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  1. I’m still like WTF is exotic about blond hair? Charlotte thought she hit jackpot with a blond Latina who looked very white lol.
  2. Lexie also looks like a fancy stripper imo.
  3. I think they’ll have Lexie or basically any 2nd year (Amber, daphne, Caroline, hannah, Jalyn, Ashlee, Rachel w, or even Kelsey or Amanda) in the first triangle then rotate again to Maddie/Lexie/Gina/Tess for the second half again. Gina just does not photograph well and is too set on photoshopping herself to look emaciated then sharing tk death. Also she will make Maddie look even pudgier. Oh wait almost forgot the Vickster will be in a diamond somewhere so Tall Tess is prob safe to balance her out.
  4. Binging Pluto again lol. First I hate the Jay segments. I like him b way too many and too long plus that dumbass body fat bullshit makes me stabby. If a girl looks fit then who cares if her body fat is 2 percent higher his calculations. Second watching Jenna, Danielle, etc rookie season. Love Danielle and Jasmine but they got in on the novelty of being Jets. Both stepped up but were kinda meh. Also knowing now how things transpired with Jenna, she def comes off more arrogant than confident. Also wondering why they focused on her stepdad being military more than her real dad working with Michael freakin Jackson etc. last yesterday watched Them be so rough on Brandi Kilby who I think was actually really naturally pretty. Like more model facial structure than pageant cutesy. Still trying to figure out why she screamed stripper. So many other girls I’d thjnk stripper over her - Danielle, Carissa that lived in her car and didn’t make it, LONI LINDSAY, I don’t even know who else.
  5. And the dead boring rag tag triangle that nobody wants to snooze through [UnicornKicks]
  6. She never really danced Much with them just mainly did promo stuff.
  7. I think the only thing that would keep Brennan from being a 2nd leader is she actually has a real job that takes time instead of being a part time whatever and full time DCC.
  8. First Mary is perfection. Stunning without ever looking fake or overly made up. i agree on having a soft spot for syd and not even sure why. I just do not like how she is torn apart over everything from looks to dance when others are praised for the same standards. Yeah Lacey dances circles around Sydney but both come off as entirely self absorbed and obsessed with their appearance. Sydney has a lot more personality though to me. Also at least she did attempt to go to school while Lacey is another who had five part time jobs all revolves around looking plastic. She had goals of going to school for diatetics but not sure if she ever actually did. I dunno. Loved her at first then she got on my nerves when she started having all the procedures and coming off like she was terrified to move and not look plastic.
  9. I’m mean Lacey comes off as sweet but the way everthing revolves around appearance and troweling on tons of makeup, fillers, plastic surgery, hair etc she’s almost at Sydney level with being vain and vapid.
  10. Shannon just seemed bored and also scared to death of the girls while asking them mysogonsitic questions. At least Haley and kelli attempt to show them as more than just ‘whose your boyfriend’. Courtney got on my last nerve though. She came off like the tag along desperate to be included with cheerleaders but like the snotty know it all to anyone else like guests asking questions. Christina comes off the same way as desperate yet smug. Jinelle gets on my nerves with her gushing about everything being a dream and sucking up so bad but she was the best interviewer to me. Kelli just needs to move it a little faster and not obsess about oscars or Queen, non related crap etc. but she is good at actually engaging conversation. Judy always is so rehearsed and like she’s terrified to express an actual opinion. Charlotte gushes and moons worse than Jinelle. Haley I honestly do not mind. Yeah she’s born with a silver spoon but she at least tries to work in the family business and I’d rather see her than Shannon or Courtney. Haley knows she’s tied to Cowboys for life so has a reason to be there and try to make the brand succeed.
  11. She looks like an expensive Russian hooker trying to find a creepy old sultan to bankroll her. Sad.
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