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  1. Joey is definitely 14, in the episode, The Love List, Mike's work buddy (Ken Jeong) calls out Joey and refers to him as "the 14 year old."
  2. Maybe there is hope after all. Here's in article published May 22 in Forbes by a respected TV critic: https://www.forbes.com/sites/marcberman1/2019/05/22/fan-alert-save-the-kids-are-alright/#75284d9143ac
  3. Maybe: Lawrence: Married Fiona, moved to Seattle, had 6 kids, all girls, went to work for an unknown computer startup called Microsoft, retired wealthy. Eddie: Broke up with Wendi after high school, joined the Air Force and trained in avionics, later went to work for the same defense contractor as his dad. Married a co-worker, had 2 kids, a boy and a girl. Frank: Took a job as a security guard after high school to help pay for college, liked it and joined the LAPD after graduation, became a lieutenant in internal affairs, he loves his job and never married. Joey: Continued to run various schemes until he had a life changing moment at 16, joined the seminary and became a priest, secretly indulges in fine cigars and occasionally, a bottle of Irish whiskey. Timmy: Appeared in several TV shows and movies but never got his breakout role, sold an idea and script which became a hit, works as a writer, producer and TV showrunner, never married. William: Wrote a best selling science fiction trilogy making him a world famous author, published dozens of popular sci fi and fantasy novels, married his best friend from high school, Steven. Pat: Blossomed in high school and was recruited to be a fashion model which led to a career in films, married Hollywood’s biggest female star, adopted 11 special needs kids and is wildly happy. Andy: Became a high school math teacher, married his college sweetheart and bought a house next door to the Cleary family home, took care of his mom and dad till the end, never had or wanted kids.
  4. Not only that, they renewed BTM. Worst show ever. Nose dived after first ep, critics hate it, middle school production values. All about politics.
  5. The word is out, TKAA was axed this morning (May 10) by ABC. Short sighted decision at best but oh well, what you gonna do? Best of luck to all the talented cast and crew and especially to showrunner Tim Doyle. Y'all did really good and the Clearys will be missed.
  6. As for why Raj has been relegated to a very minor role lately, I think it's because we had such a heavy dose of him earlier this season. There was the whole on again off again thing with Anu and the whole planetarium business and his ongoing love-hate relationship with Howard. I think we all deserve a break from Raj although I'm sure he'll be back in full form for the rest of the remaining episodes.
  7. Best written episode so far. I grew up Catholic and Mike Cleary is so much like my dad it's scary. When I was about Timmy's age my mom decided I was engaging in the same hobby, which I totally wasn't. She made my dad have The Talk with me and not only did he think it was silly and unnecessary, he was embarrassed to death. It wasn't until years later that I figured out what the old man was trying to tell me, like Timmy, I was clueless. Great job making a delicate subject real and hilarious. BTW, I think Frank was beyond sweet when he let his real emotions show, if only for a little bit. I like that kid, just wish he'd stop being such a tattler.
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