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  1. I was thinking South Padre Island....but Lake Granbury would work well and be cost effective.
  2. definitely better hair & make up...and she's lost a few pounds...not sure if she's had a real 'lift' or some well placed Botox
  3. I have a few classmates (we're planning our 50th reunion later this year)...who wear similar 'old' styles...Lori is a few years younger than I....actually, I think she looks great.
  4. As one who has great skin for my age....clear off all make-up before bed, use a good moisturizer twice a day, stay out of the sun.(wear a hat & sunscreen if you must be out in it)...If your skin is already damaged try a course of Retin-A (prescription only, so talk to your doctor)...
  5. I couldn't decide whether to laugh or gag....I'm so anti-gum anyway (I'm a high school library services person)....
  6. I enjoyed this show. i have the DVR set so I can keep up.
  7. Only two episodes, but his character left such a great feeling...I'd have welcomed back yet again. Ernest T's love notes were very primitive. At best he was a functional illiterate. My uncle had similar struggles...only went through the 3rd grade. He could sign his name neatly, read at a primary level and do some basic arithmetic....He worked for years at a cannery, then when it closed he worked at a warehouse...might not have been able to read the labels accurately, but he could match them up perfectly...killer work ethic and showed up every day.
  8. We don't know that she hasn't scheduled follow-up or made a referral...time isn't a factor in this show, but medical safety and fatigue play a big part of why she does what she does the way she does it.
  9. I did watch....and liked it...One of the things I did like is Dr. Emma rooming her own patient. Makes that patient know they are getting 100% of her attention...
  10. I still love Ernest T. Bass...His character was impactful, obviously, because he only appeared in 5 episodes. Howard Morris appeared in another episode in another character...His naivete is priceless. I also watch for familiar comfort...and there are some great lessons in there. "Opie & the Spoiled Kid" is a great example...
  11. Does anyone else suspect that Hayley Paige had her lips done? That tone on tone striped ballgown the PA bride tried on first is one of my favorites...but her entourage was right, it swallowed her.
  12. It's a "This is Zit" episode, so the content is a repeat
  13. I hated that dress the first time i saw it....the stones look tacky...the dress itself is quite nice, but the embellishment is just not sophisticated or attractive
  14. Holly was asked to resign or be dismissed. Resigning looks better on your resume. Jenna acted like a spoiled child and should have been dismissed as well IMHO. She whined on about 'still being punished' and going behind K&J's backs...when she should have been fired.
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