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  1. "Is" is a verb. The word "me" would follow a preposition. "It is I" turned around would be "I am it", not "Me am it".
  2. ginger90, that's kind of scary. 🤨
  3. You can look it up online, as I did. Actually Chris and I is the proper, formal way to say this, but apparently today it is acceptable to say Chris and me. We're not a very formal society these days.
  4. Oh, no, typo. She is correct because it should be it should be 'I', not 'me'.
  5. (groan) Or.....Chris and me.
  6. Wow, that really was bitchy. Her poor husband has to deal with her every day, probably for the kids. She had to know they were filming her.
  7. To be fair, she doesn't say that she did the gardening, just that she enjoys it.
  8. I agree. Why does she think her head has to be in the foreground of every photo?
  9. I think Season Nine was not meant to be the finale. If so, the ending was a slap in the face to the fans.
  10. LOL.....Look at this comment on her chocolate chip cookie demonstration: "I watch for the recipes and I don't need to be entertained by dancing. Get your act together! I like you Amy but be professional! Be prepared! I want to see someone confident not bumbling!!"
  11. I like most of Erin's color choices, especially the indoor colors. I got so tired of the Gaines' houses with all the gray and white walls, barn doors, and ship-lap walls. And I think it's refreshing to see colored cabinets.
  12. She hasn't taken good care of her skin, and the years are catching up with her. I think she looks older than Chris.
  13. Sounds about right. You just go out into your pumpkin patch and pick up a can.
  14. Is that the same Amy? She should be better in her cooking videos, not worse. Chris did show a bit of temper when they spent a weekend on the coast, and she wasn't at the rental house when he arrived.
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