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  1. http://celebritybabies.people.com/2015/08/24/shiri-appleby-pregnant-expecting-second-child-jon-shook/ Does this change the likelihood of a pregnancy plot next year?
  2. I loved a lot of the routines last night. Haylee may have been a little off in spots, but her charisma carried that number and I really enjoyed it. And I loved Virgil's number. I've become a big fan of Christopher Scott. I did wonder if they paired him with Comfort because of his size. With both Comfort and Jasmine performing, my inclination would have been to swap them. I liked Megz's dance too--I really don't want her to go home next week. Gaby killed it. The Bollywood didn't do much for me--I felt like she was sloppy in spots. The contemporary stuff all runs together for me at this point. Though Edson was good, I kept trying to figure out who his partner was because she was amazing. (I fast forward through most of the show.) And when Cat said it was Jaimie, I thought "of course." I'm hoping Derek and Jaja go home next week. Gaby, Haylee, and Jim are much more versatile. And I thought Jaja stood out in a bad way in the group performance. She's delightful and amazing at what she does, but she doesn't seem to be growing much. I'm wondering if Megz was dancing after an injury or against doctor's orders. I do love seeing how much better the All-Stars are than they were in their seasons. It makes me wonder how much the competition wore them out and how much is just more time and practice.
  3. I spent a good chunk of the episode trying to remember if the encephalitis had been treated or not. I was annoyed to be that thrown out of the story. Thirding(?) the recommendation for the book about the Master of Florence. It is called out by name in the review. I kind of want to go back to the Harris books again, but I think I will wait until the show is over. I really enjoy this version.
  4. We have a premiere date and a line up! August 8 per Hollywood Reporter I want Richard and Mike Isabella to go away, but I'm excited about Shirley vs. Brooke. And poor, poor Antonia gets stuck with Mike again. I'm also interested in Stephanie vs. Kristin. It looks like mostly a good line up.
  5. So, do we think Hayden's pregnancy is going to be written into the show? http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/news/hayden-panettiere-pregnant-expecting-child-with-wladimir-klitschko-2014285
  6. I want to meet Trip's grandfather. And I'd enjoy seeing Bradley Whitford again. He did such a good job being a smarmy ass in the short. And he doesn't have a show now, so...
  7. I had not seen that yet! Thanks. It makes me look forward to the show even more.
  8. I'm so sad this was cancelled. I feel like the direction things were heading after Jackie and Kate would have been great for next season. I loved Warren trying to cheer up Hillary, and Pete's attempts to get Warren interested in going to college. My first impression of college was a Little Sibs weekend and the highlight was a 2 am trip for doughnuts. Apparently, I'm Warren. Bert is a little much, but the kid is cute and he always have a few moments.
  9. I love this show, and I think this might have been my favorite episode so far. I loved the Jackie and Hillary subplot, and the Kate and Warren plot was great too. I also get a kick out of the ongoing bit with Warren's crush on Meg. I hate that it looks unlikely that the show will be renewed. It is so damn funny. I keep telling people to watch it, and they have never even heard of it.
  10. Hi, Jess! I remember you. Much the same with not posting for years, though I did restart watching the show last summer.
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