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  1. anyone else notice how much Sunny stutters and says "uh, um, ah ha, uh"??? It's literally after every single word now. She has great things to say but that stuttering makes it so distracting sometimes I have to skip.
  2. I wanna see an articulate conservative who is not a Trump supporter but can still offer insight into the Republican perspective and balance the table without being so inflammatory all the time. So far, I'm only familiar with Ana Navarro, but I'm sure there's others we don't know about. Also, I hate to say this because I practically begged for her to come back, but Sara isn't doing it for me this time around. She's just not very interesting anymore. I'd rather see another younger moderate or a young progressive.
  3. I have a theory that her husband told her to ramble about maternity leave so that they would have less time to talk about the Georgia tapes. Not sure why the ladies wouldn't flat out say that Trump voters have been disrespectful towards Biden voters for years and the time for reaching across the aisle is over. Vote for a treasonous racist once shame on you....... twice? forget about you!
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yceqHiqiYw8 lol watch this segment at (2:30). Talking about how she's not one of those red state people who talks bad about New York because she doesn't think its fair. Flash forward to her tweets about New York now. 😂
  5. I find it ironic that the pro lifer at the table brags about shooting animals for home decor 😁. She also deflects every mass shooting segment by talking about mental health, but if a cohost tries to explain how mental health ties into women needing abortions she'll yell NOPE ITS MURDER.
  6. Its insane the difference between Jenna and Meghan. You don't hear Jenna trying to make everything about her father and trying to brag about her connections. She'd make a way better cohost even tho I hated her father as prez lol Bring her backkk. I hear ABC is in talks to bring Keke Palmer on the Strahan and Sara show as a third host. They might as well bring Sara back to the view and ship Megan off to the Real Housewives of Arizona.
  7. if theres another conservative republican at the panel she'll say "iM a BLONDE cOnsErvaTive rEpUBLIcaN hunny"
  8. For someone who "rides hard" for her home state and got offended for weeks over Ana and a comedian making the most innocent joke about Arizona..... you would THINK she would practice what she preaches and not disrespect other states. New York is the only state that will get you a job remotely related to politics nutmeg. Be gratefull 😂
  9. I actually think Whoopi, not Meghan, is what's gonna make me stop watching this show rn. The preaching a bunch of nothing every single show is exhausting/embarrassing. They need a whole new panel. Joy, Sunny, and Ana are the only ones that can stay imo
  10. i remember she told a story of how she and her husband got so heated over a political discussion they had to pull over and separate to breathe. like she had to go to a restroom to breathe or something? I was like.......... imagine taking things that seriously.
  11. I cringe whenever she sort of brags? about eating unhealthy and binge drinking. America is one of if not the most fattest unhealthiest countries right now. Maybe its because I'm a gym addict but idk how you can be proud of not taking care of you're body. ESPECIALLY, when your filthy rich.
  12. no one: not a single soul: Meghan McCain: I wOuLd jUsT liKE tO sAy, tHeRe's a LOt oF iNfiGhTinG iN tHe DEMoCrrrrrAAAtiiiic pArTy rIgHt noWWW. Yea its called calling out your coworkers' damaging bullshit. I know it doesn't happen often to you Meghan. This is her new go-to off topic tangent when she doesn't want to criticize racist republicans.
  13. When my friends and I were a part of the live audience last July, the first thing we talked about when we walked out was how easy their jobs look. 1 hour of talking about your opinions and a couple of hours of superficial research unless you wanna dig deep like Sunny. Im in nursing school right now and whenever she goes on her weekly "LOOK, I COME ON THIS SHOW EVERYDAY AND......" speech I think about nurses in hospitals on their half a second lunch break scarfing down a granola bar before another patient crashes and seeing that privileged bitch talking about "hardship" on their lunchroom
  14. People normally don't announce miscarriages in a huge way unless everyone already knew they were pregnant and they actually need to let everyone know. If she wrote a piece about specific issues in the country regarding miscarriages and women's rights and tied it to her own experience to support her advocacy, it would seem more genuine. But Meghan has never even once shown passion or interest in talking about women's rights/miscarriages.
  15. honestly.......... she wouldn't be the first conservative woman to mask an abortion as a miscarriage. Certainly wouldn't be the first narcissist to fake a miscarriage. I've always been 95% she has had an abortion. She was also always pro-choice until she decided she needed republican brownie points.
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