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  1. Re: Filmstruck. They say films will stream in HD where available, so I'm guessing/hoping they won't be going overboard with the type of compression that's been causing the DirectTV woes. I'm just happy they're providing an stand-alone option that doesn't require a cable subscription. Once they support Chromecast it'll be perfect (for me at least!)
  2. For those cord-cutters who miss TCM: www.filmstruck.com
  3. I hope so, too. I guess they're only as good as their scripts! Are we sure everything resets every day? Would be weird for guests staying more than one day. I would think the story lines would be based on the total length of a guest's typical visit - perhaps a week or two?
  4. Oh thank you! I thought it had been used before but couldn't remember the episode.
  5. I can't imagine him not saying that...
  6. I don't think the criticisms of Ruby here devolved into the gender-based sleeze that's the stock-and-trade of reddit and the comments section of news sites.
  7. I think her performance hangs together a bit longer than that. It's the very last shot - her arms outstretched - where I go, "Oh, come on!!!" Considering what a stereotype-fest the movie is - it's amazing how many scenes work as naturally as they do.
  8. I liked them both before - but wow! That's epic.
  9. Within the context of the show, this is true. However, a lot of contestants have been able to parley their appearance/success on the show into follow-up opportunities, regardless of whether they actually won or not. I was on Team Kimberly during the season - even though I liked all three - but I was still happy for Frances and her win. I agree. This show (for me at least) epitomizes the adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." The judges always seem to eliminate all the (relative) dead wood by the finals - so letting all three finalists have an even crack at winning the trophy never
  10. Regarding Ruby, I think one of things that's absolutely killing her is not being able to check her bakes before judging. It's like not being able to run spellcheck against a school paper. I saw the season a while ago, and - yes - the self-doubt is rather hard to take at times. But I'll take her genuine neuroses over 10,000 I'm-not-here-to-make-friends jackasses from most reality TV competitions.
  11. Particularly when it comes to bread! "Gee, I have some water left over! I wonder if I should use it?" Yes, you idiot - YES!!!! I guess, technically, it isn't a foreign word for them, but the way they pronounce "scone" makes my head hurt. That was a great episode. It really opened my eyes about "quick breads" - which for me consists mainly of making banana bread when I have some overripe bananas. And those showstoppers. Just wow.... I think we're going to have some pretty painful eliminations this season - because that is one incredibly talented group.
  12. Thanks! There's actually a chance I might make some now :-)
  13. He has a great blog post about his experience on the show here: http://muffinimpossible.com/?p=85
  14. That was Norman. They did ding Martha for using chocolate molds in the European cake challenge, so it's not unprecedented. I like the judging in general, so I forgive their occasional quirks about things. I think for Dorret, it was more of a subtle "step up your game" comment. I sure hope she knows how to bake bread, otherwise I think she's a goner next week.
  15. The fact that he kept his cool and made sure he finished his brandy snaps was one of the more strategically smart decisions I've seen on the show. So many bakers let one mistake spiral into a complete disaster. This was definitely not a week to be just "okay". I thought there was a lot of good-to-excellent bakes his week. Am I the only one who had never heard of the technical challenge before? Boy those looked good. I couldn't help thinking of Glenn when I saw them wrapping the pastry inside the butter...
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