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  1. Her technique is questionable and kicks have always been terrible. Of all the people they’ve ever honed in on and promoted to death she is the one I understand the least. I honestly think VK and Cat are better overall for DCC. Also do not comprehend how anyone could think Brennan was saying the team is getting to diverse. She has never indicate any kind of bullshittery that would make me think she’d think that.
  2. Yes yes yes these 3 are amazing women inside and out! Rather see them bc they can actually carry a convo. Also Alora Rose has an amazing body. Kelli is thinking Rockette and calendar. Lily looks like Jordan Chanley Jr to me. Not ugly. Very typical dcc cookie cutter I don’t get the ‘ugly’ comments. Im all for personality but Kat please tone it down or move on to Real Housewives.
  3. Y’all I personally love the 2 points switching during Thunderstruck. Gives more girls the spotlight and shows some variety. This way we can see some girls who would Be great but passed by bc of returning point eTc. i also think that sharing point leaves the way for people like VK to be up there. She could not handle choreo for a whole routine but opening the same song they’ve done for years with a leggy blond puts her right up there. Then she’s switched out before anybody realizes too many mistakes or weight. I also think accommodating some thicker girls this year keeps the pressure off VK to not be tail thin bc we know she fights belly weight.
  4. I feel like The Greatness of Kat is shoved down our throats almost as much as The Immaculate Perfection Extraordinaire of The Vickster
  5. I think some of the TCC finalists had that option YES and Eartha Kitt was BAE back in the day. My grandma looked like her when she was young .
  6. I detest the sob stories. You are doing this all for you, admit it. I’m sure you’re Sob Victim is proud but seriously. The worst are the “I’m a struggling single mom who lives in a million dollar house with great family support, but I choose not to work real jobs and leave my baby for hours on end to shake my ass on TV.” for me the only sob story that actually hit me in the feels were Carissa who couldn’t do show group bc she was helping support her family and Carissa and she wasn’t even going for a pre recorded whine fest segment. She just kept it low key and it came out in Kelli’s office. Alora Rose j cannot believe Kelli is ok with the Ultra Angel fancy stripper career. Sorry they look skanky to me.
  7. Kat looks slightly less slim than last year but still reallly good shape. Hannah and that booty are perfection. I never understood the Rachel or Cianna love. I think it’s looks and shape, plus solid but not reallly impressive show groups dancers to me, cute hair though. Now daphne, I do not get her either. She just looks so tired and too thin but has that weird rib cage and wider waist that I don’t think a few pounds would fix. Her face just looks so tired like somebody who is beautiful but has been sick. She never looks healthy to me. Amanda is slim but curvy so pretty much perfect body to me.
  8. Agree on it all and to me Rachel A looked thick with some ass jiggle. Like WW thick. How her, Cianna, etc get away with the extra I do not know. They wanted rid of hannah. The end. Meredith I totally get. Maybe Lily for blending but no worse than other blenders. Brennan 😤. Hannah 😤😤😤 Keeping WW and flaky people over them 🤬🤬🤬
  9. Skin is thinner on hands and neck and can’t really be sandblasted and spackled like a face too
  10. All 3 have natural hair but 3 diff textures. Armani’s curl is tighter and denser and not going to do the same thing as Jada no matter what. Armani might be my fave this time. She’s just a fun firecracker. My HS team kicked flat. I think it depends on style and routine but I agree all need to be uniform. Lisa and those jeans. Well I think they would’ve looked cuter on somebody taller or slimmer. They look like they don’t fit her like she’s going to trip all over them. Not a cute look. Brennan was about as in trend this summer as possible with her casual chic. Kelli just dislikes her and likes messing with her fans.
  11. Thank you. Maddie cannot make a sentence and it looks horrible. Yes! Armani looks like she is having the time of her life aka Amanda and Bridget. Almost gives me Robyn vibes a little. You forgot she nannied some for the Jones fam
  12. Last season too. It was a lot more obvious in person but more had some botox filler tweaks than didnt. Is it me or is VK getting thick again and that post of her kicking in the Christmas dress - dang looked like far more effort than necessary for The Bestest DCC EVER. also forgot how square Meredith looked in the uniform. Girl has no waist and it’s wide. Her cut really does not surprise me. Honestly beautiful Brennan - I thjnk Kelli just never liked her for whatever reason. She had a great figure, held her own in dance as much as the rest, so well spoken, accomplished, prettier than the last couple triangles well before Barbie Rachel. I think kelli never wanted her in the first place but she made a good story and was so cooperative And well mannered they could do whatever. Still salty about her and Hannah.
  13. Tess is Therese also. I wonder if that first pic is just alphabetical order with vets then they start swapping around. Second looks like some groups are arranged besides actually scoring. Not calling anyone a liar but this is so hard to process. Nothing shocks me lol but why would VK steal a phone case? Did she just want to assert power bc she won’t get in trouble? She doesn’t seem that smart. Was it one gifted to all of them and she took Gina’s by mistake or bc hers was lost or something? I need more details on this story.
  14. No I’m not confused, I have never ever in my entire life seen anything like what you say a Medical scribe is in the US and my entire family and myself all work in hospitals. Most in Texas, Louisiana and Florida. I’m a PT and we have docs, PT, ST, many nurses, etc. so very familiar with how things typically run. That might be a textbook def but not common at all in the US. Nothing wrong with being a transcriptionist - the person who translations and puts in dictations. Not insulting either women and good option for someone needing flexibility. Does not look like augmentation to me
  15. Medical scribe you can do from home with basically no degree just some training. Good option for someone who needs a flexible schedule. Maddie and implants? Good grief she annoys me more and more each day. But might as well w h the other stuff she’s tweaked. So much for modesty and grace but that ships done sailed. Rachel W is perfect point not from dance, which I personally think like Jackie Bob to some degree, her struggles were invented for the show. Her technique is fine, power decent and most important she never takes a bad pic so she’s perfect for the most photographed spot. Plus she can speak in sentences, unlike Maddie. I thjnk she comes off a little arrogant and snooty but she is what they need for branding. I’m gunning for Amanda at point, bc she looks like she’s having so much fun AKA Bridget plus can dance and has the best body on the team at the moment. Unpopular but I like Marisa. She has the look as much as Maddie, Amy, Gina, Etc and they can glam her up like Tess, Lexie, Alanna, Rachel not W, Etc. I was ready to be fully irritated by Alora but like her too. Jada I want to love but there’s a teeny bit of underlying smug I can’t get out of my head. Maybe bc she looks just like my sister 😂😂😂
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