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  1. FB Gems: I wish Shawn would get a hairstyle. So sick of that hair in her face! Very unprofessional looking! Would enjoy watching if she wasn’t on! Unfortunately all for attention or she just doesn't care about her appearance. No other female host looks tacky like Shawn. You are so right! I can’t imagine why QVC doesn’t read all the comments and do something. She is the worst host on QVC. I don’t ask to be mean, she just seems to dress and stand in a way that looks like she’s trying to cover something. Sometimes you can see a very full/high stomach. Please give her a ha
  2. Lo got the same brief mention on IG that she got on FB. So brief @emmawoodhouse you must've missed it. When i think about my mom on this Mother’s Day, one quote always comes to mind. It’s the one that best captures the beauty of how mom raised me..and how I (read on IG) “You give your kids two things: roots...and wings”
  3. FB Gems: That is the worst looking hair I have seen yet,,,,The worst! Shawn love you but you really need to go up a size. The clothes you show on air are always too tight. Shawn looks like she’s bringing back the 80’s hair! Why are some of you negative about Shawn She is wonderful! Honest sincere funny and to the point Honest, wonderful & sincere ?? I've seen Shawn be rude, disrespectful, condescending & more, she has gotten better but her presentations are all about her. She is full of herself. I watch to purchase products. Liking the hair..Shaw
  4. Yeah Skunks, way to show us you're a size 2/XS/XXS. 🙄 Side Stitch Tunic: "Down here are 2 denims, I have them both. I also have the white." I lost track of how many times she mentioned which colors she has... Does she really believe anyone cares or that her mentioning which color(s) she owns will bring in sales?
  5. I've seen this on Skunks FB pg as well as other FB pages...makes me wonder if FB is the reason the comments on her posts have declined. Most Relevant is selected, so some comments may have been filtered out. Just a thought...
  6. OR use one of the zillion hairsprays the Q sells... It can be done. This is a newscaster. Her hunk doesn't fall over her eye, in her face during a broadcast.
  7. Gotta ask you Shawn why you had that hunk of hair hanging down your nose throughout the whole Calista show....??? I was thinking the same thing Not trying to be mean but does she think it looks cute having that hunk of hair hanging down the middle of her face? It’s not a good look. All for attention, just like her glasses hanging down on her nose, she thrives on attention even if it's negative. Sad Yeah, I think you're right. She does crave attention. Especially when she sits in a bunch of crazy positions on the floor or sofa, twirling a wine glass around. Very strange - an
  8. She looked like an idiot with the sleep mask on her forehead during the presentation. She continues to look like an idiot with it on her forehead when they were signing off. Can you imagine any other host covering their forehead with the mask during the presentation AND while signing off? Nope, me neither. She's such a jackass!
  9. How about you prepare for a show and not have grown out roots when you're going to be presenting a hair tool? OR present the tool and not pull your hair up and over to one side that'll show your grown out roots. Oh, wait, that would take some thought and preparation.
  10. During the opening of the show Skunks had to mention she texted Calista before the show because Calista gives her cell # to certain people. Yeah, yeah, Skunks we're all impressed and jelly you have Calistas cell #. 🙄 I find it laughable Skunks is presenting a hair tool. Her hair is greasy (as usual) roots grown out etc...She's the LAST person that should be presenting anything to do with hair. Can we say size up???
  11. FB Gems: Please get rid of the YELLOW nails, not a good look ! Please fix your hair! Shawn - newsflash - Jamie Fox is one of the busiest actors in Hollywood, his ship "did not sink" as you said. Do your research before putting someone down. He is a man of many talents. You should apologize on air. She was joking. Duh She was NOT, I bet my life on that. I could not believe what she said that's why I played it back. She was serious. She wasn’t joking! Thank you The gladiator sandals are coming back but Shawn's are outdated & don't match her outfit, th
  12. FB Gems: You do not wear shorts with the type of shoes Shawn had on, she is such a show-off. I'm sorry but Shawn looked crazy in those heels. Come on Shawn its Shorts. Who wears sandals like that ....with shorts You’re a size 2? That’s some serious vanity sizing. You look about a solid 10. Menopause is wreaking havoc on u. Lol. No size 2 no way! Why can’t we have honesty with sizing? The thinnest model on Q wears a 4, so size 2? And, often the clothes are too tight and pulling in the wrong direction! Let’s get real and be truly helpful to us watching and ordering.
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