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  1. pêcheur-chat...I had to look that up...so funny
  2. I like Peter too. He has great enthusiasm and do feel he read the bride correctly...and she went home very happy even with her ridiculous Mama...
  3. Pantora is an African American led design house. That may be draw for the religious bride. The 'body con' look is a total miss for me. I think weddings should reflect the romance of the couple, not 'how hot & flashy can the bride be'...Being too revealing makes everyone uncomfortable. Look back on those pictures with your children in 15 years...lots to think about when buying a gown. I enjoy Gok's brides. He is so thoughtful when picking dresses. "Laura" the tomboy bride had no clue...she was stunning. And her dad had the prettiest smile.
  4. Perhaps the mom/sister aren't listening to the bride. I grew up that way. Mom/sister had similar tastes. I'm a renegade to the bone. Never liked shopping with either one of them. I always felt like I was being pushed to something I'm not. I totally understood when she said the next time she goes shopping she's going alone.
  5. They won't get rid of Jada because of those fabulous kicks...and since she's tall she's a 50 yard line girl...makes that line look really good
  6. I couldn't deal with Whitney even in the beginning...just the trailers I've seen for her make wonder 'what is wrong with you!?!?'.
  7. LaQuesha was a little too much for me. The first dress was an abomination, which Randy very diplomatically told her was a no go and why! The tulle & feather explosion wasn't it either, I hope she changed her mind. The 3rd dress was exactly what she wanted and it looked the best on her, was elegant & classy... Blonde, petite bride just wasn't into it. The consultant was no help. I agree with the bride that she'll shop alone next time.
  8. I grew up knowing ladies don't drink from cans...the only exception is at the ballpark. Bottles, depends on the event. I'd agree with no bottles at weddings. Tacky is the word that comes to mind.
  9. Deryn remains a favorite. I also like Dulce from that season.
  10. I would love to have Alanna as my friend too...She seems like such a great person.
  11. I loved Raven! She looked great in everything. Jade made a great choice as well. That 'not quite pink, not quite blush' dress was a horror...It looks awful on everyone because it's just awful...some brides go way overboard to be 'unique'...epic fail. And it clashed with her hair. I just set up a 'record' feature for the England show. I find it a wonderful surprise to find it in my recordings.
  12. Transgender bride, bless her heart is still shaped like a man, boobs & all. Seemed like a really great person. And I did like the dress she chose. Her fiancée also chose a great gown. Jenny Tolman is an up & comer in Nashville. And she is very talented. I get the ugly duckling aspect of the episode. Her family demonstrated clearly why she struggled during her teens and why she still compares herself to her sister...I know about not being the favored child. She'll move away from that as time goes on and as long as her new hubby helps build that confidence. My 2nd marriage gave me such f
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