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  1. I totally Russ and Paola divorcing and Russ having custody of the baby so Paola can be a WWE superstar.
  2. I am being nice and I am in denial that he could be that dumb.
  3. They're both immature. Brandon is good at playing the idiot.
  4. None of that is what I call love either, but I do think they really love each other. I really think he does love her.
  5. I don't think Libby is wrong for wanting a nanny. I don't think being a SAHM is easy especially since she's working from home, too. I don't know what her job entails, but if she can't give full attention to both her daughter and her job why not get a nanny. My question is why can't her mom watch her baby? Julia is very immature. I understand her opinions on male and female friendships are probably different because of her culture. However, she needs to control her jealousy and not whine about a restaurant serving something she doesn't like. It was wrong of the doctor to remo
  6. I was dating a guy who was babied by his mom and he was a total psycho and I just felt like his mom was hoping we would get married and I would he his new parent. They want to be their son's one and only forever or they want to give him to someone else and let him be their burden.
  7. I agree with your comment about how his behavior is from being raised only by women and coddled. They're so confident and have nothing to offer, but their moms have told them how great they are their entire lives.
  8. That's what kills me when they describe the Visa as a trial period. It's not. You're supposed to know and be preparing to marry this person. Not doing a will they or won't they for three months. There hasn't been a time in history when it's been easier to have a long distance relationship, meet each other's families, and and plan a wedding because of technology. These people know they want love. They create a dating profile. Fly to another country, fall in love, and file all the paperwork for the visa, but can't figure out how to do some preparation for their wedding?
  9. He is just being cruel. Natalie was wrong for her behavior in Ukraine, but I feel like he is even worse since he let her move to a new country just to leave her guessing about her future. It's feeling like he's making her wait to punish her. He had to know she was like this before the previous trip to Ukraine. She's set off so easily. I don't think she could have hid it for long.
  10. If Mike and Natalie still had more to figure out why did he bring her over? It seems like you have a couple months to enter the U.S. before the Visa expires. Wouldn't that have made more sense? It seems like he is just as crazy as she is.
  11. We like big families. Our values are very traditional. Marriage that produces children is very important. Our families are our greatest joy.
  12. Ari is acting very protective like how Pao was after she had her son. She will probably relax after a few weeks. She isn't someone who handles change well and she threw herself into two major life changing situations at once. I have only heard good things about circumcisions. Health wise it seems to be in the boys best interest. I wouldn't call circumcision a mutilation if the boys benefit from it. She's overthinking the decision. It's funny how quickly she decided to make Bini and baby walk home because the car was too dangerous, but really pondered the circumcision.
  13. I hope someone from TLC reads this. Make this happen.
  14. I think she knew other guys were interested in her. She was a virgin and raised Mormon. She's from conservative culture and got pregnant. I think getting married was probably the next step in her mind. A lot of women and men get married because of a pregnancy. Even if they're mismatched with their partner. I think it's normal for people to want to keep their "family" together. Kalani just happened to find one of the worse people to lose her virginity to, get pregnant by, and to marry.
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