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  1. Here’s the direct link to Jenna’s tiktok video - I like that she can poke fun at herself about the point thing, and honestly she looks awesome...makes me miss seeing her type of performance ability/style In the triangle https://vm.tiktok.com/7VNAdt/
  2. Yea huge mess! Sounds like they’re trying to put together way too many random things and it’s not going to be cohesive at all.
  3. Are there any pics/social media posts about this new team yet? I didn’t see anything on Stephanie’s IG
  4. Anyone know what sneakers the DCC currently wear for practice (I think they’re Nike?)? I’m looking for sneakers that are good for turns (soles not too grippy, etc).
  5. Am I reading too much into this - looks like Meredith tagged everyone except VK in this photo she posted this morning:
  6. I’m planning to go to the Christmas Spectacular tomorrow - does anyone know how early you need to get there to get a good spot to watch? Looks like it gets pretty crowded! (Mods - If this belongs in a diff thread I can delete! Posting here bc it’s a question about current squad performances but if there’s a better place let me know.)
  7. I noticed Lisa and DMD Maggie don’t follow Ashley on IG, and she doesn’t follow them either (not counting the girls’ old DMD accounts). So it does seem like something might have happened... Julia and Lisa follow each other though.
  8. Yes to all of this! The writer’s logic is so backwards and she’s actually being quite misogynistic. Women are allowed to be sexy; it’s not shameful. If someone acts inappropriately “in response” to that, it’s their fault and their behavior that needs to be corrected, not the women’s.
  9. What is Erica’s story / how did she get cut or leave the DCC? I didn’t watch her seasons and I saw something about her cut not being filmed because of legal issues is that right? (Or was that a different Erica)
  10. Did anyone notice Amy fell half a beat behind everyone in the TS video from last night’s game (near the end of the clip when they go into the triangle - and this is when she is behind Maddie so even has people to follow!) She seems like a wonderful teammate but how did she end up as point when she is off beat so often?
  11. Has anyone seen video of Alexis P.’s solo? I really wish DCC would post everyone’s solo somewhere!
  12. Hi I’m looking for some industry advice! There is a sports team in my city in Texas (not Dallas) that is considering adding a dance team. It’s a pro development league so i believe similar to Texas legends, Allen Americans, Dallas sidekicks, etc type of level. Does anyone know how much dancers on these types of teams usually make? And/or how much the dance director/coach would typically make? I’m anticipating potential budget questions from the front office. I know it’s quite low for major league dancers like DCC so I’m wondering if it’s similar or even substantially lower for minor league teams.
  13. Thank you, and yes exactly it was a great learning experience! I knew I wasn’t truly ready this year but I thought I should go try it out so I would have a better idea of what to expect and make a plan for next year.
  14. I got cut first round! The choreo was fast but it was a pretty short combo - honestly I just let my nerves get the best of me when I saw the judges’ panel and messed up. But it was great practice so I can be better prepared in the future!
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