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  1. The first encounter with trailer-park Robert sure escalated quickly with the taser. But upon the second visit, it was apparent why. I would have tased the guy just to stop him from repeating the same thing over and over!
  2. JJ was in a pretty good mood for the Weirdo Samaritan case. There were a lot of "May I add something your honour?" And she said yes! And she let the plaintiff get away with the I only fear God and you comment. I guess they needed something for the promo. That or it was sushi day for lunch.
  3. "I don't read statements!" Except when she does.
  4. That suit was like of Steve Harvey and Willy Wonka had a love child. Pink haired car lady was freaking me out with her eyes darting around. if she had the chance to speak more I can guarantee she would have been kooky.
  5. JJ going all metric on us! She must have Trudeau fever.
  6. When did the Doug episodes start? I'm still getting Curt episodes every day. Odd.
  7. I really don't get the point of the street interviews. Just get back to the case! I don't care what some nitwit thinks about the law. I always thought those segments were taped in NYC in Times Square but maybe not anymore. Repeats recently have had Levin in LA on a TMZ tour bus. Talk about self promotion. I guess they must be the same production company.
  8. I have no idea who the "celebrity" panel is, except of course for Betty White. It all seems a bit much to me with the band and the mom - there's a lot going on! And the tongue guy was just gross.
  9. I loved how JJ kept mispronouncing Dawnette's name. A different way each time! Fun! I felt for Shayna and the kid .I also got my creep on, and seems from her FB that she wanted to expose Orlando.
  10. Same here! I couldn't understand why nobody mentioned that a foot would need to be on the brake first. Maybe JJ doesn't do much of her own driving. I'm pretty sure at one point she motioned for the gear shift to be on the steering wheel column. Either way, wasn't buying anything the defendant was selling. Especially her $5k worth of harassment.
  11. I am sick of these stupid "Back to the bar" episodes. I tune in to see a regular show and am disappointed when this ridiculous thing comes on. Stick to what you're good at, Bar Rescue.
  12. No idea how JJ came up with her assessment of how much the truck repairs would be. I think she was expecting Byrd to say the Blue Book value was much lower. But the $15k value didn't deter her. Unfortunate for the truck owner.
  13. I'll admit it, I thought Wyld was cute. Rehearsed but cute. I'm surprised JJ didn't give him the "I don't care what your dad told you to say" speech. She did seem to throw him off his track a bit when she interrupted her like hatred of like the word like. I thought she was a bit harsh with that - he's a young kid, not a ditsy teen. Good to tell him it's not a word to use a lot, but the interruption and carrying on was a but much IMO. And why does Dad sit in the car? Are there no park benches maybe? Doesn't make sense to me. I wonder why Delorean didn't want to divulge the price he paid fo
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