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  1. Omg slap my face now please. How could I forget JAELYN! Yes!!!!! I also like cianna and Brennan but don’t really see them as a powerhouse like the others.
  2. Amanda sounds way too rehearsed, but I’m loving her look and girl can def dance. VK looks better than I expected but I’m sure she’s getting an amazing edit this year. maddie already looks soft bellied again and Amy is so vanilla. Hate them both at point. i feel like Amber looks a little harsh st times sort of how Hannah did last year but dang 2nd years have so many rock stars. Amber, Hannah, Bridget, daphne, Rachel, Caroline, Brianna, Erin, Ashlee, all rock stars. Also I think Shelly just left off an s and wasn’t literally saying 30 is the max age right now.
  3. Everybody has an accent just depends on perspective.
  4. Lexie’s hair is way too long and fake now. Tess love her she’s gorgeous but the whole diamond is dead boring. WTH is happening?
  5. Gina, Heather, thank you for your service and not quitting despite being screwed over. Best wishes when you retire this year. Cause if you don’t, you need to gain some perspective and self respect. This triangle is some bull freakin sugah.
  6. More or as HD friendly as Cristina, Maddie, Amy, pre glammed Rachel A, old red headed Rachel, Ally, Victoria, I could go on but what’s the point.
  7. I thought Milan sounded like an entitled spoiled brat on her podcast. Whiny bc it was a rude awaking and first time she hadn’t been the rock star pet and she couldn’t handle it. She made fun of ‘old’ dancers which made her sound immature and bratty bc those old dancers were like 24? Also acted like they begged her for shoe group which did not happen just questioned why she didn’t want it bc they made everybody try out. Milan was bottom rung on talent looks and fitness and could not process being out performed. Also he whole ‘oh poor me I can’t take my 18 year old self to get hammered with my Sisters bc I am forced to perform for the cowboys whahhh whahhh’ made me want to slap her. Ungrateful and immature.
  8. Amy’s tap looks like it would be adorable for a five year old to do but she’s like closer to 30.
  9. Charlottes hair looks much more age proper and less Cruella Deville
  10. Anyone else think it was cruel to put that Road to DCC girl on the bad dancers clips? I mean she really is not up to par with last year’s rockstar rookie class but neither are basically any of this year’s TCC candidates, but why be mean when she’s really working hard and investing a lot of emotion and time into this? Just give her a you’re not quite there no and don’t embarrass her on TV.
  11. Emma’s hubs comes off a little bit creepy and um, not the type to like women? Also why is he hanging around as besties with a teenager? Something’s sour in that milk.
  12. Yaaasssss! also Kitty is a beyotch but note how she took instant dislike to Erica. She knows how to sniff potential drama and tries to nip it. She did love Holly though. I personally think they didn’t like Weather Girl bc she already had some media following outside of DCC. I guess it wasn’t enough free advertising thought.
  13. Id honestly put Carissa up there with Abigail Klein in the beauty dept and also amazing dancer. Wish she could’ve stayed longer but I admire her for doing DCC a couple years then taking care of real life. Fam is always priority.
  14. Also claimed being a pediatric nurse ofa while on her DCC profile and when confronted just said 🤷‍♀️. Like literal emoji 🤷‍♀️. Plus claimed to be a PA on her linked in. Flat out liar.
  15. Ok those are the girls I had firsthand knowledge of. My eyes. Cersten is no doubt very talented and pretty. Also one of the snottiest, bougiest, most arrogant people I have ever met. She also flat out lied saying she was a nurse and also a physicians assistant. She is so full of herself she actually thinks she can say anything and people will be dumb enough to believe her. Also she could not get into a US Med school bc of Mcat and that is why she got in her ‘first choice’ of a DO school in Mexico. That’s all she applied for bc she knew that’s all she could get. She hid it better than Erica, Jenna, Holly, Keyra, but Cersten was the definition of Mean Girl. Def one to encourage others to show their mean and fuel the fire while sitting back and watching t play out.
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