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  1. When I see those huge houses with the sweeping staircases, I immediately think of all the work it would be to keep them clean. And how do they get the spider webs off those very high ceilings? I guess that's why I prefer a ranch style house from the 70s......I can reach the ceilings with a dust mop.
  2. True. I guess I was just thinking about the top of the head. But from the back, he probably didn't see her skin color.
  3. Probably just a party for adults. The kids would have been bored, but maybe not Faith.
  4. I think it's Phyllis's purpose in life...to make trouble for everyone she meets. It's no wonder she has no real friends, except Nick.
  5. There was that great rooftop entertainment area, but for that price, I would expect an indoor pool and gymnasium.
  6. That's definitely a problem in the cities. Guess dog owners don't want to be bothered with carrying plastic baggies with them when they walk their dogs.
  7. I liked the Schenectady couple. Not one word about needing 'charm' in the house. They were a nice couple who needed a home that would be comfortable for his extreme height. Even though she didn't really want a basement, she knew it was important to him. I just wish they didn't feel the need to replace the perfectly fine kitchen counter-tops just because they didn't like the color.
  8. Why did they get rid of Mouse? I really liked him. ☹️
  9. Thank you. That makes sense.
  10. I've been binge-watching CPD and am now on Season 4. I see that other posters are wondering what happened to the body. How could a small woman pull a dead body of a man out of a grave, then dispose of it......and where? I hope I'll find the answer as I keep watching. Also, when did Trudy get married? I've been watching every episode, and there was no wedding. Seems like that would have been a nice closing scene for one of the episodes.
  11. See, they're still together. Just taking their time, having some fun together before they get married.
  12. Definitely a moron. Why did he marry Lola if he still loved Summer? I suppose Lola will be pregnant.
  13. I haven't seen Y&R since the impeachment trial, so I haven't been privy to Phyllis and her shenanigans. Last I saw them, Chance and Abby looked like a hot item. Did Chance stop seeing her? If not, why would he date Phyllis, who is old enough to be Abby's mother?
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