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  1. Exactly why I fear it is merely a "set up" to enable a certain controversial someone to be point after she puts in the time.
  2. As I try to get a comb through my no trim for 2 months pixie this a.m. (and failing) just gotta say I am seriously jonesing for Marshall's gorgeous hair pictured above!
  3. I Am!! At this point I have watched, through sheer stay at home boredom and against my better judgment, every episode of Season 14 with the exception of the finale. Cannot bear to see VK actually "make the team." Through lack of interest in the star of the show, it took me seven months and a pandemic to finally tune in. I call this the year of The Torso and The Hair. The Torso^ The Hair^ And the moral of the story is: mediocrity breeds contempt. I am neutral on both of these ladies, preferring Maddie over Amy, but don't feel either one deserved point. Amy having it for 10 seconds, or whatever, is IMO just a set up to ensure that when a certain someone is the longest serving vet she will be assured point -- there is precedent! -- if it hasn't already been handed to her. Yeah, let's just wrap this year up where the opportunity to have some awesome talent in the front was squandered and perhaps -pandemic allowing - move on to next year. Or not -- a few years ago I would have been devastated by a disruption in filming, now it's a chore to watch as I realize I'm often in total disagreement with Kelli's choices.
  4. That is hilarious and a great way to end foul ball fights, peanut shell mess and spilled beer. Maybe VK can rent out her giant cardboard heads so that when she re-auditions she can label herself not only a golden legacy child, but a savvy entrepreneur as well!
  5. You just have to watch as Pluto presents them. They cycle through seasons 1 through 12 consecutively (with the occasional Pluto blooper of omitting a scene or an episode). Right now CMT has Season 14 available to watch for free with no sign on -- with that you can control what episodes to watch and when. So as far as I am aware, Season 13 is the only one not available for no cost and/or no log-in right now. Let us know when you get your life back after falling into the Pluto binge watching addiction -- we are all survivors and are here for you!
  6. I've never noticed this before. So now that I have all the seasons practically memorized, you've given me a legit reason (not just because I want to) to tune into Pluto yet again. Yay for you!
  7. Good thing I didn't give up snark for Lent 'cause you set me up and I'm compelled to say that I find any shot of VK + DCC to be extremely unfortunate. Caveat: even I am getting tired of my constant negativity towards VK and I fervently hope that she helps me to become a better person by not returning to the team next year. (yeah, I know.....)
  8. I don't really mind the top -- Gina obvs took a sleeve tutorial from our fashion forward Brennan. BUT (and everyone knows I love me some Gina) those shoes!!! Gasp -- are they rehab footwear for while her knee heals? She redeems the entire outfit, though, with her gorgeous new hair look. (hmm, maybe not, I really can't get past those matronly shoes.....) Love the smile and hair (and her dancing!), though.
  9. Hmm, are all these muamadelinecope pix put through some sort of microbladed, poreless and heavily contoured filter? 'Cos w/o the twitter handles neither of these women could be ID'd.
  10. Yes, yes, yes! Noticed at Lauren's wedding how much prettier she looked. I'm loving this more tawny blonde and the softer more natural lip colors she's been using. Hot pink and red are not her lipstick shade friends. As a proud member of Team Gina I'm happy that her appearance is catching up to her awesome dancing. Back to the bride....Miranda's dress really accentuates her hourglass figure -- she's a lacy bombshell! I hope she had a wonderful day with new hubby and her bridesdogs. Also, love the bridesmaids bouquets - gorgeous. Can't help but notice they would match Maddie's sneaks -- bright pink for elegance and casual sass -- just not lips!
  11. I avoided reading the article about VK's dreams coming true because as a hater I knew it was just gonna make me....well, hate. Curiosity got the better of me though, when her statements even gave her defenders pause. I think everything has been covered, but must say it lived up to my expectations starting with the opening photo of her gummy smile and disheveled hair. Just have to laugh about all her "sneaking" and "sliding in" -- I'm fairly certain she didn't exactly fly under the radar and that the other participants were painfully aware of her presence. (Bam -- In your space!) Talking about making her lifelong friends and honoring friendships, must note that all her name dropping consisted of former DCCs. No mention of a specific current teammate - they're all just nameless flowers. I almost choked when I saw what I thought was going to be a pic of her with a crown on her head, but as I kept scrolling it turned out to be an ad for Crown Royal whisky.
  12. Not the timeliest of responses, because I hesitated to hurt the horse that is already mortally wounded. But I just have to wonder how Maddie feels about her hair, how she actually likes it, what her preferences are. This is so different from what we saw in uniform this year (which was not great IMO). Because other than her hair, I think this is an absolutely adorable pic of her. In a regular outfit that doesn't reveal every inch of skin she has a cute figure -- I'm particularly taken with her ankles in the photo! IF she comes back next year, I do hope they re-assess her hair look. A slightly lighter color and some more lift on the top would be key.
  13. Any word about Geena Rojas possibly re-auditioning? I believe her kicks were an issue but I just loved everything else about her.
  14. I know, I know, if I had Brennan's physique I would not wear any outfits with extraneous material. But on second thought -- I love the color for the FLA keys, those are some very toned legs coming out of her voluminous hemline and Brennan seems to have the rep of pushing the fashion envelope and I think it works for her. (I'm thinking of her cape and super turtle-y turtleneck dress). Am just hoping neither lady got her stiletto heel caught in the gaps of the boardwalk!
  15. Totally agree! I was so distracted by whatever is on their heads, that at a very QUICK glance at their faces I thought it was Rachel, Savannah, Amy and then --eeeerk, stop -- Cassie is no longer on the team. Really look at picture -- Oh, yeah it's this year's PBCs.
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