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  1. Ima call Judy now and tell her to unclench her pearls. Cause them bottoms look like DRAWZ!
  2. Oh well good for her she can defend the escorts and hookers. What is she thinking with that bra and panties pic? Yes, it is diff than a bikini.
  3. Sarah reminds me of Celine Dion, or maybe even Mariah Carey in the sense that she is def very talented but no matter how hard she tries def not sultry sexy. Somebody needs to style these women or convince them to be styled more natural. The look they try for just does not jive. sarah could pull off the jenn Anniston Cali neutral sexy vibe so much better than this bleach blond mess. This bish is not posting a pic in her bra and panties asking what to wear? Yeah don’t waste your time attempting DCC sis.
  4. I actually think Maddie looks better than she does 90% of the time. VK suck that gut!
  5. First one looks like a cheerleader who dances, second needs some polish and fluidity. I’d say prep yourselves to death girls Bc you both have the look just beef some polish.
  6. Podcast was dead boring and who cares about who The Anderson’s a schmooze and Kelli’s Oscar obsession. miranda is stunning and I love the tiara and doggos. Do not understand the Caroline obsession. She is so plain to me. Not just basic but plain Jane soccer mom and please do something with her hair. Technique yes. Showmanship meh. Look plain effin Jane.
  7. Don’t even want to bother guessing a rookie of the year cause prob going to be Vick. Prob will also be vet of the year at the same time and already named next four years pro bowl.
  8. Right here. This. I am not a Maddie fan AT ALL. I think she has horrible technique, poor kicks, does not have the look and comes off like she can’t string together a sentence all while being slightly smug. BUT She mostly keeps quiet, isnt a trouble maker, doesn’t brag on herself, and Nobody seems to be shoving her down our throats, especially not when she was a rookie. Big dif in Maddie and VK. BIIIIIGGGGG. Straight out of the horses mouth!
  9. Those dresses are hideous, but Brennan pulls it off. Gabby looks like a sack and Brennan’s looks like a couture sack. Girl goes have better style than anyone else. so she needs to help 1) Savannah and that nightie that looks like it needs to stay in the bedroom 2) Maddie and every hideous thing that girl wears. She is beyond frumpy and never looks put together. Nothing looks like it fits her ever. 3) Gina and them 3’ roots also bout to flip a fake titty out her dress 4) Lexie going full Girls Next Door with Hef’s bathrobe and 5) hate to say bc I love and adore Lauren but she looks like a 40 year old bride with that hair and dress. Maybe 50.
  10. First, agree on Jennifer Anniston - great hair, face like a man and talks like her jaw is wired plus Rachel was an entitled BRAT. Also why she so proud of her nips? Ew. Second, VK nip gate = yawn and you really have to look closely in the uniform. Third, she has a successful actor brother? Never heard of him. Fourth, Rachel W does have the “IT” factor but comes off to me as a prissy snot plus cannot with the Bruno Mars blackface and Paula Deen being her celeb dinner pick. Ewwww. Plus I want to see her with out the drag makeup, extensions, lashes, veneers, fake tan etc. most of her prettt is Store Bought. last, Pro Bowl Amy = YAWN and this may be the first time the DCC has looked second rate to the other dancers instead of vice versa. Usually it’s the opposite. I’m
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