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  1. Let’s be real - that guy is HUGE. He has to be 6’8”?? So he’s put on the same 1200 calorie diet as the 4’11” woman. I’m 74 and 5’1”. 1200 calories is the minimum recommended daily. Michael’s personality drove me up the wall. I couldn’t get my head around Kim’s “Suzy Sunshine” disposition, but Dr. Paradise certainly nailed Michael on the first visit. But I don’t understand the 1200 calorie One Size Fits All diet. Obviously, our folks here go well over that, but the idea of a doctor even recommending it horrified me. And if he has agoraphobia, I'm pregnant.
  2. Was anyone else surprised no mention was made at his first appointment that his left eye was practically bleeding?
  3. The episode with the therapist went sideways REAL fast.
  4. “Assisted living”?? Nope. Nursing home. I was a nursing home social worker. If I ever admitted anyone her size my staff would have walked out on the spot. I didn’t realize everyone in the family had done their duty with Tammy.
  5. That’s a pretty high level math concept.
  6. Error wasn’t that James had passed - the obituary was for James King. My apologies to any James Kean. I’m afraid the mental image of James’ legs will be with me a very long time .... not to be harsh but I do feel angry about the money spent helping someone who really wasn’t interested in being helped while so many other people can’t meet their medical bills.
  7. Yes, it was King. My error. Sorry.
  8. I googled his name, age, Kentucky, obituary. It came up on the Davis and Davis Funeral Home website. There are three condolence messages, one naming Lisa and Bailey.
  9. I’ve never posted before (just lurked), but found a two sentence obituary for James Kean, 46, Kentucky, with message of sympathy to Lisa and Bailey. It was dated 11/17, before the follow up episode. Seems this has got to be the same person; just not much fanfare at his passing. Certainly understandable given the cloud over Lisa.
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