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  1. When you think about it, she had a point about people not really wanting to do good. I think I’ll stop thinking about it before it depresses me. 😃
  2. Well saoirse is right, “T Is for Temporoparietal Lobes” is dropping Sep 19th, she just skipped a week! 😃
  3. They haven’t made Sheryl very likeable or watchable. Until now. Loved seeing her smack Leland about.
  4. 😆 And David’s cool and collected response was good. Left Leland completely baffled.
  5. Ha, Lawrence... “Would your heart glow, or something?” (to Nick’s telling him he’d know if June was near the border).
  6. I hope that vat of milk ends up being served to Aunt Lydia. Eau de Handmaids.
  7. I want to know how those heavy red capes of theirs dried so quickly. 😉
  8. Or Janine asking if June has a brilliant plan. Oh yeah, June is full of plans. Unfortunately all her plans never work. All they do is get more handmaids killed, while she sails away unharmed. Janine even saved them by sleeping with the piece-of-shit freedom fighter to keep them from being kicked out. June couldn’t even accomplish that. It’s the handmaids following June that should be leading!
  9. How many times is June going to escape and be captured?
  10. I agree. After all, he is the titular character. I found that part interesting last season. We didn’t see nearly enough of him this season, and what we did see was mostly the lackluster new relationship. What a waste of a brilliant actor.
  11. Yeah, what is with that? Both Sara and Violet sleeping with John. I thought they fiercely protected their virginity back then. 😒
  12. I thought that too. Maybe at Ian? I don’t think Jem would run to a stranger like that. It would make sense that Bree and Roger would be confused at seeing Ian there if they were supposed to travel to another time and know that Ian can’t follow them.
  13. That’s what I would have warned Claire about. “Ye can cut off my leg, but put those wee beasties on me and I canna answer for my actions.” 😄
  14. The handjob was a bit much though.
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