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  1. I wouldn't have chosen any of the three houses that were offered in the Michigan episode. Don't remember the name of the town, but it was on Lake Michigan. I guess there weren't any better houses for sale. I would never choose a house with one bathroom if I had three sons.
  2. Are you serious? Or are you joking? I haven't seen a new episode since Tuesday. Yesterday was more impeachment hearing.
  3. Because the regular episode was preempted for another impeachment hearing. 😒
  4. I just watched an episode where they moved the woman's great-grandparents house, which was successful. They did a great job with several of the rooms. So, what about the second bedroom and the bathroom? Of all rooms, I would think the bathroom would have been a priority over the daughter's playroom. 🙄
  5. So he'll have more time to seduce Lola and break up her and Kyle.
  6. Yes, that's what I meant. It just amazes me the number of women on HH who say they don't cook, and lots of them have children. Either dad does the cooking, they eat every meal out (except cold cereal) or live on frozen dinners. And, of course, there's pizza delivery every week. 😏
  7. I really like the Iowa couple who were moving to Gulf Shores, Alabama. They were a nice down-to-earth couple who really wanted the same thing, didn't make the same old comment about the wife needing most of the closet space, and she actually cooked, unlike a lot of recent women. They seemed like really nice people. I hope their diner is a big success.
  8. I agree, gonecrackers, plus they are just engaged, not married.
  9. Many thanks for the history lesson. What a messy background, but typical for a soap.
  10. Please enlighten me. Why does Chance call Jill 'Grandma'. I wasn't watching the show years ago, so I didn't know Jill had more than one son, Billy.
  11. Too bad she can't build up the muscles in those super skinny legs. Mini skirts do not look good on her.
  12. I like everyone except Bert and Penhale. Both characters are so annoying.
  13. I watch it on Acorn TV. There are 11 episodes in Series 9? So the episode where Morwenna and Joe married is episode 8? Update: I just checked with IMDb, and Doc Martin has only 8 episodes in Series 9, so I did just see the last episodes of the series.
  14. Was last night's episode the end of this series? If so, that last scene was terrible. I wish there was someplace I could check this.
  15. I guess tonight's episode is the series finale. 😞 I'm sure going to miss DM. I wish it would go on forever.
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