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    Cheese: Yay or Nay?

    My two favorites are provolone and asiago. I like them on sandwiches. I have ordered cheese plates at bistros and wine bars and am not picky. Those places are nice for trying different cheeses and obscurely sourced ones. A recent one we had was a broad selection of soft sheep cheeses. One was very smooth.
  2. It's time for Stefano to die. They can have a new big bad. Maybe Ciara.
  3. Maybe since she's usually always begging guys to sleep with her she thinks this is normal and expects the same in return. I know I'm giving her more credit than she probably deserves. But the character's nasty pushy ways, disrespect of boundaries, and entitled attitude are a turn off for this viewer. The only female characters I really like are Teresa and she goes from 0- to bitch in 3.5 seconds, Kayla who is woefully underused, and Hope who's a bit blah. Eve is ok but she needs to get out of the kiddie pool like yesterday, her drip daughter Lima Bean has got to go, and the rivalry with Jenn i
  4. B&B is actually good right now and had been for months. A viewer has to adjust cuz it's completely different than the other 3 soaps. It's a half hour and minus commercials and exterior shots about 17 minutes an episode. The budget is amazingly bigger than any other soap. Like 10x their size. A lot less characters and its much more fluffy. Less dark than any soap on but still has drama. Bit more jokes. It's been the #1 soap in the world for many years. It's maybe closest to Days and I'm not sure why I think so.
  5. : ( I admit I've said I wished characters have been killed off before. They are fictional and I'm not saying to them (for that I'd have to be character on their show instead of typing to you now here) and never said that about the actor. Also this show and tv dramas in general kill people off all the time. Dan is a douchebag. Nicole is no prize in my book but she should just forget him. I still have the feeling he's going to return to Jenn anyways. FF time! LOL
  6. I'm thinking maybe it was like Bursette on Orange is the New Black and she used credit card fraud to pay for it then got busted maybe. Or someone who's an ally and had the means paid for it, then later this person will be introduced for storyline reasons.
  7. Austin and EJ have told her no, not interested, go away, move on a million times - and she refused to take a hint. She also has been pushy like that with Ben, Chad, JJ, Teresa, Sami and Eve about butting in their business or telling them what to do; then been told no thanks, get lost, go to hell all different ways and still haven't accepted that. She would either keep pushing or insult them or slap or wear them down.
  8. Why is it so hard for Abigail to accept no for an answer?
  9. Nothing like starting a relationship by both being in love with the same person. How romantic. "Grampa how did you two meet?" "Well you see he was my married to my ex fiancé and I wanted to split them up, then we had an affair, and the rest was history."
  10. Then the "Cancer Cancer Cancer!!!! " song when they sang shrieked it laughing like hyenas on Christmas. That was tasteful and not at all deranged.
  11. Most of the DQ around me do NOT have drive thru windows and are located inside strip malls in traffic dense congested areas (one is in Wrigleyville, another in downtown HP). One I know of HAS a drive thru window but is NOT new as some said all new ones have the windows. It's old but does a lot of business and a lot of its business is for the food like blizzards but also fried mushrooms, cheese stix, burgers. That might justify the window.
  12. Since Spectra is out of the picture, and no more Jackie M. Why doesn't Ridge start his own fashion house and poach Caroline and Ivy? That would be good. Then off course try will have a fashion show face off.
  13. This show and forum isn't very popular not e ought to merit individual episode threads. They should consolidate to an "all season" or "all episode" talks to save posters time and effort and make it easier to moderate. JMO Caroline is annoying.
  14. Xander looks like a cross of Austin Peck and young Ian Buchanan (2 soap actors). I think he's cute.
  15. At the time Kim's sex tape came out. It was an idea she stole from her former boss/friend Paris Hilton whose tape came out and made her more infamous. So not even that clever concept anyhow at the time for some reason if was scandalous or exciting for a normalish good girl to have a forbidden secret sex tape leaked. Se concept behind the Girls Gone Wild craze that happened just before that. Good girls doing porn "oh my gosh! Yay" and some people for some reason get super excited and spend buckets of dough. Incidently the creator of Girls Gone Wild Joe Francis is friends with Paris and Kim. He
  16. Totally. He's going to feel like such a fool. Ricks so egotistical and a dictator and control freak he will blow a gasket. Let's not get hasty or anything. When I think of either of them returning I want to cut myself. The cast is way too large right now for the 17 minutes a show 5 times a week. Hell we barely see Ally or Ollie. I love Ally and she can act so give her a story. I detest Hope and am not a fan of Steff so even if there was space for them I'd be against it. They are both arrogant, weird, an drag others down.
  17. Doesn't anyone remember when Carole had her dog in CA she only sees a few times a year because "dogs don't like NYC life"? So basically she's a dumbass for that and a hypocrite for buying a puppy in NY now. News flash Carrie Bradshaws just as "with it" gramma, dogs aren't an accessory you can borrow from Susan Sarrandon to appear likable on camera, or adopt for a cutesy HW scene then leave to languish in a human less home with your random friends or paid walkers to checkin on it, or buy with your kiddie bf as a ploy to bond him to you. They are living things with feelings who aren't objects
  18. Why did Carole buy a puppy with her boy toy when she doesn't even take care of the dog she has?
  19. If she was approached to be on RH and turned it down she's a fool. It would make her much more famous and pays very well. Eileen was paid one million dollars or close for appearing and is a household name now.
  20. Steffi is so pathetic. "I'll give you control of my shares IF you make love to me." Gross. Can you imagine if Bill or Liam said something like that? "I'll help you professionally but you must fuck me first."
  21. Everything Old Ass Billy said about CinderCon was right except that shit never bothered him before he found out she cheated with Gabe. Annnd he admitted first to kissing Mop and wanting it to go further ("we both did") but stopped out of respect for Chels.
  22. ^ Damn look at those man hands! Very nice. I am reading Natasha a biography of Natalie Wood. It has a bunch of studio glamour pics and candid photos of the actress and she could pass for Ivy's grandma their bone structure and noses are very similar.
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