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  1. fourPLUSseven

    S09.E01: 11 Years Later

    I liked the reboot. Much funnier than other stale comedies on the networks. The cast was fresh and their timing was grand. Welcome back.
  2. Charo plays hella guitar. Just watched the entire finale. Her turn was the best part. The. End.
  3. Agree that she at least has to be 71 or 72.
  4. fourPLUSseven

    S27: Sharna Burgess

    Unfortunately this early bad press will taint the couple for the season. Unless he gets raves from the judges, they ain't gonna last very long. I like Sharna, and her choreography is fresh. Sad that this happened, intentional or not. Public opinion counts for so much on DWTS.
  5. fourPLUSseven

    Season 2: Speculation, News And Spoilers

    It is perfectly feasible to keep QV's family life separate from her political life & professional duties in a 2nd season. A good script will give proper room for each. Victoria's entire life was interesting; hopefully S2 will hold our attention as well.
  6. fourPLUSseven

    S01.E04: Secrets Stolen

    I am out. The story is so convoluted, and even though the actors are very good, I just can't keep up with all of the side stories and plotholes, nevermind the errors in history. Also, networks don't give shows a fair chance. Doubt this will get a Season 2 go ahead.
  7. fourPLUSseven

    S01.E01: Pilot / S01.E02: I Will Catch You

    Now we're talkin' some great tv. S'Okay, the pilot plot had more holes than Swiss cheese, but it was fun. Better than most schlock premieres of new shows. Fingers crossed that ABC gives it a decent run. Go Kevin Williamson.
  8. fourPLUSseven

    S24: Kym (Johnson) Herjavec

    I miss Kym. She was great fun & had inventive dances.
  9. fourPLUSseven

    S05.E03: Japan

    I binged S5 last night. JAPAN had to be the funniest ep of the series. More Shosh. Zosia Mamet has comedy props. Great timing. The hair clips really added to her character. Genius writing.
  10. fourPLUSseven

    History Talk: The Victorian Era

    This portrait of Queen V haunts me.
  11. fourPLUSseven

    What's the name of this series I vaguely remember?

    That is not it but thank you for the reply. Found it - FOOD CRAFTERS with Aida Mollenkamp.
  12. fourPLUSseven

    What's the name of this series I vaguely remember?

    Searching for a Food Network series from about 10 yeats back. Female host traveled the US finding specialty food makers of kimchi, cured meats, chocolate etc. Ring any bells? Thx
  13. fourPLUSseven

    History Talk: The Victorian Era

    I didn't know where to post this lovely portrait of young Victoria.
  14. fourPLUSseven

    S04.E03: The Final Problem

    Dense is the word I've landed on to best describe this finale. Perhaps producers could have split this in two for ease of digestion. I will watch again when we get a dvd version. It could take three or mmee viewings for me understand all on the screen. Also, should we get S5, I would much rather wait 2 years for something grand that satisfies our doubts.