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  1. FB Gems: Please let Shawn NOT BE THERE TONIGHT…sick of the nose wipes that are sick! I am watching you Shawn now 9:30 pm in Alabama! I have always enjoyed you, BUT now, you have said ummmm 20 times in 10 minutes!!! Toooo much!!! Can u please correct this??!! You are great and I don't know if anyone has said this to you?? But, PLEASE!!!! Shawn hat has got to go LOL, best left unzipped! She will be and snot all over That hat looks awful What's with the hat & socks?? Her glasses take up half her face, not a good look
  2. Huh? What? You think I'm Skunks? 🤣 I've posted favorable stuff? Where? When? (I'll wait...) Feel free to review my posts on here. I'v never posted anything favorable/postive/complintary regarding Skunks. At any rate I can assure you I'm not Skunks! Eww, just the thought of someone thinking I'm Skunks creeps me out! OR Are you wondering if Skunks posted the IG Gems on her own IG account? I'm confused or are you?
  3. Of course there's a reason for her to have her feet in pictures all the time. She's catering to all the foot fetish freaks out there. We know Skunks will do ANYTHING for any type of attention. More than likely it turns her on that she's turning them on. My guess is turning them on makes her feel sexy, desired, young, like she's still got "it" etc... Sidebar: Word acrobat, attention whore, overdone make up, not showering for days, greasy hair, the never ending nose wipes, the lying about her size, the squeezing into too small clothes, the disrespect to her co-workers and OAP's, t
  4. IG Gems: 🔥Foot👏 Yas queen! Love those feet! Very cute feet
  5. I bet there are several frantic inquiries- where can I get those earrings? whose shirt is that? Is it QVC? please tell about your glasses. I’m obsessed! what lipstick does she have on? You would be correct!! Those exact questions are asked several times on Skunks FB live videos...Those who ask are as deranged as Skunks is IMO.
  6. Beauty bash IG Gems: Love your feet! Only you could afford a $500 hair curler. You already have the $500 Dyson hair dryer. Wow!!! Maybe SK should try using these products she has Please get that hair out of your face!!!
  7. FB Gems: What happened to Shawn's hair?? She really shouldn't flat iron her hair it looks so bad, thin and flat. Sorry I'm an it girl and not changing, Shawn why are you putting mascara on top of false eye lashes, sorry I don't like Molly cosmetics but to each his own To me if you have good lashes you don't need false ones and if the mascara does what you say it does you shouldn't need them, I love it cosmetics they make my lashes look fabulous I don’t want to see mascara on false lashes… not a disrespectful comment Shawn always puts mascara on her false eyelashes, som
  8. As she reached her hand in her shirt she mumbled "where's my microphone"? Leah replied "while you're getting that together..." all the while thinking you unprepared twit. Sidebar: In the opening scene (above) Skunks artwork in the background looked so out of place. (as usual) I especially hate the "control freak" one. What purpose did having those 2 pieces on the set serve? Do they encourage people to purchase? They made the set look trashy, just like Skunks. I hope she was told to leave early and not come back!!
  9. FB Gems: What in the world is Shawn wearing? You’re guess is as good as anyone else’s, pink shirt and black pants is what it looks like to me the footwear hard to tell when she’s sitting down like that, and she’s boozing too getting tipsy while the show’s going on, is what it looks like to me Why the ridiculous layering of tops? Oh, Leah you're subtly hilarious She's wearing 2 different shirts from her show...lol
  10. FB Gem: I never want that big, old lady hair. Ugh.
  11. FB Gems: That’s so cute Shawnee Sue is wearing a family members jacket on the show tonight! She looks great in tight clothes. 🙄 What’s with the goggles? Careful…on here if you ever dare to criticize Shawn, you will be slammed and bullied. Only one opinion is allowed. I’m ready for it...Shawn needs to brought down off that high horse...she’s not all that I don’t know why Shawn keeps saying joggers Why doesn’t someone at Q tell her I know it’s Covid time and there are no stylists but do you think she’s ignoring their advice? Can't watch her anymore.
  12. The hair, what's with the hair??? FB Gem: And Coco I love you but you need to get new extensions because the ones you have look like dog hair it’s just so bad she used to have really beautiful extensions on her hair I thought that was her own hair, interesting. No she’s disclosed Thanks, didn't know.
  13. Who called her Skunks? That's OUR name for her! 😃 My apologies @emmawoodhouse. I should've clarified. The gem is Skunks FB post. I wrote this: ur c u at the mid' 🙄 fav Someone needs tell her to write like an adult and that it's FAVE! Skunks is one disturbed individual!
  14. FB Gem: At midnight … 1 bottle is sold every 5min in the US & WWD calls it one of the top 100 skincare products ever!! Algenist Liquid Collagen .. it works in 10 days and ur getting two bottles for less than the price of !! I’ll c u at the mid’, and now, from this video’s “eye candy” to real candy, just curious: What’s your fav Halloween candy??? ur c u at the mid' 🙄 fav Someone needs tell her to write like an adult and that it's FAVE! Skunks is one disturbed individual!
  15. FB Gem: (Q's community page) Wow Kiersten, thanks for the big smile and happy face when introducing a moment of silence for the loved ones lost on 9/11.
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