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  1. I thought we already knew about Ed knowing about the affair last season?? And didn't we see Renata and her husband driving with her in a rage and her leaving him on the side of the road last season? once again I feel like I'm watching the same scenes again!
  2. am I the only one who is having constant deja vu while watching the second season? I feel like I have seen many of the scenes before--like the one where Jane's friend at the aquarium tells her she is one of the Monterey 5. What is going on? Are they actually recycling footage? or is it just me?
  3. depends if you're tipping on top of tax, which I always thought one didn't do.
  4. I think she understands and senses the potential for male violence all too well. There is a self-destructive side to her anger that I completely get, and it makes me fear for her.
  5. I thought he said that he was going to marry Lenu when they grew up--hence the subsequent excerpt of Lenu running home, closing the door and blissfully smiling.
  6. It's a Jewish thing, to ward off bad luck.
  7. Another former poetry writer here. I completely agree, and found your comment very illuminating. In fact it may be precisely because Derek was able to write such an idealistic and fervent poem about love that he hasn't experienced "it" in real life--ideals and reality don't always match up, and that's not always a bad thing. Love can sneak up on you and not be anything like you thought it would be. But I also agree that Katie's behavior guarantees that he won't feel anything near "it" with her.
  8. so much word to this!! The hardest kind of narcissist to call out is the one who builds themselves up by helping others. They may do genuine good in the process, but they never admit that it is all about them.
  9. I definitely like him better than saintly self-righteous self-deluded Randall!
  10. Am I the only one that thinks Derek, while sweet, is either slow or kind of a doofus?
  11. she looks despondent 99 percent of the time. Would it kill her to smile? she acted like that breakfast was going to poison her. Who doesn't like breakfast for goodness sakes!
  12. This is the woman who agreed to stage a scene where she and her husband are making out in the car on National TV, so I think you are absolutely correct!
  13. yeah, it was weird that they dropped that sparkling cider on us this late in the game--probably to foreground how DIFFERENT THEY ARE.
  14. I was confused about whether Barnett was a) upset that Amber wasn't working, or b) upset that she was cocktail waitressing and flirting so she quit, or somehow c) both. Which was it? I know she had an accident and wasn't working when they met, but she can't get her story straight which seems fishy to me.
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