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  1. It was Dark Bukkake. Or maybe DarkBukkake?
  2. Wasn't JoAnn another coupon scammer? Isn't that what she got arrested for in the past?
  3. What puzzled me on the Nicole murdered in Montana episode is why Nicole's friends filed a missing person's report but didn't notify Nicole's family when they did it. Why would that make sense? Wouldn't you call the sister and let her know?
  4. Yes! Going around with his hugely-muscled friends threatening his suspects made no sense to me. The cops needed to shut that down way before they did. He's lucky that he didn't get any harassment charges.
  5. I knew this story sounded familiar! The Dollop podcast did an episode about it.
  6. I fast forward every Benoah scene. I'm not the least bit interested in this storyline.
  7. A staph infection that she's keeping under control with a band-aid.
  8. I looked up Rodrigo on Twitter (@RodrigoUHNWs), and after his episode he posted nonstop about being on the show. He posted article after article about it. I guess he loves the attention. According to a UK Sun article, he went to Dubai recently for his 10th nose surgery. He won't be happy until his nose actually falls off.
  9. The app that she used looked kinda like SnapChat so I figured that the messages would disappear once the DEA agent read them. That's the only way that scene made sense to me.
  10. I was so focused on the wrinkled suit! I kept wondering what kind of material the suit was made out of because I've never seen wrinkles that bad before on a suit! My other heavy focus was on the male friend with the credit card, the garbage, and the paint! I could have used another hour of this show to get more detail on those 3 things. I guess Cara thought she was being smart with the paint, but that backfired! I need to read the posted articles about the shovel. Interesting tidbit.
  11. Thanks for the link to that site. I had forgotten all about that. I follow some of the gypsies on Instagram. The only one who seems normal is Sheena.
  12. That was a really strong resemblance! I can maybe understand staying with a guy for a year while until he's divorced, but 5 years is a long damn time. Warrior Princess needed to buy a clue. Maybe her divorce messed her up, and she was just happy to be in a relationship. Otherwise, I can't understand it. Greg was working as a military contractor (probably a Blackwater/XE type) which is why he was able to lie about going out of town.
  13. Jacy's kids' names are Alayya, Valencia, Mercedi, Savana, Rylan, Ginger, Isla, Fallon and Declan. I think one of the kids died as a baby - I believe it was Declan. I don't know which one "Puff" is. I'm super tired of Jacy and hope to not see her again. So here's the scoop that I gleaned from Facebook: - Jacy and her family aren't even Irish - The 3 sisters, Lindsi, Lauren, and Jessica are not even real sisters. - Lolo is supposedly a real Ludar (she says it's called "loudode" gypsy), and Selena is half rumney. - Lolo's brother either divorced the girl that they show
  14. I was looking at Cherub's FB page too as well as Seraph's. Seraph didn't seem thrilled that the title of the episode was "Welcome to Hillbilly Hell." I can't say that I blame her for that. Compared to other people featured on the show, Cherub and her mom were pretty normal. Seraph's Twitter is https://twitter.com/lori_wv I had to hang my head in shame when I found myself researching Pat Baby's criminal history online! The producers need to get better with the fake timelines and the weddings that are just for the show . Maquayla got married and doesn't have a single wedding p
  15. Yes, Ariane's hair was beyond awful. It reminded me of Eddie Munster. I thought PreMadonna (remember her) had cornered the market on LHHATL hairlines, but I was wrong. She is way too invested in Mimi's relationship. Doesn't she have a girlfriend of her own? I thought I remember seeing her girlfriend last season. She looked a little bit older than Ariane. What was that Lyfe/Karlie mess about? When she started talking like a preacher, I was so confused. Lyfe is gross to me.
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