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  1. Current Victoria. Trying to keep on topic 😁
  2. Can we add Anne Hathaway. I dont even have a reason, I just dont like her. And to keep it DCC. There was something about Brooke S. Ally Trailer, Immature Taylor, Vivian, Chelsea, and Victoria that I just dont like either. It's a vibe they give off. And Lexie. I met Lexie. She had that vibe.
  3. That comment just made my day. She can stage some pap shots while she is there and claim privacy issues. Victoria dear, if you want to convince people that you earned your spot... maybe don't draw attention to all the other "help" you've received. At least pretend.
  4. I thought that to a point. But 4 boxes of cereal and the icing and the candy and nothing healthy at all. She was putting on a show and it backfired on her.
  5. Rewatching season 6 and I just can't stand Taylor. At all. She seems like the kind of person that always has to ask the dumb question at the end of the meeting so we can't leave. And the whole grocery thing... ugh. I get it. You want people to think you have the greatest genetics and can eat whatever. But grabbing 4 boxes of cereal and honey buns on a nutrition test????? At least pretend you take it seriously. And for someone who "practices" all the time, she sure didn't know any of the dances. Sorry rant over. I worked with too many "Taylor" type personalities and it just made work difficult.
  6. Yep. I want her off the team so we can actually acknowledge the 35 other members.
  7. Didn't they switch salons after that season? I love Danielle's hair. As a member of the curly hair club, I'm so jealous of hair like that. I also loved Ashton's, Kelsey L before she went blonde, Kelsi R, and Erica Jenkins. I liked Brandis curly hair. I keep my hair long and my curls arent as defined as hers are at that length.
  8. Why Kelsey, just why. I thought she was GORGEOUS. To each their own I guess. I just really miss the dark hair and the proportionately sized tatas. Gabby, gorgeous as always. Still bitter about her and my little Heather. As a hardcore introvert, these pictures cause me so much anxiety. I would cry if I had to be squished in the middle. Someone's butt all up on my stomach... just no...
  9. I want Chandi but I doubt she will. I think Amanda should get it. I'm going to say Victoria though. They will use the whole, she was able to move into different spots blah blah blah. And really, I dont know the rest of them.
  10. Exactly and they dont have to distract us with showy costumes or generic tricks. They just get out there and do what they do best. I loved all of them. Especially Chandi shes my favorite!!!!!
  11. I wasnt a fan from the beginning and I'm not real sure why. Dulcet was my favorite from season 1. And Melissa.
  12. I thought Alexandria was precious. I hope she makes it next year.
  13. Heather, Kelsey, Chandi, and Rachel. Savannah is ok. I cant really pin point why I'm not a super big fan. And I know absolutely nothing about Ashlee? I'm not even sure that's her name and that makes me sad.
  14. Brennan was probably hands down the nicest one that I have met. Super down to earth. Her mom is actually from the same town that I grew up in. And it was adorable how the other three that were there were so excited to tell her that. She came over and we had a nice conversation. I would love to get to know more of the down to earth and kind ladies.
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