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  1. That sounds very unpleasant. I don't do social media but I love this site, and I love Ali Barthwell's recaps on Vulture. She is team Greg.
  2. who is the villain in Bachelor Nation's opinion? on this site, it isn't clear.
  3. This is absolutely spot-on and I am now team Katie! though I do think she is too much of a rule follower.
  4. I do think she said to him that he was "very close" and that they were "almost there" and in essence to hang in there. But I agree that this is a both-sides suck situation. She was weird and withholding and a "good girl" following some nonexistent rule about not saying you love someone till the end (a rule that many have broken--Ben told both Lauren and JoJo he loved them). He is a needy narcissistic baby who should have watched the show before he applied.
  5. Add "WITH BOOBS" to any of these apt comparisons and they will be more accurate!
  6. The way Myrla proudly said that she would never clean up after a dog made me think she would have similar issues with changing diapers, despite her desire to have "one or two" kids, depending on how long it would take for her "mommy makeover."
  7. A friend of ours said that they resembled college RAS trying to discipline their peers!
  8. I agree with everyone who is concerned that Jose will not do wonders for Rachel's already low self-esteem. I just wanted to point out that if he criticizes her skin, it will be a case of people in glass houses throwing stones. Also wanted to add--Johnny's comment about Ryan as a "weary traveler" was revealing in many ways, most importantly to me it showed that he actually noticed other people and cared enough about them to think about what they might be feeling. The fact that his family in their speech about him to Bao emphasized his empathy and willingness to support her even when they
  9. That's possible! as tacky as that sparkly plaid blazer was on her that she wore a few weeks back, it did fit and look ok. Ali Barthwell likened her style when it worked to Kate Middleton with a dash of Strawberry Shortcake and I think that is the perfect description.
  10. She is supposed to be sex positive and she is dressing (during the day at least) like a ten year old! and that pink dress slit down the front which was meant to be sexy was not!
  11. All her "casual" outfits this week were so beyond basic that I thought she forgot to get her laundry done. I honestly couldn't believe how plain and unflattering her day looks were. And her night looks were not great either. Where is her stylist?
  12. I see they matched Rachel, who says if you don't want to go out to nice restaurants with her, she will walk out (she was also quite insecure), and Jose who broke up with someone for not staying on budget. Another great call from the "experts."
  13. There is something feminine about him, despite the Cro-Magnon jaw. He knows how to simulate empathy which is why your comment resonates with me--that is a scary quality. That and naked ambition are why he has been able to fall "in love" so often in the past several months.
  14. Drunken Kaitlyn actually said that very thing--the best way not to become the Bachelor is to SAY you want to become the Bachelor!
  15. I thought the whole Thomas story line was an excuse for her to be once again a truth-speaking, fearless, bold, grown-ass woman who takes no crap. And it made me feel sorry for Thomas!
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