the lights off.
  13. Let's just wait and see. There are a lot of possibilities to bring Steve back. After all, the reality in which Loki is now messing around has a Steve, too.
  14. ...okay, first I thought "well, not my thing, but I get it, this way you keep the queens apart and don't have them running around between each other in the workroom". But then the queens walked past each other during the lip sync instead of both standing on their own side, and THEN the "losers" (and I didn't agree with most of the decisions I actually watched at all, btw) were all put together in this one room muuuuuch too close to each other, making the whole thing utterly pointless. And I think it would have been more fun, if the talks between contestants and the panel had been more fun, with a number of crazy questions being asked to get a better idea of the personality of the queens. And I think groups of three with two "winners" would be less repetitive, with RU and nobody else deciding who has to go first. The whole thing was cruel enough as it was, adding the decision at the very was one too much. Also: Ru, stop trying to make Pork Chop happen. It won't happen.
  15. This discussion is just idiotic in the first place, but it is very telling that it only happens now and not two seasons ago.
  16. I don't think that there was ever a "gay is cool" phase in Germany, but maybe I misremember...the 1980s and 1990s were more the time in which slowly an acceptance for gay people developed. There was this really successful movie at the beginning of the 1990s called "Der Bewegte Mann" which is basically about a straight man more or less accidentally ending up in a gay community. It's in hindsight very cringe regarding the stereotypes, but it was a (mostly) positive portrayal for gay men. Which might be another reason why there wasn't this connection to gay panic regarding HIV. The people who got infected in Germany first weren't mostly exclusively gay people after all, and gay people weren't quite as visible as they were in the US back then.
  17. I guess it is partly the culture (though I wouldn't call Germany open-minded in this regard), partly my age (I mean, you don't exactly talk to children about gay people right? And it is not like I watched the news or anything like that) and partly the family I grew up in. I remember an incident when a teacher at my school (a true piece of work) told the pupils that the disease was spread because of people having sex with apes, and it was immediately dismissed as ridiculous. (thinking about this, the teacher was a real piece of work, but back then, everyone, meaning the teacher and the parents, were just kind of working around her, not acting directly against her to remove her from school, which is what would most likely happen nowadays). But that was the only incidence of that kind I remember. Like, I was vaguely aware that there was a tabu element to it, but not because I experienced it, but because everyone suddenly talked about why it shouldn't be tabu, and I was all "okay, that was a tabu? Didn't know that." I know that even in Germany people who contracted the illness pretended to have cancer instead in order to escape the stigma, but that's because I learned about it from German TV shows which thematised the issue. And when Philadelphia got released that was the first time I got an inkling how bad it was for people in the US.
  18. Rocket is fun with pretty much everyone.
  19. Thing is, Diana sidestepped the anti-gay thing very neatly by hugging a child. Yeah, people were stupid back then. We had a teacher who actually claimed that the disease was spread by men having sex with apes. Thing is, she was a religious fanatic (one of her other "nice" ideas was that women who get raped were responsible for it, due to dressing too provocative), so nobody took her in any way serious.
  20. ...when HIV first turned up, it was understandable that people were afraid. But by the time Diana did it, it was well known how it was transmitted and that hugging someone didn't pose any danger whatsoever. Otherwise they wouldn't have allowed her even near someone with this illness, no matter if it was a child or not. Yes, the picture was important, but let's not make more out of it then it was. The true heroes in this stories were the ones who fought the disease, even when the government had no interest to support them.
  21. *shrugs* I thought that Loki was the best part of the first two Thor movies, mostly because I felt that there was more gravitas in his issue with internalised racism than in Thor being a spoiled brat. And I think Hiddleston is a lot of fun in the role. I actually wanted a Loki movie all along, with the idea that it would be a movie from the perspective of the villain, but then, we kind of got that with Thanos in Infinity War instead. The show looks like a lot of fun, I just hope that they don't mess around with the continuity too much.
  22. Yeah, that episode is easily the worst of season 7 (and one of the worst in general, at least imho). Naturally "worst" is relative when it comes to AoS.
  23. lol...me too. Hell, I would have preferred Steve just vanishing, without anyone knowing what happened to him, leaving it open if something went wrong or right or something in-between. It would have been a tragic ending, but then, Steve's story doesn't really feel finished the way Tony's did. (nor does Natasha's, btw).
  24. Fashion an clothing? Hardly...Diana's style was very questionable, it was only after she had people talking to her about what to wear that it improved considerably. Well, for the time. It was still the 1980s after all. (though I still have a soft spot for the goofy pullover which were a thing back then, I loved those things).
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