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  1. I agree. Kate Winslet she's not. She's a bit theatrical and relies on tics and I don't think looks good. Too harsh.
  2. He's cuter and more pleasant than most of the Winters that's for sure!!
  3. I wish Humphrey the Yorkie got the airtime they give the rest of the Winters.
  4. They're so stupid. They can have a Ciara earring product placement and it would fit with her history and be funny.
  5. Yea I noticed NuBen's eyebrow situation. Not a good look.
  6. Hope - a Where's Waldo book with Bo's face pasted inside the puzzles Abby and Nicole - vibrators JJ - an apartment
  7. Veronica Mars is a respected prime time drama. When characters are killed they stay dead. Using your posts logic all the characters killed on Mad Men, Homeland, Breaking Bad, The Good Wife...the characters that didn't come back from the dead meant those actors were disliked by their show runners or unprofessional? I'm just asking since I'm confused.
  8. Abby - a life skills class with a strong remedial program. Will - a backbone. Dan - a bar of soap and hairbrush Paige - a paper bag EJ - condoms
  9. Jordan was rude to Abby the other day too. I wish they'd write her less boring. CS/Jordan was ok as Amanda on AMC. Maybe they should have paired her with Lucas?
  10. I concur with those who mentioned Tamea's appearance looking like shit. She has never looked so bad. Ugh. I don't really get why Brianna and Ragey Ryan need a $400,000 that pretty extravagant for a first home and in Oklahoma vs elsewhere. And I don't understand why I should give a shit except that hopefully it means those 2 jerks will soon be off the show. I'm starting to think Vicki has a legit mental issue like a personality disorder.
  11. I think you guys are onto something here. Abby is obsessed with fucking unavailable men with money. If Ben got a well paying job that attracted lots of attention from other woman she'd begging for his dick like she desperately did to Austin and EJ. The whole Gabi story was so stupid and nonsensical it was like it was written by cruelly ignorant child filling in a Soap Opera themed mad lib.
  12. I concur. I think he's much cuter than old Will and has a great body.
  13. That's fitting since her personality is so taupe cuz she's so boring. Or brown since she's so shitty.Jen and Abby are horrible. Abby is such a moron pushing Ben to model. It's so typical of her to assume she knows wheats best for everyone else, just like her mom they think they are the expert on everything. Maybe he's shy or self conscious she should shut the fuck up.
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