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  1. Because she's got mobility issues And "we're not going out during these crazy times".
  2. Great job!!! This needs to be posted to Skunks FB page AND sent to Mike George!
  3. Took a glance at Logos FB page and saw this: Mon. 10-12 6pm Sat. 10-17 7am Mon. 10-19 9am & 6pm I haven't seen her on with Skunks in forever, I believe LOGO put her foot down and won't present with her anymore. You can purchase LOGO, IM, Breezies, Anybody, M. Stewart, Lisa Rhinna and other Q vendors at Walmart.com. sold by a 3rd party vendor. https://www.walmart.com/browse/clothing/logo-by-lori-goldstein/5438/YnJhbmQ6TE9HTyBiieSBMb3JpIEdvbGRzdGVpbgieie
  4. "One of my pet peeves is when women sit with their legs spread". Said the Skunks not too long ago. 🙄
  5. No Skunks, standing pigeon toed isn't cute! Or she's not in any of the "smalls" and is in her true size.
  6. I see it differently. My thought is: They bring Shawn in for JUST one hour because she's NOT a serious selling machine. If she was a "selling machine" I believe they'd give her more than a 1 hr. presentation. Either way it gives me great joy she had to schlep in for one hour, at midnight no less!
  7. Skunks said she ordered the PJ's she had on. There were 3 different pairs hanging on the rack. As she went through them (announcing the colors) she said she was going to purchase the first 2 sets on the rack. 🤥🙄
  8. This idiot uses "mad cool" on her FB pg. (about section) Here's a hint you clueless twat. Anyone that says mad cool is only showing they're anything but! Oh, and the same goes for fierce! Grow up.
  9. A352730 Prive Revaux The Alchemist Blue Light Blocking Readers "These are the black. I own 4 pairs". 1) That sounds so conceited to me as in of course you want to be like me and own what I do. 2) If she owns 4 pairs, to me announcing it sounds likes she's bragging. 3) She's stupid in that she doesn't realize many are out in TV land thinking we don't care how many or what color you own.
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