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  1. How have have WoC on the team got worse hair this year than other years (so much worse they what they brought to TC) when this year DCC partnered with a salon who specializes in WoC hair. They did a massive promo about it and used bunch of the girls!
  2. And this year they even brought on a hairdressing partner who specializes in woman of colour, which makes the bad hair even weirder. I feel like whoever did the photoshop/editing of the photos really had a boob preference cause I've never noticed Tess' that much before but in this photo and the team photo especially it looks like she has Fs in her chest. It's also why a lot of the girls look like they have tiny heads, cause their chest have been played with to look more busty throwing out their proportions.
  3. They have put a clip up on social media showing how it was all shopped together since they couldn't do it normally.
  4. If she doesn't retire wouldn't be surprised to see Kelly leverage this information to form some sort of loyalty argument for why she gets cut next season
  5. As suspected with the Cowboys failing to make the post season, this years rookies will be getting almost no public recognition for being on the team. I would be so disappointed if I was them, I wonder how many will actually come back.
  6. She not. She is the bottom row of the top 36. Kristin, lily and Meredith are the only ones below the line
  7. I think responds may be overstating it. Acknowledges because Sports Illustrated made her is probably more accurate.
  8. NBA had a few slip ups but mostly managed and proved it work. NHL had zero cases and was a complete success as they fully bubbled in very tight regulations in Canada. MLB was a shit show, much like the NFL has been
  9. How the hell did Kat make it? She is the very last in the top 36 and with other girls under the line getting through I would have thought for sure she would get the boot, especially given her extra circulars She was sighted in photos when they did field practice during training camp. Could be a good thing considering the lack of power in the videos
  10. In New Zealand we dont have any access to it, apart from when cmt use to let you login for 24hours. So I just streaming it off a website. Its usually up same day, so would recommend if your having issues.
  11. She is good and you can tell she has been a pro cheer before with that power. But also seems a bit bottom heavy for dcc, certainly has junk in her trunk. I'm not sure if I can ever get on board with her though after finding out about her rendezvous and extra curriculars.
  12. Sheridan seemed to be missed yesterday. She was good, not the best certainly not the worst. I would have thought she could easily do dcc so wonder what went wrong.
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