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  1. I agree. I liked the landscape backgrounds.
  2. That isn't new. Nor is the nut and fruit snack video. Why do people keep asking questions, such as 'when are we going to see the wedding?' She never replies to anything.
  3. Looks like it's a restaurant on the Columbia River.
  4. Is she accompanying her father back to Michigan? Gotta have some booze before the flight.
  5. And as she said, they haven't decided on which island to go to.
  6. You don't think Amy will take selfies of their honeymoon? I'm sure when it happens, there will be closeups of her wearing her lei, with Chris in the background.
  7. It's his evening walk with Mimi. Can't imagine walking barefoot on that sidewalk. She must have very tough feet.
  8. We'll never know. 😏
  9. You have quite an active imagination. I don't see it.
  10. Molly's jumpsuit is pretty casual, but it's probably okay for an outdoor wedding, and her shoes are fine. We can't see Amy's feet, but I bet she ditched the shoes as soon as possible.
  11. She needs to start wearing makeup when she leaves the house. She looked really nice on her wedding day, but now we see the bad complexion again. I guess she didn't get a facial before her big day.
  12. I think Buzzy would be a good permanent host. I wonder if he has some questionable tweets in his past. It seems the person they choose has to be a saint to get the job.
  13. Sneakers for a formal wedding? No. You can find comfortable dressy shoes.
  14. Apparently their honeymoon is on hold. Chris said they aren't sure which island they're going to visit. Maybe they're waiting because the Governor of Hawaii is asking people to not come there during this pandemic. Did we already see this photo of Amy with something stuck in her teeth?
  15. Thanks for the info, Pingaponga. So they're quite famous in Canada. Now they're making a name for themselves in the US.
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