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  1. I would LOVE the link as well. I’ve never seen the 2 hour special.
  2. I totally agree, it’s obvious it was photoshopped (but I think they did a good job given the circumstances). This looks to me like there is a wrinkle/fold in Tess’s vest that is creating an illusion.
  3. I completely agree with you. Hannah definitely showed an attitude on that call. I firmly believe editing can be made to whatever storyline they want, but they can’t create something out of something that isn’t there. Hannah’s facial expressions and the way she was answering them very much showed attitude to me even if she ended with a compliment. I think Brennan walked a fine line too (and I’m a huge Brennan fan). These girls knew they were being cut before the call and to me, it showed. After Lily was cut, they knew they were next. I would have kept all 3, but just based on their responses to
  4. Seriously. Kat isn’t my favorite, but what the heck kind of question was that?! I found myself sitting there wondering how I would answer that. That was one of the dumbest interview questions I’ve ever heard. It almost felt like they were asking it to TRY to trip someone up. Ask better questions. That was stupid.
  5. Amelia may be one of my most favorite TCCs since the beginning of MTT. She is just so likable. She's beautiful, so well spoken, seemed so easy going and fun. She was definitely a slower learner, but I think on a normal year when she would have had more time, she probably would have been fine. I home she comes back next year and kills it. I knew she was the first to go, but I was still gutted for her because I genuinely loved her and thought she would have been a great DCC. I really like Armani! And Mackenzie, although I'm not a fan of her hair color. I am SHOCKED they brought Sydney to c
  6. I grew up IFB and remained there until my early 20s. The largest family in our church (to my recollection anyway) had 7 children. Most only had between 2-4. While birth control was considered wrong, most families used NFP. I doubt Pris slows down because of this change in job/location. Their quiverful beliefs aren’t going to change even if by chance most of their congregation isn’t also quiverful. They will just continue on welcoming their “blessings”.
  7. I think Jill desperately wants to be an “influencer”. She’s hoping to get 1M followers, sponsored posts, etc. She thinks it’s the first step to real face and her own teeveee show. She’s delusional. I do think there are some mental issues going on. whoever said she’s manic because she hasn’t been able to get pregnant, I think you probably hit the nail square on the head.
  8. Exactly! I carried a silicone mat that stuck to the table and covered the edge everywhere we went when my daughter was that age. I put her plate on top of it, but she was notorious for taking food off the plate and putting it on her mat. I disinfected that thing every time it was used. I can’t imagine just putting my child’s food on a public table. As an adult, I don’t even let my silverware touch the table, let alone food. Those poor kids.
  9. Photographer here! Composites really aren’t that hard if you know how to do them. As long as they got good, clean poses of each of the girls (I’m sure they have MULTIPLE), it’s really just a matter of inserting the “person” and moving them around to symmetrical placement. Each individual cheerleader would be a separate layer, so it’s easy to move any of them as needed just as if they are standing there taking the actual photo. The Kardashians do it for their Christmas card every year!
  10. I call bullshit. Jill wrote that card just like Jill writes all the posts that her “kids” write. Biggest sign? Anytime Jill explains how/why something occurred...Jill is guilty. That handwriting is too neat for Amy and has Jill all over it. She’s a sick bastard. A severely sick bastard.
  11. She's very careful not to mention Plexus in this one, even if the implication is there. 🙄🤬
  12. She's infuriating. As someone who has dealt with, and is dealing with infertility, I'd love to take her plexus and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.
  13. We did. The change of scenery was much needed, for my daughter especially. We haven’t left the house much at all since March...and have taken her out even less (she’s 4). Not sure I really relaxed though. Still had to clean up after kids (and the biggest kid I’ve got, my husband), still had to cook, etc. lol. I’ll be glad for a real vacation again as soon as life gets back to normal. 🤪
  14. Thanks! I totally missed it! Gotcha, thanks! My father in law has the same requirements with his company? Our family went to our vacation home this past weekend, but he was unable to go. We were less than 1 hr away, but because it crossed state lines, he could not go without having to quarantine for 2 weeks or having 3 negative tests before he could return to work. Side note: we went to our vacation home, but never came in contact with another single person the whole weekend. We were as safe as we would have been at home...just before someone thinks we were careless. 😉 It’s on an isola
  15. Dance teacher for 20+ years here... Yay for learning ballet! But please don’t go en pointe, especially if you are teaching yourself! Way too many risks for permanent injury/damage if you go en pointe early, or if your technique isn’t correct (which is a high probability if you don’t have a qualified teacher giving you corrections). Please don’t do that to yourself! On topic - I think the girls going to the lake was stupid and irresponsible...they have the mindset of “it won’t happen to me” like so many their age, so it doesn’t really surprise me. But it’s been said they were explic
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