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  1. Hi guys! I'm trying to remember a movie, but I have only some details in mind, can you help me? 1) The main character is a girl, hated by her mother because she has "killed" accidentally her little sister (the sister fells in a cauldron of hot water for the laundry) 2) The girl and her mother live somewhere in America, I remember mountains 3) Historical period: about 19th century 4) She moves in a city and there starts working as a seamstress/embroiderer/a job concerning sewing 5) She fells in love with a man (the girl has a sort of obsession for him) 6) The man had sex with her, with the promise of a future marriage 7) He leaves her and marries another woman 8) The girl shoots the man's new lover in a garden Can someone help me? THANK YOUUUUUU
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