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  1. daisycat

    In The Dark

    Here's what I like about Max, and what Murphy likely does. He doesn't really treat her like she's blind. I mean, he does when he has to, but she *drove a car* (even if it was circumstantial), and rowed a boat, and when she tells him to back off to let her do something, he does. He lets her fall down on her own, and he just seems to always, always, *always* be there for her when she inevitably dusts herself off. He is too patriarchal in some ways for sure (e.g. "Babe", and the sex thing), but I think the show is trying to show him as being as flawed as she is. I like him and I think he's good for her (and I hope he's not dead, because WOW I'm not here for that kind of drama/guilt). I also like Dean and Chloe, but as another post mentioned above, Dean and Max fill very different roles in her life. I love how Felix has grown into his own over the course of the show. I'm so glad he wasn't super-weirded-out by Jess ("OH MY GOD. I'M SO GAY. SOOOO GAY!!!" may be my favorite line ever on this show), but was willing to be such a good friend to both her and Murphy. He has a depth to him that was unexpected - you sort of thought he'd be the comedic nerd boss guy that everyone made fun of (well, he was), but he's so much more. He's *such* a good friend, especially to Jess. I'm wondering if that's going to become an issue in the future, that he and Jess become besties and she stops enabling Murphy in the really unhealthy ways she does, and she (Murphy) gets jealous of their friendship (face it: she treats Jess like crap on the regular). He just seems like a good person. I hope he finds happiness on the show, because he deserves it. I wonder if the parents are going to be written out now?
  2. daisycat

    S04.E13: The Seam

    After trying to get him into it for soooo long, mr. daisycat finally binged it all the past few days. Well, he’s now on the penultimate episode, and I kinda want to tell him to just stop watching now. 💔
  3. daisycat

    S04.E13: The Seam

    Festivus, you matter. Depression lies, especially when you're weakened by medical issues. You matter. <3 Hoping for a speedy recovery for you, and the strength to get you there! TOPIC? One of the things I loved about the Quentin/Eliot possible storyline is that being bisexual didn't even seem to faze Q, and it never really did. Q was one of those beautiful (if damaged) souls who see and love people for who they are, and who is absolutely devoted to those he loves.
  4. daisycat

    S04.E13: The Seam

    SCREW YOU, SHOW! *sob* Uggh. I loved/hated this. It was beautifully done, but man - what a punch to the gut! Please can we FF to next season? And can our show be renewed for another 5 seasons, and for maybe a full season? And for the love of gawd, can we please have our sweet Q back? We already know they know how to steal a Metro card! *sob*
  5. daisycat

    S04.E12: The Secret Sea

    I think it was that she basically took MonsterE's affect and copied it. There was no originality in the portrayal. Another week of me throwing a towel at the TV like "Come ONNNNN!!!" - I can't believe we only have one more episode. My Thursday mornings are going to be so depressing. Who do we petition to get a full season?!!
  6. daisycat

    S04.E07: The Side Effect

    This! I thought I was the only one noticing these. They crack me up. How many episodes do we get this season? And who do I have to do nasty things to to get 2 seasons a year?
  7. daisycat

    S04.E07: The Side Effect

    So did "Legends of Tomorrow", although she wasn't really much other than a side character in one episode.
  8. daisycat

    S04.E07: The Side Effect

    And I loved loved loved that Eliot and Quentin (the white male "protagonists"!) were entirely absent from the episode. A nice little nuance there.
  9. daisycat

    S04.E07: The Side Effect

    THAT, people? THAT is how you do a show. Wow. Good gawd this show is the tits. Any guesses who Penny is seeing in the elevator? I literally threw a towel at the TV I was so... ARRRRRRGHHHH!! Want next week NOW!!! Am I the only one who swears every year to binge the show, but breaks down the second there's a new episode?
  10. daisycat

    S04.E02: Lost, Found, Fucked

    Hale is fucking chilling as the Monster. Seriously though. Give the man a bag of Emmys already.
  11. daisycat


    Wheeeeeee!! Old(ish) news, but the teaser trailer makes me do a happy dance... https://www.radiotimes.com/news/2018-07-26/idris-elba-to-return-for-four-more-episodes-of-luther/
  12. daisycat

    S02.E21: Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night

    Well, fuck. I miss this guy, the lovable curmudgeon: Did I just date myself?
  13. daisycat

    S02.E18: Chapter Thirty-One: A Night To Remember

    Yessssss! I loved that episode so much.
  14. daisycat

    S03.E13: Will You Play With Me?

    I wonder if the Fairy Queen made her (gradually) into the new Fairy Queen, since she fought for the fairies’ rights as sovereign Fillorian citizens. I feel like it had to be big; something like getting her toes back would be mentioned. ETA: I dearly wish this show gave us two 13-episode series; this waiting will be unimaginably cruel.
  15. daisycat

    S03.E13: Will You Play With Me?

    I'm not sure I can add anything even remotely more coherent than that. I wanted to throw my cat at my computer at the end (because he happened to be what I was holding at the time).