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  1. jrose16

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    It was Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls!
  2. jrose16

    Season 2 Discussion

    My favorite was Pole trying to explain what happened to his luggage to Karine. *Poof* - what a loser he is! I bet all the airport workers were having a good laugh at his expense.
  3. jrose16

    S06.E03: No Apologies

    This was probably the saddest episode of this show I've ever seen. And that's saying a lot. Fucking Nathan saying Barb is dumber than a box of rocks. Where does he get the nerve to say that shit? And Jenelle can't even stick up for the woman who kept her precious Jace out of foster care and bailed her ass out so many times. And then poor little Kaiser roll baby flopping around in the backseat. I was impressed she remembered to take him back inside when she stormed in to confront Nathan. I just do not get why either of them thought it would be a good idea to have a child. Neither of them want the responsibility. And that's fine, but think about that BEFORE you have the baby. They both know the score - they both have other kids. They have to know what they're getting into. Heart broke for Chelsea and for future Aubree. I could see Chelsea realizing just how sorry she is that she gave her beloved child such a shitty father. Of course Ali's not using her wheelchair. Where on earth would Leah be able to fit it into that garbage truck on wheels? She is obviously in way over her head and trying to numb the pain through drugs. I would probably do it too if I realized I had three kids by two men before she can even rent a car without extra insurance and already had two divorces. Kail. Don't insult manatees by comparing them to her. They're docile creatures. She is just gunning for a fight all the time. Jo can't win with her. Javi will soon be in the same boat. They should move in together and raise Lincoln and Vee's baby together. That would really drive her insane.
  4. jrose16

    S02.E08: Unaware in Delaware

    I love that Cameran actually took Craig to McDonald's. That was awesome. I think Craig might be better off moving back to Delaware. I can imagine how tough it would be to always be the bright, shining star of the group and then suddenly be in a situation where you're the "underdog." Not that he deserves legit sympathy because I would call that a first-world problem, but in his situation where he's hanging out with Shep and Whitney and other trust-fund babies...it can't be easy. I did think it was sweet when he told Shep and Whit that he wants to make them proud. I bet he will be OK eventually when he grows up a little. 26 in a party town like Charleston is still very young. I'll always love Patricia but damn if she thinks Larissa wants anything to do with her douchey son. Zero chemistry there. She'll have to burn all those scrapbooks. Maybe she can build a firepit near the pet cemetery?
  5. jrose16

    S05.E07: First Time For Everything

    Farrah's boyfriend seems to loathe her. It's obvious he's only with her because of her "fame." Why else would anyone want to voluntarily spend time with her? She's such a fake bitch and while Debra is no prize, Farrah could be just a little nicer. What the hell kind of people show up to her events? I cringed when I saw those girls in togas holding up the letters in her name. Amber, listen to your brother. That whole relationship is incredibly uncomfortable to watch. Where do those dogs go to the bathroom? I'm sure she doesn't get off the couch to take them outside.
  6. jrose16

    S05.E06: The F Bomb

    Come on, guys. She's not a porn star! She was simply involved in a "sex tape scandal." **eyeroll**
  7. jrose16

    S05.E05: Surprise Surprise

    I actually teared up when Teresa gave Catelynn those baby items that belonged to Carly. Dammit. They do seem to be trying to rise above the bullshit. I wonder how Tyler feels now that he has a child of his own. Maybe he can put himself in B&T's place a little better. He had no right to question what they do. Like a petulant child who is owed something. They owe him nothing. I think they can see through his famewhore tendencies and want to protect their child from being trotted out like a prized pig. Cringed watching Maci talk about safe sex when pregnant again at age 23. And those "it's your sex life" promos when so many of these chicks are knocked up again? It's like a joke. I do love Ryan's parents. Makes me wonder how such great people raised such a douchey kid. I suspect he was overly coddled and has been forced into the role of "grownup" way too early because he's a father. If there was no Bentley, he would probably be just out partying and being immature but no one would bat an eye because he's still pretty young. Gary? Ugh. I could see how much Kristina wanted some assurance from him and yet he continued to thwart her. She seems sweet but has had her self-esteem trampled, probably her entire life. I bet there was abuse in her past because she thinks this is how she deserves to be treated. And she is way way better than Gary, who will probably be dead in less than 10 years unless he makes some major lifestyle changes. He definitely drank the MTV Koolaid and thinks he's all that. It's nauseating. Every time I think Farrah can't be more of a bitch...
  8. He's great. If you tweet him, he'll always reply or at least favorite it. Not that I know from experience or anything. No sir....
  9. jrose16

    S05.E03: Old Wounds

    So much lounging. Ryan in bed at 2 p.m? Gary and his recliner? This show should be sponsored by a furniture store.