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  1. The pushing food around your plate is a picky eater classic move...however, I know the relationship between that and anorexia...I'm so sorry you had to deal with it. The etiquette class are must. Some of these TCC have just rolled in on a turnip truck this morning. Feisty Taylor-who-hated-her-haircut a few seasons ago comes to mind...KaShara also mentioned she'd never been exposed to formally set tables. Someone else mentioned the food was weird, she wanted chicken, rice & green beans...there's a lot that goes into the higher-society-than-they-are-used-to dining. And really, at this level, if you don't like the meal, shut up and eat some of each thing, you'll live (unless of course there is the possibility of anaphylaxis from allergy)...but you'll notice they don't serve common allergens like nuts and you'd be expected to say "thank you, no, I'm allergic to shellfish".
  2. Ah, I didn't notice that when she was speaking, especially since her entire reply was jumbled...should have let die quietly on her own rather than have Rachel W jump in... Thanks for clarifying
  3. In media training they should be discussing how many cocktails you should safely have because alcohol is the #1 cause of boot in mouth disasters for these women...They rub shoulders with V-VIPs at various events who could be talking about the Brett Kavanaugh hearings or, more recently Amy Coney Barret...so she should be at least able to follow the conversation topic and be able to fake it better. Not everyone in the room is an old jock. Her dinner partner could very well be the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court. If you expect to be treated world class...own the room and act world class.
  4. I'm in San Francisco and staying in, so safe as possible...thanks for checking
  5. My first thought would be to say "I know its not a hamster on a wheel"
  6. I loved it...loved it...loved it! It's a painstaking process with very patient, dedicated workers...the attention to detail is so over the top. The first sketch was such a close match to the woman...I didn't see future episodes scheduled...this first episode will be shown again Thursday & Friday...check the Oxygen schedule for your time.
  7. Notable men with successful recoveries from testicular cancer include Olympic gold medal figure skater Scott Hamilton, former major league baseball player, now base coach Mike Gallegos (who was treated during the off season in his playing days with no noticeable after effects), and Lance Armstrong...Marissa's man is young & strong...if they've caught it early this will be a small blip on the screen of his life.
  8. They should know the things every citizen should know...Who is the President? Vice President? Who ran for President in the last election? What to the letters FBI stand for? My 10yo granddaughter knows this stuff...she's in the 5th grade. These are Social Studies questions...these are supposed to be socially aware young women, most of them college educated.
  9. Neal & I have friends in common...I've never heard anyone who knows him say anything bad about him. He is an entertainer's entertainer. If you've seen him live, you'll understand. Apparently he brings out the best in just about anyone. He talks about the TCC/DCC being hot, but if you watch him watch the actual tryouts he's focused and looking for entertainers. And he seems very kind hearted.
  10. Quarantine is 10 days with no symptoms, 14 with symptoms...they're fine
  11. The naivete of so many people regarding medical care boggles my mind...they put doctors in the realm of a god...if the doctor says 'I can't do anything for you, but you won't die from this'...many patients think 'my condition is hopeless so I just have to live with it". Or, they've been terrorized by a doctor with things that didn't work...then they don't understand the gray area of finding someone who can help you yet having to wait while appropriate testing is done.
  12. I think you are overanalyzing...first, our society has morphed into a very casual first name arena...she introduces herself as "Sandra", setting the tone for first names. Second, the patient's body area of concern is properly prepped for whatever surgery is being performed. Most of the time it isn't shown on camera. The patient's family members are wearing a mask, sit far enough away & don't touch anything...they're fine. Very often the patient's clothing is covered by a sterile, fenestrated drape (it has a hole in the middle to view the operating site)...these dermatologic surgeries do not invade the body cavities, they are superficial, her instruments are sterile, laid out on a sterile surface, she's wearing sterile gloves...
  13. I also like "My Feet Are Killing Me"...I've worked in medicine for decades, so am curious about it all...
  14. IIRC she said "But I wanted showgroup"...Kelli's answer was "Right now you need to be worried about making the team"
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