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  1. You think right! From the No. Narrative. What. So. Ever. gif the talented Illegitimate DCC posted on page one of the E12 Time is Running Out thread.
  2. But of course! But sexy?!?!!-- where does that come from?
  3. I responded last night with a lengthy discourse -- clicked on another tab and when I returned my content had not been saved. I didn't feel up to retyping and now it doesn't seem pertinent, but I did want to respond that realistically I wouldn't expect Kelli to do much else for Kaitlin. It's not as if the DCC have an Employee Assistance Program and Kelli isn't a therapist. If Kaitlin was in love with a bad boy she wasn't about to dish about it with Kelli. We see in the scene where she misses practice that, I believe, both Nicole and Kelli left messages with Kaitlin's mother, so she was alerted by DCC (if she was not already painfully aware) that something was up with her daughter. My main point -- now lost to the ether -- was that watching and re-watching (I'm glad I'm not alone in the rabbit hole of Pluto TV) with the filter of what I know now and my current disillusionment with Kelli I have such different reactions from when I watched original airings on CMT. Kaitlin = crazy kid vs help this child! My second point was along the lines that Kelli at the time of filming is reacting in real time without the benefit of hindsight. So maybe I should cut her some slack and not let my frustration over the last couple of seasons color my entire DCC MTT world view. I may have mentioned that I was surprised her arrest was in 2016. For some reason I thought it was closer to her dismissal from the team. There was other stuff, too but now that this is getting as long, I'll stop now!
  4. Couldn't resist, but if you want the real, real of this it's on Cassie's instagram.
  5. She was an underachiever -- took a whole year to gain 11 pounds -- It only took VK a couple of weeks.
  6. Oh it's even better - it was cookie dough and Cheetos. (You know, something sticky to get the orange stuff off your fingers!)
  7. Well, there is all that -- which are all interesting and strong points - your first paragraph is all news to me and I'm happy to know it. But I will say during the older seasons of MTT they were drawing 2 to 3 times the number of candidates they are now -- even when the candidates knew there was little to nothing in it payment wise for them.
  8. Exactly. They just didn't seem to get it: if it's written it's a ticket if it's verbal it's a warning (not that I'm an expert). And they don't exactly introduce themselves when they pull you over (or so I've heard). But watching the scene now with the additional scene of her wearing a random outfit to practice I just think: intervention, intervention, intervention PLEASE!
  9. You're so right. One of the things I love about Pluto is the ability to view the old episodes with current perspective. Jinelle is one of my all time favorites and I completely agree she is the whole package but I cringed when I heard Katy say that -- because now it does smack of partiality. And now Kaitlin LeGrand no longer comes across as just screwing up but actually crying for help!
  10. Very interesting article. Thank you for sharing! Wouldn't the "best of the best" love to have this many talented dancers from whom to choose?! Even with the much stricter prerequisites to try out for Rockettes they had about 800 more candidates than DCC (which I realize they said was an anomaly this year). With the rapidly shrinking pool of candidates for DCC -- whether caused by the show, irrelevancy or some other factor -- TPTB are lucky to form a decent squad of any color (and have they this year?) much less a diverse one. From the article: "Of nearly 950 wannabes who tried out this year, only 13 newcomers were hired — but that was the most at one time in nearly two decades, a spokeswoman said. Candidates must be proficient in tap, jazz and ballet, 5’6” to 5’10 in height, and at least 18 years old."
  11. I did catch her close up and whoomp there they were, but her smile was bright and big, too. After a busy weekend I fell asleep around half time, so there may have been other shots of the DCC but had to laugh at myself because as much as I read, watch and analyze every clip posted here, a viewer who is exposed to DCC only through watching a game on national TV would have seen: A shot of the end of Thunderstruck with Maddie at point looking like a rabid chipmunk, several long and lingering close ups of Rachel W. as they cut to commercial, and Christina's close up as they cut to commercial. (Again, I'm sure there were more -- I just conked out.) My takeaway is it just doesn't matter who does what. I don't mind Maddie, not thrilled with her at point, but NBC didn't show dancing, just a shot of the end pose and she didn't look great. Photographers and cameramen love Rachel W. They don't care about her politics or dance ability. Christina has some things to catch the cameraman's eye, too -- he doesn't care that she tried out umpteen times and is not the best dancer; he just wants to catch her shaking her.....pom-poms. I have got to quit caring so much!!!
  12. Re: the lady in pink -- I'm with her! If we actively ignore all things Kalina maybe they will just go away? ....nah, I didn't think so either.
  13. This is a little scary, but in defense of my girl Gina: ya gotta gasp for air at some point! But I would like to remind her that paler, more natural shades of lip color look best on her - she looked gorgeous in that video when she was working with Lily, Madeline & Meredith.
  14. I didn't listen to the podcast myself, but Scorpio1031 posted that according to Melissa Rycroft's recent podcast, Kalyssa was actually kicked off the team because of the risque photos she was posting. I initially really liked Kalyssa as well -- she was the total package -- beautiful, good dancer, entertaining, intelligent. She seemed spunky and unique -- I could always pick her out of the crowd. Because I'm crabby and have to find a fault with everyone, mine with her was her precise and measured manner of speaking (perhaps an effort to hide an accent?). But she lost me as a fan with her attempt at "modeling." While I can understand her wish to show off that cute physique, she is simply too petite for mainstream modeling and veered into a direction that wasn't for me but that I hope is working for her.
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