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  1. jzygayle

    S05.E10: Girls on the Side

    Seriously. I sprayed coffee out my nose over that this morning :D
  2. jzygayle

    S05.E08: The Bubble

    I would watch the shit out of that.
  3. jzygayle

    S05.E08: The Bubble

    I would, however, love either Maggie or Diana (or ideally, both) to slam Pauline to the ground figuratively, should she attempt to make something of Charles/Liza. Diana is well aware of when Charles' marriage broke up and it was long before she hired Liza. And Maggie, just because it's fun when she eviscerates someone verbally.
  4. jzygayle

    S02.E04: Scream

    I've always loved this character and Judy Reves really showed her acting chops tonight.
  5. jzygayle

    S01.E04: The Fever 2018.06.24

    You are, but I actually disagree. Meloni (and I did NOT like him as STABLER!!!) has some serious acting chops and could absolutely go scary AF if the story drew him that way. I do agree that the script doesn't seem to be heading that direction, though. Now here's my candid admission--I don't really pay attention to who the actors are, but the doctor doing the surgery kept pinging my "You know her" radar. But not until Stabler came in did I recognize Det. Eames from L&O: Criminal Intent. I'm kind of waiting for D'Onofrio to show up now.
  6. jzygayle

    S01.E03: Giving and Receiving 2018.06.17

    Yeah. That was a little anvilicious, but I liked it.
  7. jzygayle

    S01.E02 Access 2018.06.10

    Yeah. And I love how she and Blanca play off each other.
  8. jzygayle

    S15.E22: Two Steps Back

    You say that like it's a bad thing. :D
  9. jzygayle

    S04.E12: Sound and Fury

    I would have paid cash money if Jason could have been there to hear it.
  10. jzygayle

    S35.E13: Million Dollar Night

    I wish someone HAD done it, instead of me just thinking it up :) That would indeed be epic.
  11. jzygayle

    S35.E13: Million Dollar Night

    If she'd done it and lost, I can see a lot of people calling her the dumbest, but I don't think I'd agree. She needed Ben out of the F3 to win. Period. They ALL did. It would have been epic if she had--and in my opinion, epic no matter the outcome, but I doubt she even thought of it. I don't know *I* would have thought of it in the moment--my armchair is very comfy :D
  12. jzygayle

    S35.E13: Million Dollar Night

    Chrissy's only real option to make that an advantage--and it was by no means a sure thing--would have been for Chrissy to say "It's me or Ben." Choose Ryan as the person safe and then hand her immunity necklace to Devon. And SHE competes for fire. Because it's the only way she gets to tribal without Ben. And with advantages like that, who needs disadvantages???
  13. jzygayle

    S02.E10: Line of Fire

    Well, aside from the fact that DC Metropolitan Police TOTALLY blockade cross streets** in a situation like that, IN ADDITIION, to a Secret Service rolling blockadge (thus 2 to 3 vehicles on each side of a cross street intersection) AND the fact that there's no fucking way POTUS' Secret Service detail would NOT have known before POTUS that there was an accident and whisked him away to a safe/private room or his own motorcade, I can't say I'll miss FLOTUS.. Couldn't she just have a cardiac issue a la Sharon Raydor (Major Crimes)???? metro Police assign cars to each intersection and they sit there until they are notified to close it down. Then they close it down and EVERYONE sits there while the motorcade goes through. And if it's high enough priority, they close the cross streets a black prior to the street to be taken. And they blockade decoy routes as well. It's not like they've never planned for something like that before...
  14. jzygayle

    S03.E13: Eye of the Storm

    My nitpick with that scene was, if you're going to steal someone's torch for this, shouldn't the guy carrying it be IN FRONT??? LOL Again, tiny nitpick :) It's not just Outlander, either. You're not the only one it bugs, particularly since I work evenings, so do most of my TV watching the next morning. Luckily, I decided to watch this one live.
  15. jzygayle

    S03.E11: Uncharted

    Nope. And I really hated gaining the coconut and losing the hurricane and later the pirates (that caused the deep cut that led to the infection and turtle soup in the book).