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  1. Are they selecting for semis or finals? Or TC right now? The girl in lavender is the only candidate that already has the DCC look from what I’ve seen. Outfit, hair, makeup, body type. But again, they already know who they are picking this year MORE than ever imagined previously. It’s already “done deals.”
  2. She’s got tattoos all over the place . Not the DCC look whatsoever. Haven’t seen many that are even slightly close
  3. The online prelim audition looks to be not going so good. All TPTB are desperately promoting for candidates to audition. For the girls who’ve been on the fence in recent years, this is a pretty good year to once again , go for it.
  4. Okay so will Amy and Maddie be returning for Point?! Amanda is the perfect new point! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 I can’t wait to see how they deal with selecting the team this year under these circumstances . Prayers to all those new candidates that will have to break down so many walls to even stand a chance.
  5. Did Shaina “NOT” make it!? And Lily and Meredith did!??? What in the flipping world?
  6. Back on the boards and FINALLY watched this last season episodes! This season was the Meredith crybaby show for real. PLEASE TELL ME HOW IN THE HELLLLLLLLL SHE MADE THE TEAM?!! I truly hope she does her brain a favor and doesn’t try out again. Who needs a 40 yr old looking, overly made up, slow to catch on dancer on the team!? My favorites that I hope return to try out on this such a fair field of auditioning “online” are Gina and Madeline. Hope they knock some vets off the block. We’re ready for you Nepotism. Corona ain’t got crap on you and this audition.
  7. Who cares? Who can hardly tell Meredith and Molly apart 😂🙄😂
  8. I feel they really went from hot to cold with Gina. They dropped her like nobody’s business once they chose the two points. I hope she heals, holds her head high and walks away from their never ending glare of nepotism and control.
  9. Hello everyone!!! Where is the most current and updated threads? Just tuned into today’s game. Saw the recent vid on the Instagram and see Victoria is now in Ginas spot!! i can’t even find Gina. I’ve been off the boards for several months. Is there a story in Ginas fall from grace? She’s just such a strong dancer!!!
  10. This boys and girls is the day we ve been waiting for!!! I can’t stand Tommy and this unfair friendship and trust he had in the game.
  11. No one cheered or applauded at the end of her interview!!! She got the idea how the room felt when talking about her advantage of having Tommy!!
  12. God I wish they’d vote Tommy out!!!!
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