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  1. Exactly and they dont have to distract us with showy costumes or generic tricks. They just get out there and do what they do best. I loved all of them. Especially Chandi shes my favorite!!!!!
  2. I wasnt a fan from the beginning and I'm not real sure why. Dulcet was my favorite from season 1. And Melissa.
  3. I thought Alexandria was precious. I hope she makes it next year.
  4. Heather, Kelsey, Chandi, and Rachel. Savannah is ok. I cant really pin point why I'm not a super big fan. And I know absolutely nothing about Ashlee? I'm not even sure that's her name and that makes me sad.
  5. Brennan was probably hands down the nicest one that I have met. Super down to earth. Her mom is actually from the same town that I grew up in. And it was adorable how the other three that were there were so excited to tell her that. She came over and we had a nice conversation. I would love to get to know more of the down to earth and kind ladies.
  6. I love Heather. Beautiful and classy. And I loved little Heather too. Madeline Malloy is another one that I think is gorgeous. I really want to see more Chandi and brunette Taylor. I met Chandi. She was super nice and gorgeous. My favorite dancers are Maddie. She just looks like she is having so much fun. Heather, her solos are always amazing. Rachel W, I'm a sucker for a gorgeous girl who can dance. Jalyn... that stag leap was amazing. I wish we got more opportunity to see some of the others. I dont even know if I could name 15 of the girls on the squad this year.
  7. And she cant turn... sorry. I've tried to stay back on the whole thing but I'm over her now. Mostly because we are going to have 5 plus years of not getting to see anyone new. Any superstar will be diminished and it will be 5 plus years of them convincing us that's shes amazing and that all the great dancers fall out of a simple double or pencil turn... thunderstruck will be reduced to pom 101 so she can be point.
  8. Shady580

    S14.E13: Game Day

    My guess... autocorrect.
  9. At least it doesnt seem like Kelli had it out for Madeline like she did for Dayton. I hope she comes back. I fast forwarded the spa scene Dont say bad things about Chandi Loved Evan. Dude can move!!!!!
  10. Oh and the tour guide said that Amy was his favorite. He thought she was the team captain and was the one he saw the most. He said last year it was Kashara that he liked and was there the most.
  11. Madeline Malloy, Brennon, Alexis, Amanda, Chandi, Lexie, Erin, and Hannah. Erin, Madeline, and Brennon were the most personable but that was probably how the line of conversation went.
  12. Things I learned from attending Rally day at Att stadium. I met 8 of them. All of them were nice and personable. Chandi is absolutely gorgeous and so is Erin. The locker room is smaller than i pictured in my head but was still very nice. Victoria's locker is pretty much stuffed in the corner. If you dont walk in and turn the corner, you'd miss it. Their locker room is pretty close to the players. The tunnel is right by their locker room but the cowboys go on through one of the club rooms. The turf seem like it would be hard to turn on. Hope their boots are super slick. Lots of security surrounding the girls. The DCC didnt dance but the rhythm and blues did. Huge pic of Abigail was displayed in the hallway. Out of the whole tour we did, she was the only lone cheerleader displayed.
  13. How much did that cost and why waste the money and resources for a day event. Plus... its creepy.
  14. Not DCC related but Anne Hathaway. I cant stand her and I have no legit reason why. DCC related: I fast forwarded through all the Victoria parts. I like Bret but she seems super vacant when she talks. Same with Meridith. I liked Julia. Love Chandi. Have no idea who Lisa is. Kirsten does not look her best but I'm glad she has more confidence. Gabby was a little thicker but shes so pretty that I dont care. Never liked Christina from her "oh... I suck at jump splits because i just now hurt myself *paraphrasing here). Lily is forgettable to me so are all the other ones. Kat annoys me. But I will enjoy waiting for her and Victoria to go at it. Or... the super team into one giant spastic annoying cheerleader.
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