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  1. Compare But she should care when not only is she going to be on Facebook and Instagram, but also on a TV show. I suppose she can't help that her teeth aren't pearly white, but she could so something about her messy hair.
  2. Or, 'Just the two of us were hanging out.' I swear you'd never know she graduated from college.
  3. "with just he and I." 🙄
  4. Aaron is a product of California, so he probably doesn't have a Wisconsin accent. I live in his home town of Chico and am so happy that his charity is helping out small businesses in our part of the state.
  5. I would never have put those meat patties in the oven after browning them. She should have just added them to the gravy to simmer for a few minutes. They had to be so overcooked and tough. She has such an obsession with garlic. She added at least two tablespoons of raw minced garlic to the potatoes. 🙄
  6. It probably means her wedding day that will be the beginning of her new life.
  7. A black house! It looked evil, and it was next to an industrial area. They didn't seem to be a bit concerned about either of those things. I'm glad they chose the third house, even though it didn't have a third bedroom.
  8. What's Raster? Is it now illegal to say Easter?
  9. If your rings aren't loose on your hands, you don't know what germs are hiding under there that the soap and water didn't remove. Her hair hanging loose around her face and those bangs bother me too. I wouldn't want to find a stray hair in my food.
  10. She should have removed her rings when she kneaded the dough. It wasn't very sanitary.
  11. I've been watching enough Home Town episodes to know that Ben saves as much wood and cabinets as he can, then reuses them. Nothing worth saving is destroyed.
  12. I don't remember ever seeing a coat closet in the front of any of the houses. That's very strange. I wouldn't want to hang my wet coat and boots in the bedroom closet.
  13. A lot of people on the Internet share in Amy's problem. They quickly type something, but don't reread it before they post. It's super annoying. 😠 Since she's somewhat of a celebrity, she should be more careful.
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