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  1. I always thought the DCC_ prefix was protected, but it seems that's not the case. I just made a handle DCC_Loodicrus, and Twitter was perfectly fine with it. But Loodicrus being a DCC is just ludicrous 😂 oh - I see.. it WAS protected.. twitter changed the handle to @Dloodicrus 😁 Account has been deleted again, was just for testing purposes.
  2. oops 😭 https://twitter.com/lacey_munoz maybe Appears to be her old twitter account, before she joined DCC
  3. no, you didn't say it ðŸ˜ą I quoted a quote in your post and it made it look I quoted you ðŸĪ·â€â™‚ïļ Sorry 🙂 And for the record.. Mackenzie was one of my favorites, and I didn't mind she made it despite the lower kicks 🙂
  4. but...but...what about MacKenzie ?? Even after she made the team, she still kicked lower then Ashley ðŸ˜Ū
  5. Only seeing this the last 15 minutes. They finished Season 3, and then went on strike ? They're back now, it took an hour and a half t o find the next video ðŸĪŠ They skipped S04E01 and S04E02 entirely
  6. Darn, that's in the middle of the night in Europe 😞 Haven't found a way yet to record the stream from Pluto other then a screen capture, which probably won't run unattended for 8 hours while I catch some zzzz's ðŸ’ĪðŸ’Ī
  7. no secret tricks - just browse to http://pluto.tv/live-tv/cmt-cheer-247 I'm watching it from Europe, through a VPN server in NY, without any hiccups (well, if you don't count commercials as hiccups, they get very interruptive ðŸĪŠ
  8. Things won't change if the girls accept what they get now. When the great girls stop coming for handouts, then the quality of the team will fall, because they will become good, or mediocre even.. no more world class. So, the girls have all the power, but they need to unite.
  9. Don't they have a sound technician on that show ? I can hardly hear Miss Kitty - talk about whisper-dancing - this is worse.. normally she's all BAM! in your face, PUNCH me !!
  10. yeah, I think I can manage copying url's from one place to another 😉
  11. No payment for me, just via the webpage at pluto.tv. Well, I had to get a VPN provider to fake my location 🙂
  12. Did Pluto.tv just skip two episodes ? They just finished Episode 406, and the next on is 501 -- Season 4 has 8 episodes in my book ... ðŸĪ·â€â™‚ïļðŸ˜ą
  13. I agree with that. Never saw a DCC as natural as Holly 🙂
  14. Just her reactions when she was on the hot-seat and her interview with the CMT cameracrew .. but then again .. it's only assumptions based on thin air 😎ðŸĪĢ
  15. I seriously doubt Holly quit voluntarily. She made it abundantly clear that her heart and her life was with DCC. So, something else must have happened that we have not been told â˜đïļ
  16. I hope she makes a nifty profit, she has to compete with the rich pensionados in Fl 😎
  17. I think you meant: Jacqueline Louissa Christine Marissa Lianne de'Jeanot Bob ⁉ïļðŸĪĢ
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