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  1. Not fully, by the American public anyway. The full extent and horror of the Holocaust wasn't totally known by most Americans until the liberation of the death camps in Germany/Poland at the very end of WW2. Haven't read the novel this is based on but they are doing a great job in world-building etc....if you look at actual footage of a rally for German-Americans held at Madison Square Garden in 1940, you'll see the same sort of banners, trappings in it as you see in the Lindbergh rally in the ep last night.
  2. Maybe a bit slow but that's somewhat expected with a season's premiere, world-building etc. I thought it had beautiful cinematography as well. Looking forward to seeing where Aaron Paul's character's story goes.
  3. Anyone else have an incredibly hard time hearing/understanding what the fu manchu Scottish security guy was saying all episode?
  4. Blast from the past, Jesus he was awful on this show....totally forgot about him.
  5. Too funny, but as the son of a dermatologist myself, I have been asked over the years to look at certain skin conditions and make a "diagnosis." Sadly, I have never been privy to any magical vagina as a result. Funny ep in general...felt like an early years Curb in a lot of ways. "The Jets killed him....and a little bit of the Knicks."
  6. Wilson quickly cut off/rebuffed by Joe/Meeka at the end when he implied that Warren and Sanders were both "small"....found that interesting.
  7. HC87

    S01.E11: Room 320

    Yeah, mostly a filler ep save for the video game girl plot.... It's a fun but ultimately guilty pleasure type show imo
  8. Someone, maybe here, once described the Mooch as a Porsche salesman...french chef's kiss.
  9. Professor Hairdo and the Sugar Queen....lol
  10. Not a big Friedman fan, but I think he hit it on the nose i.e. Trump gains thru voter resentment....this concept however is nothing new....look at Palin a decade ago, Willie Horton in '88, Nixon's Silent Majority and on and on...
  11. Joe quickly pivoted away from Trump-Stormy Daniels to other Trump misdoings didn't he? Wonder why?
  12. I hear ya on "taking a break" on more serious subjects for a 3 hour tour....but, tuning in this morning at 6:30 or so, I missed the first installment, and all I got for 15 minutes on the day before a President will be impeached for only the 3rd time in over 200 years, was "Star Wars" chatter before then going to a break. History is going to laugh at us....as well they should.
  13. I can't begin to imagine what a nightmare Meeka was in high school....
  14. Barnacle has been a fame whore since writing for the Boston Globe in the 1970s. His schtick hasn't changed in 40+ years. Favreau is a fellow HC alumnus....nice to see the shoutout here. Didn't watch today...assuming I missed nothing 😀
  15. I caught that "his show" dig....though technically probably true....still a douchey thing to say...no surprise
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