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  1. Thank G referenced in FTLOG! Whether it's from bad edits with CMT or Kitty herself, she was becoming increasingly grating. With the exception of Morgan and she who deserves our respect, if a candidate had Kitty's approval she was usually a good dancer and DCC ready. So I used to not mind her being tough on the girls regarding dance, but when she started dabbling in their locker room discussions and appearance and hair (pot! kettle!)) she became tough on me, the viewer. Yah? Of course, last season strained the credibility of almost anyone associated with the show.
  2. VK was asked : tonight is cut night -who would she let go between Charlotte, Kelli and Judy. She says "oh noooo" and then, quite brightly,"Miss Charlotte, I have not seen you dance before -- tonight will be your last night."
  3. Um, no, I have no idea what you're talking about!😲 Seriously. by the time that crisis was cleared up my energy was so drained (and I realize I fan girl over Gina way more than most) that the team announcement was a little anticlimactic for me. With one exception. I also remember pages and pages ago when it was hinted Jalyn was on the bubble and then there was an insider hint a vet would be cut. I am very thankful and happy that Jalyn is still on the team! DCC drama is just one reason to be distracted at work - Friday is another - be the adequatest of the adequate and then reward yourself with a weekend!
  4. Okay, now and only now may you start planning your outfit for tonight's date! And have a great time! After this afternoon, I may have to have a date with a cold bottle of something. Thank you @DCCfan2443 - I can now get back to life!
  5. Okay, so I WAS calmed down and preparing to actually go do something productive....
  6. Yeah, I think I can hear the cackling from Frisco as they try to get this board up to 300 pages before they announce the team.
  7. Thank you for the info @Holly85 and @Dal8las Gonna have to agree that Gina's post could refer to anything. If the original poster is an insider, I'm still concerned, but if the evil rumor was based on that IG post, I'll start breathing again.
  8. Embarrassed to admit I'm not on IG -- can you summarize what Gina's post said? (Obviously not walking away from this forum right now!!!)
  9. No need to stand on ceremony -- this is an emergency of epic proportions! (until the original poster comes back with a NOT!)
  10. For those who make a personal choice and are happy with relaxing i'm not judging -- and Jacie is gorgeous no matter what, but: Sad hair Happy Hair And back to topic -- yes I'm disappointed Gina, their best dancer, is not point, but I'll be crushed if she is not on the team at all.
  11. My first thought was to bless you for distracting me from my potential Gina emergency meltdown. I hope we're just being punked. But my second thought is, yes! I would love to see more natural hair and more styles beyond loooong loose waves. Bizarre to think the shortest hair right now is Amy's shoulder length.
  12. Hilarious -- at least the Storm have found what works for them and are sticking to it! I'll have to re-watch -- I don't remember that scene but Judy was probably stunned speechless by J's answer! I've been a Jinelle fan since her tryouts when Kelli said something to the effect of "not a body type for everyone" and I was thinking -- are they crazy? She's toned and lean with natural cleavage with zero threat of weight issues. The exact perfect body type you want to put in your tiny uniform. Plus she has that dynamite smile. I wasn't aware of this board back then and was rooting so hard for her while I watched the show, afraid that she would be cut.
  13. And with that smaller squad, ALL the returning vets can cycle forward during some portion of Thunderstruck. 😜
  14. So sad, but I hear ya! Amusing to see that Amazon categorizes Season 1 of DCC MTT as "Reality Comedy." There will always be tears when people see their dream end - we're all used to that as part of the process and that is drama enough for me. Note to Kelli: there is a difference between drama and torture. Also funny that from what I've read on here last season was the highest rated so far, and the season that made me question if I want to keep watching!
  15. Random and totally fantastic! Jinelle is one of my all time favorites. I'm hoping you do bump into her -- and then immediately report back to us! Favor - during this "random" meeting (no stalking now) please tell her PattiD says "hi!"