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  1. Raven is an excellent singer, I have no idea why she went. The mention above of her arm causing problems may be true.
  2. Hi, has someone already reported that thirsty Darcey showed up on the Million Dollar Matchmaker show in 2016? I was watching reruns and saw a familiar botoxed face.
  3. So true. And it's people like this who give everyone such a bad impression of online dating. 🙄 With these folks, it is like they are trapped in it: how are you going to back out when Laura/Darcey/Rebecca show up looking completely different than expected, but the camera crew has already arrived/you are booked on a show?
  4. THIS. I had been convinced by commenters that it was Oladipo, then heard that clue and thought, "that doesn't sound right?" Went to search for whether he had any substance abuse issue and an article pops up about him "rehabbing" from that injury. Bam.
  5. Just what this show needed: more pageant girls. It worked so well the last time. That Sarah has gigantic eyeballs.
  6. Verrrrry interesting. I can't believe I never thought about that, but an NDA makes perfect sense. Total Bachelor move, too. Too bad people break those things all the time.
  7. The in-house audience is so annoying to me because they get so sucked into the narrative and back up whatever is on their agenda. The booing Kristina, the clapping for Onyeka saying things against Blake, etc. What in the world did Kristina do that was so bad? She played the game and tried to stay on the beach? A lot of people did that, Kristina just did it more openly. Audience is a bunch of suckers. I fast-forwarded through like half of this finale anyway. Onto the next one. P.S. JPJ and Tayshia being a cute couple did warm my cold, shriveled heart.
  8. Bachelor Nation is all-consuming! 😭 If you don't date within the franchise, shame on you, but DOUBLE shame on you if you don't date/hook-up within the first degree of separation (or at an event given the official sanction by the franchise, i.e. Stagecoach). Do people exist in this world outside of the Bachelor franchise? Who knows, and you don't need to know. Sincerely, The Powers that Be
  9. Have fun living in a van and getting awful tattoos, Caelynn, you moron. I hope no one was playing the BiP Drinking Game tonight or else Demi would have murdered you with the "likes"... LEARN TO COMMUNICATE.
  10. I never go on Instagram but I happened upon Annie's from a link. She honestly looks very beautiful and happy? Looks are always deceiving, but I hope she is, anyway. She seemed like a nice girl.
  11. Who is Bri? Why are her eyebrows so fuzzy? Hannah's going to drop Dylan like a hot potato after an appropriate amount of time for the public to believe "they gave it a real shot!" Blake and Kristina: same. Any of these other last minute, musical chairs couples: same.
  12. No way would production let her go after anyone else. This is their new inclusive couple, they're probably contractually obligated to stay together. Bachelor Nation wants that same-sex proposal! Thank God they've cut back on their screen time because they are so boring though. We only see them when they're playing confidant now outside of that five second thing "Oh I love you I don't have doubts anymore etc."
  13. I don't see it myself, but my SO (doesn't watch, but happened to be in the same room and glanced up once in a while) actually made the same comment when watching JPJ interact with Derek for a few minutes.
  14. "Successful" in so far as they've kept it up, but per our Bachelor in the Media thread, there is suspicion that thing may be much less than ideal. 🤔
  15. I want to punch Demi's smug face in every time she makes all these facial expressions in the background. SPEAKING OF PEOPLE WHO SHOULDN'T BE HERE, DEMI, HAVE YOU SEEN A MIRROR LATELY
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