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  1. I was confused about how the old man who got booted from her facility ended up in the pool. Was that also a hallucination? What she saw in the restaurant was middle-aged boring "romance," including couples who weren't speaking to each other. She wants something hotter. I think Tom Perotta is a great writer but I found the novel vaguely sexist and I'm watching this in the hope that Katherine Hahn can assuage my doubts.
  2. I'm pretty sure he played a government intern on The Americans whom Elizabeth seduced. He found out and she let him live. I thought he was pretty great in that.
  3. When she hallucinated that he was in the delivery room I realized how in I was because I thought it was moving rather than really creepy. I kept wondering why they didn't date. And I also wondered where her parents were.
  4. I felt like the playing around with genre--musical/Mary Tyler Moore show--was a blatant ripoff of Crazy Ex GF. But Hathaway did win me over. As was the case with Friends, I also found myself wondering where she got that amazing apartment.
  5. Queer is totally mainstream in the academy, and in popular culture--Queer Eye for the Straight Guy anyone?
  6. Her penchant for talking about herself in the third person is a dead giveaway.
  7. I have no opinion on whether or not Iris is gay or straight or asexual, but I did think that there was a better rapport and more emotional closeness between her and Amber than we were shown between her and Keith. I remember being struck by them going off for a walk alone at the couples weekend. Amber even gave Iris a Bachelor handshake when they got together for the final barbecue!
  8. You need to tell George Carlin about that last one!
  9. totally agree, but then she would have lost camera time.
  10. I thought Katie's successful handling of Chris's near freakout/breakup was really authentic and moving. She seems much saner than I thought she was early on when she couldn't tell someone she didn't want to date them without crying.
  11. She is also only averse to PDA with women because, as became clear the longer she talked, she is still worried about what other people will think if she comes out. A lot of this was scripted but I think there's some truth to this part of it.
  12. The Vulture recapper, who is brilliant, calls Connor "long Michael Cera."
  13. That is definitely true. But I saw JPJ at LAX last week and his bag was pulled for inspection. He waited patiently and chatted pleasantly with the TSA folks, which is more than I would have done. I have seen many celebrities over my many years living here, but given that I was literally discussing his antics the night before with my husband and son, this one took the cake.
  14. They are real and they're spectacular.
  15. The venomous way JPJ kept spitting out Derek's name made me think of Pete in Mad Men: "not great, BOB." I was actually pretty impressed with how Derek kept his composure and tried (futilely) to reason with him. Tayshia was crying as if they were coming to blows.
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